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Aura Chou

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#1Aura Chou 

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Aura Chou

:butterfly: Persona :butterfly:

Name: Aura Chou (Beautiful Butterfly)

Age: Feburary 6th, X762

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Hunter

Race: Demi-human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Pink - Belly

Face: Ahri - League of Legends

:butterfly: Physique :butterfly:

Height: 5'4

Weight: 125lbs

Hair: Black/Violet

Eyes: Gold/Violet

Overall: Aura has beautiful long hair that easily gets ratted if not brushed. She tends to change her hair color as she normally has black hair and gold eyes, but likes to go with her violet hair. Her skin complexion is flawless as her skin is fair. She turns red easily towards feeling warm and purple/blue when feeling cold. Her body is voluptuous with curves like a rollercoaster.  Her thighs are thick while her breasts are rather large. She tends to exercise with dancing to keep up her bodily form while also eating like a cow. Her almond slanted eyes are beautifully shaped as her strong jawline. Aura was seen as a goddess while she was in her enslavement life.

Extra: -

:butterfly: Personality :butterfly:

Personality: Personalities are like books in the library. There are many types and once you read it, it can go from 0 to 100 and vice versa.

Aura is a calm woman who always tries to smile. She fears other's thoughts, but at the same time, her thoughts don't care about them sometimes. She has a hard time trusting people as she always believes they have a motive to use her, especially men. When she believes they are a danger to her or to any female, she'll tend to kill them or try to at least. A part of her that is hiding is rather bubbly and is waiting to love and cherish someone or something. She has a lust for many things, she just wants to feel human instead of a toy that is numb with no expressions.

Being as attractive as she is, she sometimes uses her charms to find out someone's true intentions. Rather they are good or bad, not because of what they say or believe in, but more on why they want to do what they do. Judgement must be passed to those she feels doesn't deserve to even live, but sometimes living is a punishment for some. Aura tends to enjoy studying people for all they have. Most of all she likes cooking, singing, zoos and dancing. The insanity likes to hide though...


  • Nature: Rather it was because she was born inside a forest or not, it makes her feel peaceful.
  • Dancing: Dancing, moving your groove and the such makes her feel happy. The only thing she was able to do her whole life that she enjoyed.


  • Endangering: It angers her when she sees people destroying the forests and killing animals out of the sport.
  • Yelling: Yelling is like thunderstorms for some as it strikes her mentality. She was always yelled at, everyone being so loud, so angry.


  • Freedom: Aura doesn't want to feel trapped any longer. She just wants to do what she wants and find her own freedom.


  • Master: Her master will come for her again someday. Who knows what he'll do to her if she gets caught.
  • Enclosed Spaces: All her life she has been locked up in small rooms. Mostly rooms with white colored walls. It makes her feel like she's trapped.

:butterfly: Magic :butterfly:

Magic Name: Mother Nature Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: Mother nature magic gives the user within bloodline the ability to manipulate/use nature around them. From the insects around to flowers, trees, and other plants. They are capable to create all kinds of nature as long as they have a solid surface or some kind of material such as dirt. Due to their relationship with nature, she talks to nature. However, she cannot talk to animals without the use of magic. Sometimes even flowers grow on every step they walk upon.

Other than needing some type of ground or material -- as a weakness, fire and darkness make this magic quite hard to use.

:butterfly: History :butterfly:


A wicked smile as she slit their throat, blood spilling down like a waterfall till their body dropped with all the bodies on the floor. She stood there in the shadows with her crackling chains that sparked while it slid against the floor, but there stood one more person. It was him.

A woman with unknown intentions slept with a man and there they had a child with no intention of loving it. It was all a bet. Like life was to all. The woman berated her appearance as she was no mere human, but not an animal either. Half fox and half-human as she was 'gifted' by the forest she was born within. The man who was supposed to be a father used her for all he could as the mother sat there filled with hatred. Not only was it because she got all his attention, but the touch that no daughter she receive from their family. They lived in a cabin within the woods so there was no one to hear her cries nor plea for help.

'Why do I love them?'


'My parents.'

Forget them as you're mine now.

All she remembered was being dragged away by a fat man wearing a black and white suit. He had a cane made of oak with a hawk on the top part. She tried to reach out to those who abused her, hated her so why did she want to go back? They stood there like empty souls like they always did. The only time she saw them with emotions was when the man was using her and mother beating her. The fat man had men that weren't human. They were half like herself. A ten-year-old girl sold to the man for money that probably was not enough in her parents' eyes. She feared to speak, feared to make the wrong move as she lowed her gaze on the long walk across Joya.

Her body was thrown against the wall with her on her knees and elbows helplessly looking up at the man. He stood tall yet round as she could never forget his laughter nor the stench. The other slaves collected themselves around her as if trying to figure out what she was. Her hair was ratted; tail, ears, and all. There was one specific slave that acted as a mother to all as she was the first to give her a bath, brush her hair, and cleaned her up. Her name was not remembered, but her sweet honey words taught her well.

While aging she grew up beautifully, some will say too beautifully as many paid for her company. Aura danced, cooked, and served for men and sometimes women. Her company was even wanted by royalty/nobles as she could not be touched according to her master. Men liked that, women who can't be touched as it makes it a competition to see who gets to the woman first.

That's what we are...

Materials. Objects. Toys.

With each twirl, she could hear the shackles of enslavement make music of its' own. Her beautiful eyes changed color as her hair changed with depending on the song as she danced against fire, on water, and with the wind. The crowd roared, stage lit and her master could be heard as they wanted more
and more

There was never enough till the moment her master knocked down her door and let in a noble. It went dark and the touch she'll never forget as she felt blood caress her chest, down her stomach, and dripped to the floor. The noble's face was like a stone as his expression was still and bluish-grey. He wanted to cut her, wanted to feel her - have his way with her, but she couldn't have any of that. No...

Her mind broke finally as her bright colored eyes darkened and she went for the rest next. So many years she has done nothing but listen to commands, danced for her master and now perhaps it was her master's turn. She needed to run for now though. Aura wore the clothes of then noble and ran out. Getting on a boat she escaped Joya and went for Fiora. Somewhere far away...

But will she even get away?

Reference: Revana's Alt

Aura Chou Xz55h710
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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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