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Shopping Crisis I [Quest: Rania]

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Shopping Crisis I [Quest: Rania] Empty Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:50 am


It was another day in Magnolia and the weather was once again beautiful. The temperature wasn’t super high yet, but warm enough for the Desiertan born woman to feel comfortable enough. She was hoping to enjoy the day since she had been working hard yesterday to take care of the sick at the Magnolia Cathedral. Some sort of virus had broken out and infected most of the towns people but with a little medicine and some healing magic, all seemed well again. It was the next day and Rania had taken some medicine for herself. Luckily she didn’t feel any symptoms so she figured it was safe to leave the house again. She had made some extra money yesterday and so she figured it was only appropriate to go shopping and see if there was anything nice she wanted to treat herself with.

Rania was living in the residential district of Magnolia and it wasn’t too long of a walk until she reached the shopping area. Around this time of the year the cherry blossoms were blooming and the town looked absolutely beautiful. This also attracted many tourists and everyone was glad to be here. Rania was leisurely walking down the streets and stopped by a few shops that had beautiful dresses and she tried on a few to see whether she liked them. Rania loved wearing dresses, she was quite feminine in that regard, and when she found something that she liked she wasn’t too shy to buy it for herself either.

After about two hours of walking around and trying on clothes, Rania had taken a little break at a local coffee shop. There was one more shop she wanted to check out that didn’t sell clothes, but rather all sorts of random goods. It was located just down the street from the coffee shop where she was currently at and upon arrival, she was greeted by the owner - a kind elderly lady. After spending some time inside the shop, the two of them eventually got twirled up in a conversation and it was then that Rania learned that the shop had actually been struggling with corrupt men, who were threatening to take money from them come nightfall. They requested help and while this wasn’t usually the type of thing Rania dealt with, she couldn’t just let the shop owner suffer through this by herself.

Rania promised to resolve the situation regardless and of course without violence and the shop owner offered a reward in return. Rania stayed inside the shop come nightfall and even shared a meal with the shop owner. It was way past 9pm when the thugs arrived, but they didn’t expect to see another woman there. Rania wasn’t out to use violence, so she didn’t. Instead, she began scolding the men verbally and very loudly, to the point where lights were turning back on in the neighbourhood. She scolded them hard and without mercy and they seemed rather embarrassed by the unwanted attention, promising to not return and leave the shop alone from now on. The shop owner was very happy with that and gave Rania a generous reward.

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