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A Chance Arrangement: Poisonous Jealously {Quest:Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

A Chance Arrangement: Poisonous Jealously {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:50 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The world was a cruel place, most people never truly got to the place they truly deserved to be. But that was the poor part of fate, the darkness in the different sides of life. Sometimes you can be such a bright star to only have your light extinguished in the crucible of pain. And unfortunately, its gonna be safe to say that with this recent request, I know that light is about to be extinguished. Walking into the theater, Lucian could feel the killer intent in the air, but more so the anxiety that was permeating throughout the atmosphere.

There was a multitude of workers today which made sense, the company was putting on a play this evening and everyone was getting ready. Shimming through the various crowd of workers, Lucian made his way to the backstage area and connecting hallways. Reaching her door, he was allowed access into Alice's dressing room, her dark aura as repugnant as she paced to and fro, her steps heavy and her malice literally seeping from her pores. This woman was possessed and clearly had it in her mind that she was going to do something, something truly evil.

Looking up as he walked in, she seemed to stare at him with the same crazed look Shon had given earlier, the only difference was that these eyes were crazed with rage and hatred. The poison seeping out of her eyes, the devil was in her gaze. Stopping her pacing suddenly, she gathered what little dignity she had and grabbed a vial of dark liquid, and from the smell of it, the liquid was clearly of the dangerous kind.

"Luca, I need you to do something for me. This little retch of an upstart named Georgina Dawnson has made herself the new queen of Marigold's heart. She steals their love from me, she panders to them and loves them with her cute little heart of gold and for what! Those sniveling fools wouldn't know kindness if it bit them in the backside. But yet here they are. All of them, eating out of the palm of her grubbing paws like a mindless beast. They are my beast and they have turned against the master! But that is okay because with this I'll make sure to take back my rightful place a mistress and true celebrity!"


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#2Lucian V. Crimson 

A Chance Arrangement: Poisonous Jealously {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:54 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The vial of deathly looking oil seemed to swirl at the mention of its existence, like a sentient glob of filth and muck. The glass that encased the contents seemed to look pale and lacked any sort of luster even on the outside, it was if the liquid was pulling in the life-force of the crystals within it. That was not anything normal and something that clearly no one should possess.

"Look. Just tell me what to do. I don't care for the reason, but just so that you know, I'm not killing anyone."

Alice seemed to stop in her tracks and look Lucian in the eye with disgust; she seemed appalled to be disrespected and talked to like that.

"Do you not know who I am? Have you too forgotten, my errand boy!"

"Don't get this misconstrued you vile has been. I do it for the will of fate and nothing more. Because if willed your head would have been the one I squished between my hands."

Alice crazed looked didn't falter but there was considerable distance created between the two, and it was clear to both parties this would be the last time they would probably do business together.

"Fine, take these clothes, get into Georgina's corner as her new charge, I will then come and distract her with something. Place this into any item of hers that she can consume, and then get out. Once you're done and the fruits of the labor have been proven. The reward is yours."

Snatching the clothes, Lucian took them into his arms, and disappeared into closet, returning out in a polished outfit. The business-like outfit was constraining and tough on Lucian but it was a necessary part of the job. Taking the vial carefully into his hands, he placed it in his shirt pocket and disappeared out of the room.


#3Lucian V. Crimson 

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Lucian V. Crimson
Walking through the theater, he noticed that the crew seemed more cheerful and lively than they had in the past, even the director had a measure of peace about himself and this was the day of the performance. Usually, this place was a madhouse but yet it was a controlled sense of chaos.

Then she appeared, a woman of solemn features stepped out from the stage, her smile was infectious and her body seems to radiate with genuinely good energy. Her laugh seemed pure and true, her eyes were soft light.

Georgina herself. Lucian walked up to her and gracefully bowed, "Hi, I'm Luca. I'm the understudy that is assigned to you today. "

Georgina embraced him in a quick hug like they were old friends seeing once another again.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you! I have heard some good things, well as you know we are preparing for a show this evening and we can't afford to take too much time off, so you're gonna have to do some observing instead of hands-on work, but rest assured we will be turning you into the next big star."

Lucian couldn't help but want to trust her words, but he knew that this was going to be short-lived, he had to make sure to keep up the ruse.

"I don't think that is in my future. But I do appreciate the arts."

Georgina seemed to frown, and shake her head.

"My friend, don't doubt yourself, the world already does that enough. Someone has to believe in you even when the rest of the world won't. Do not become you're own worse enemy."

Lucian could feel that she meant this statement and was actually being loving towards himself, someone she just met. She definitely was the opposite of Alice and it was easy to see why the people of the city had gravitated towards her.

"Well, I'll excuse myself and wait for you."

Lucian dismissed himself and disappeared towards the hallway, soon enough Georgina met him, and they both began to walk towards her room, as they neared her dressing room the familiar voice of Alice pierced through the air.

"Georgina lovely! Do you mind if we have a quick chat?"

"Alice, do you plan on calling me a backwater actress again?"

"Of course not dear, I just want to go over our lines together for this evening so we can make sure our chemistry is down pact."

"Alice, you and I are both talented actresses I'm sure we can work this out to not have to do any more interaction than necessary."

"Please, I know we've gotten off on the wrong foot, but I truly want us to work this out. For the sake of the show."


#4Lucian V. Crimson 

A Chance Arrangement: Poisonous Jealously {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:00 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Groaning inwardly, Georgina seemed to take Alice up her office, mouthing a quick sorry she took Alice's hand and followed her to the stage, As Lucian turned to leave he caught the dark gaze of Alice, her evil intent washing over him.

The halls were teeming with staff, and there were plenty of people watching him. As he walked by the room, he could tell entry into there was no easy task. People were coming to and from, and they would all notice him if he just walked in. Thinking quickly Lucian, realized he just had to play a part, quickly changing his clothes, he returned to his own outfit, save for the black dress shirt he had been given.

Walking towards the door, Lucian's hood impeded lingering eyes from catching on to his features. As he neared the door, the bodyguard on duty seemed to acknowledge him as the replacement and left, the redness of eyes betraying him to be tired.

Lucian taking the opportunity to act, went inside the room, quickly moving throughout the area, Lucian noticed that a cup of tea was seated at the vanity. It was clearly freshly prepared and it was going to be for Ms. Dawnson. Bingo. Taking the vial from out of his shirt, he walked towards the cup, uncorking the vial, a small puff of black fumes rose from the contents inside, the smell was even more putrid than earlier. Moving quickly, he poured the viscous liquid into the tea, the black syrup-like substance oozed into the drink like dark honey. Capping the vial once again, Lucian heard the familiar sound of the doorknob gears turning, taking the opportunity to quickly return things to normal, he set about looking all over the room.

Georgina entered the room and became stiff, she was surprised by his presence. "What are you doing here? Alone, I might add." She crossed her arms and seemed to demand an answer.

"As not only your understudy but a temporary member of this theaters security team, I took it upon myself to look in your room for any possible hindrances or attacks on your person. Can't be too careful these days with crazed people around."

Leaning against the door, she seemed to ponder the answer and then was appeased.

"Well thank you. With the way Alice treats me, I'm glad that someone is looking out for me in these times. I don't understand her problem. I just want to act and love the people around me. The theater is my dream and I don't want to have anything else than that. But let me not talk anymore, I need to drink my tea and relax for the evening before the show begins. Luca if you could please excuse me and remember what I said, don't be your own worst enemy. I mean it. Life is too short to hold yourself back."


#5Lucian V. Crimson 

A Chance Arrangement: Poisonous Jealously {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:03 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Georgina sipped on her tea and made a strange face, going back for another swig she waved him out and continued to drink. Walking out of the room, Lucian quickly entered Alice's dressing room and took off the outfit, returning to his true clothes once again. After a few minutes, Alice appeared and noticed Lucian in the room.

"I trust she drank the poison."

"The deed is done, I just pray she doesn't stay sick for long."

"She won't trust me, it will be quick."

"What will be quick?"

"That poison was meant for death, not just harm. Besides, she'll-"

Lucian covered the room in an instant, grabbing the woman by the throat and slamming her against the wall.

"I said no killing!"

Alice smiled with a desolate joy, they both knew it was no point in trying to argue the point, the deed was done and soon the light of Margiold was going to die.

"So now what... you... gonna. Kill me too. Go ahead...I still win. I still get what I want."

Squeezing hard, Lucian could feel that he was slowly crushing her windpipe, a few more ounces of pressure and her bones would be like small twigs under his heel, but he had already claimed one life today, two would be far too many.

"Do know this Alice, I don't kill for no reason. Should the day come, that someone wants you dead. I will personally come for your head myself."

Lucian released her to the floor, the bag of jewels sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Grabbing the contents of the bag, he rushed out of the theater and to the nearby pub.

As the evening wore on, Lucian could feel the impending dread and soon enough the cries came and the news. Georgina had died in her room from poisoning and now the light of Marigold was gone. The people screamed the theater was haunted, the play was delayed and the streets were filled with the pained at the newly departed.

Lucian joined them with the guilt of his choices eating at him. He had been the tool of a scheme and caused the death of a star.

"In the name of Krotodamus, I pray fate carries you to the stars madam."

Lucian let the prayer, release from his lips and he walked out into the backstreets, the darkness feeling like home.

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