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Oak to Marigold

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Oak to Marigold  Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:20 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar got up in the morning before the daylight had come up as he rolled out of his bed in the place he was saying. It was really just a room with a blanket and a hard floor, but at least it had a roof. As he stood up and stretched out, his body cracking and moaning as he did so even though he wore his heavy armor for as long as he did it still took it out of him to do it all day every day. Ragnar made himself some breakfast, which was a basic one of ham and eggs along with a potato. Once he had finished cooking and eating that he packed up his stuff as he prepared to leave for the rest of his day. He would have to go out and find a new job today, and he wasn't going to leave the few things he had to allow him to live unattended even if he was in an abandoned area of the city to sleep in.

As he stood up and started to walk out of the building, now fully armed and armored, he began to walk towards the boards where he would often find a job. He was starting to become a regular there as people started to know who he was or atleast that he had gotten acouple jobs done and in very quick order without too much issue even if they were basically just running errands for people. As he walked up to the board he noticed something very odd. The board was empty of quests that he was capable of doing, or that he was allowed to do by the owner. As he asked around on what he should do he was informed by some of the regulars that apparently there was something going on in Marigold that he should go and look at.

#2Ragnar Asgeir 

Oak to Marigold  Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:29 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar wasn't sure if they simply wanted to get rid of him or if they were serious but either way he needed to get out of the city for a bit. Apparently the work he has been doing with burning down that building has gotten around and the police were possibly looking for him, though in all reality it was not too hard to find a large red and brass wearing man wielding a two-handed ax. Which reminded him that his new ax was ready, or at least should be ready today. Nodding to the men that gave him this information he walked out and headed towards the blacksmith that had helped him with his ax.

As he walked down the streets, he knew that most of the people here were harmless, but he still felt slightly naked without his ax as he passed all of these people. He was very happy, one of the few times in his life, once he got to the blacksmiths and he was told that his ax was in fact ready for him to take. The handle is 1.5 meters long and the two perpendicular blades are 15 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters long each. The blades were made of reinforced steel and he was quite happy with this as he paid the man, with the money that he had gotten from that man-sized rabbit way back when and then turned to leave out of the gates.

He had no real worries about what was going to happen now that he had his ax with him, but he knew this would be a very long walk over several days if not weeks in order to reach this location where the man told him there would be some jobs. He really hoped that man wasn't messing with him when he went on this chase.

#3Ragnar Asgeir 

Oak to Marigold  Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:37 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar walked for several days as he realized that it was very quiet and not a lot seemed to be happening around him. Normally he would have seen another traveler or even a mage walking or anything but the odd thing was that he had not even heard birds or anything else as well. This put him slightly more on edge but he wasn't as worried about it as it was unlikely that anyone would attack him alone because beyond his rusty armor sized for him, he had nothing of value. He looked at his new ax and realized that maybe now he did have something of value that people would want to steal.

Gripping his ax tighter in his hands he kept walking through the day and rested at night. In the morning he woke up and began walking again, and around mid-morning he heard something odd. It sounded like a dull thud and it was oddly right under his feet. With the butt of his ax, he slammed it into the ground twice where he was standing and much to his surprise he heard three thuds back.

Now, this was interesting as Ragnar took two steps back and picked his ax up and swung it down into the dirt. He wasn't worried about breaking this ax like he would have been with the last one as he started to dig. It only took three strikes before he hit something hard. Once that happened he pulled his ax out of the dirt, only to see it stained red at the axe edge and he heard no more knocking from below.

Ragnar shrugged as he pushed the dirt back over the knocking noise and then continued on his walk. He wasn't even sure if that was a person or what that was, but it didn't really matter to him. The rest of his walk to there was uneventful and he wondered sometimes what was that knocking noise.

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