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Fetch Me This and That (Quest)

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Fetch Me This and That (Quest)  Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:10 am

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had gotten word that apparently there was some kind of scavenger hunt going on inside Oak City, or at least that is what was posted on the bulletin board outside where Ragnar got most of his jobs. It appeared to be an old request based on the age of the paper, but if it was still up on the board that meant it would still pay out. Leaving the location with the board, Ragnar began working on this quest of his.

Looking down at what was required, the first thing on the list was an old plant. An odd request, and even stranger given the fact that anyone could go and get an old plant from anywhere and it would basically be something easy to do. This seems a little odd, but money is money and after putting in the order for his new ax, Ragnar needed it.

As he walked down the streets, looking around for an 'old' plant, Ragnar looked around and spotted a potted plant that appeared to have died on a window sill at his shoulder height. He smiled as the request did not say a living plant, as he reached up with his armored glove and grabbed the plant in the pot and then putting it into his waist pouch and then walking along to go to the next part of this quest. Once he had gotten a block away, he did start hearing yelling about something being stolen and trying to call the guards. Maybe the plant wasn't dead after all...O well.

Ragnar pulling out the request again read the next object that was required for this and it was a piece of burnt wood. This was starting to seem more and more like a joke as it wasn't even remotely hard to get a piece of burnt wood if anything it would be free. Something was going on here.

#2Ragnar Asgeir 

Fetch Me This and That (Quest)  Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:23 am

Ragnar Asgeir

Ignoring that for a moment he made his way towards the place where he did one of his first jobs in this city, the location where he burned down that cash house. He knew that the location most likely by now has not been cleaned out given the fact that it was mere days ago and this most likely would not be the highest priority for anyone. As he turned into the street with the burnt down building in it, he did notice that the building was basically a pile of ash rather than having something that he figured he could use in there. Growling angrily to himself he walked into the lot where the building once stood and started to push his way through the ash looking for a piece of wood that he knew would be there somewhere. It only took him a couple of minutes of work before he found what appeared to be a supporting beam that was not burned away completely, and with a couple of punches from his armored fist he managed to break it into a small enough piece to carry in his waist pound and start working on the next part of his stupid quest.

Looking at the next part of this quest he saw a large chunk of metal, Ragnar knew at this point he must be getting messed around with. Nothing about this was something that you couldn't just get for free most of the time, exactly like he was doing and most likely in less time because Ragnar was new to this city and was still learning its alleyways and streets.

Annoyed at this point, Ragnar went towards the blacksmith's shop that he was ordering his ax from. Once he arrived, he simply asked the owner if he could have some of his scrap metal, maybe something his apprentice had messed up so badly it was unusable now. The man nodded before handing him a chunk of metal that was messed up to all heaven, but it would work. With a nod, he left the man and went back towards where he would need to go.

Ragnar then walked towards the location where he was supposed to meet this person, only to see a woman there with a look like she didn't know why I could be here until she saw the metal chunk in his hand. With a laugh, she explained that she had no interest in any of these items and that it was a joke to see who would take the job. While laughing at Ragnar, he was grown a bag of jewels and told to get out.

Ragnar nearly filled overflowing with anger and rage, dropped the objects on the ground before taking the money and leaving as he added her name to the people he would take their heads of when he got the chance.

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