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Experimental Hexes [Quest]

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Experimental Hexes [Quest] Empty Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:24 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had recently come back from his odd experience at the ruined castle with his prize. As he entered the city he decided it was time to see if there were any jobs that needed doing as he was feeling good and he just hoped it would be something worthwhile doing.

Ragnar walked into the shop of Dr. Steven, a man that Ragnar honestly would prefer to see on a spike, but he paid well enough and he wasn't worth the effort it would most likely take to kill him even if he could.

Dr. Steven handed him two scraps of paper and told him to cast those spells on two different people, before waving him off and going back to his work.

Ragnar didn't like this job as he didn't like magic, using it or have it used around him but he didn't really have much of a choice in the matter as he walked down the street and into an abandoned building overlooking a 'main' street. Putting his axe down against the window's frame, he looked out over the poor people around him walking and trying to live their lives.

Ragnar spotted a couple walking hand in hand together on the street and he decided that was good enough for this test. As he cast the first spell into the air at the women, the words left his lips Stimuli and the spell was cast as the paper burned in his hand.

Ragnar watched as the woman pulled away from her boyfriend, something clearly changing with her as she seemed to become very uncomfortable in her own skin.

Ragnar then turned and cast the next spell on the male "Decrepify". Once it was finished he realized that the man seemed to walk with a sudden limp towards his girlfriend and outside of that it seemed to do nothing else.

He watched this couple for a bit to see if there were any other effects, and the boy kissed his girlfriend's cheek and that seemed to do something, though if it was pain or pleasure was not really sure. That wasn't really the important part of his experiment but it is something he might have to tell the doctor of use for this 'hex' if it doesn't work out the way he wants it too.

Ragnar walked down the stairs after picking up his ax of the building he was hiding in, having to duck to get under all the doors as he left the building. He walked down several back alleys to make sure that he wasn't seen as he watched behind him to make sure he was not followed.

Ragnar then reached the good doctor's house and informed him of the results along with his recommendation for Stimuli for more testing in case it could also be used as something other than a curse. He then explained that the other hex did not seem to work as intended as he was easily able to walk away though with a mild limp.

The Doctor nodded before giving him his money and Ragnar left to go find another quest.

(+1 Strength and Exp Bonus)

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