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Eustass D. Teach

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#1Eustass D. Teach 

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Eustass D. Teach


Name: Eustass D. Teach

Age: February 4th, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: On his right shoulder, dark purple

Face: Mikoto Suoh - K Project


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Standing around six foot one inches and possessing a muscular build, Eustass is considered an attractive and handsome male, and while in the academy he was popular with the girls. At factor which is kind of ironic seeing that he holds no attraction towards them, whatever the case, no one can deny that Eustass was an eye catching man. To match his fiery personality, Eustass has ruffled, short, and spiked red hair that resembles a lion mane in some manners, with two strands falling in his face and distinct sideburns. Eustass’s eyes are gold in coloration, and due to stress from the academy and experimentation, there are light creases under his eyes, almost like he was always tired.

 There are multiple factors that determines what Eustass wears, some of those factors include: weather, mood, and current theme he is trying. In colder climates he wears a black leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath, and dark blue denim jeans held up by a belt and black shoes. In warmer climates he wears a simple white shirt half-buttoned up, with his chest exposed and some of his defined abs. Furthermore, Eustass is more often than not seen wearing dark jean pants that cut below the knee, and matching sandals or flip flops. In both situations he is commonly seen with a Prussian blue flared fur overcoat that appears more like a cloak, depending on this outfit this fur overcoat maybe maroon red.

Extra: Eustass has a large tattoo between his shoulder blades that cover his back, this large tattoo is that of a red ouroboros, black in coloration.  


Personality: Eustass is an unapologetically blunt and outspoken. He seemingly speaks his mind without regard to other people opinion, or without awareness to what he is actually saying. On the surface, Eustass comes off as laid-back and seemingly easygoing, with the ability to take most things lightly no matter the severity. He likes to rile people up by acting over-confident or stupid, only to make some sort of joke, and tell whoever he is pissing off to calm down or relax and take it easy. In a similar manner, Eustass likes to appear apathetic towards his surroundings to the point that he often appears to be an idiot. Though, this is all a façade and in reality Eustass is extremely attentive and observant to his surroundings. In fact, nearly nothing can escape his curious and nearly ever-watching gaze, nearly nothing. He often acts like he is extremely bored or high twenty-four seven, with the latter being slightly true. However, these are surface level characteristic, digging deeper reveals and emotionally traumatized kid.

Unbeknownst to most people Eustass suffers from depression. He does not like to admit about his depression, and he doesn’t like to wallow on his emotions. Therefore, he drinks, sleeps, and smoke in order repress mind-numbing loneliness, sadness, and the memories of his parents. In a similar manner, Eustass doesn’t tend to get romantically attached to people and he craves independence. Even though he quietly craves romantic partners, Eustass actively avoids or in the cases that he is in one messes them up. With that being said Eustass can be a intensely loyal and awkwardly compassionate friend, but once that compassion turns to romantic passion, well, Eustass can become a sudden jerk or a little dismissive of said person.

Even though he tends to be laid back and easy-going, he is also known to pick fights with people who insult him or friends, and lash out in anger when faced with constant ridicule. One trait that does surprise and shock most people is how surprisingly ruthless and cruel Eustass can be. When executing his duties as a member of Eustass is known to be shockingly serious, and even violent. He believes that one should be thorough when going about justice, and he doesn’t believe in mercy. He’ll use manipulation, deception, and foul and dishonorable tactics in order to succeed in his mission. While in combat Eustass is known to be annoyingly sarcastic and he is infamous for mocking others. He would often remark ‘oh how scary’ or ‘oooo rather shocking’ in a nonchalant manner. However, when faced with stronger fights and when he is forced to take the fight a bit more seriously, Eustass can be found laughing manically as he does enjoy the thrill of battle.

  • Parties/Going Out: Eustass likes hanging out with his friends and doing crazy stuff with them. Whether it’s a big party with a bunch of cute guys, where everyone is going bonkers, or going out to a movie or a swim, he loves to be out and about especially with friends.
  • Chaos: Even though he was once an agent of order. Vincent for some reason loves chaos and disorder, especially when on the battlefield. He finds the sights and smells of disorder and chaos to be exciting and attractive, and it makes him feel alive and not dead.


  • Privilege People: Eustass just hates people who had everything given to them on a silver plate. He can't help but call them out on their bull crap, and pick on them. And he honestly loves it when privilege people are his opponents, then he can beat their butts and not hold back.
  • Icebergians: Icebergians killed his parents when he was young, and destroyed his village. Ever since then, Valentine holds a deep hatred for them. Not because what they do, but for what they did to his family. He won't stop until he finds the people who killed his family, and wipe them out like the rodents and rats that they are.


  • Justice: Eustass wants to find the man who killed his parents and destroy his home. He only knows that the man had a black beard, and he only remembers the laugh. But whoever he is or was, Valentine wants to destroy him to end him once and for all


  • Attachment: He cannot allow himself to be attached to anyone. Valentine believes that it would only hurt him in the end and make him weak, while also distracting him from his duties and his quest for vengeance against the man with the black beard.
  • Justice: Valentine fears that he would fail in finding the people who killed his family. He cannot stand the thought of being embarrassed at failing to avenge his mother and father's death; he doesn't want the people who killed his family to escape from justice.


Magic Name: Magnet Control

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: A unique magic that grants the user the ability to generate magnetic fields, which visually appears as a lilac color aura that is emitted from Eustass. It is currently unknown if the alchemical experimentation conducted on Eustass awakened the magic within him, or if the experimentation created the magic. However, it is understood that the experimentation has enhanced the magic and granted it to Eustass. With his power to generate various forms of magnetism, Eustass has learned how to manipulate and control metals, which can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensively, he can bombard opponents with storms of metallic debris, or generate concussive blasts of magnetic energy. Likewise, he can use said magnetic energy to create defensive barriers, and preform other supplementary means. By connecting himself to the planet’s geomagnetic field Eustass can buff himself, increasing his strength, speed, endurance, and constitution.  


History: Coming from a simple farming family on the border of Iceberg and Bosco. Eustass’s mother and father both were natives of Bosco, who decided to leave the city for the country life. Before he was born, Eustass’s mother and father were both alchemist and magicians working of the Boscosi government. Specifically, they were both teachers who conducted government funded studies on the side. His parents both taught alchemy and ‘scientific’ magic at a prestigious university located in the capital city of Bosco. The two would date, and then marry, after an incident they decided to retire and move to the country.

As mentioned, they created a farm near the border of Iceberg and Bosco, despite the dangers and the border conflicts that often took place. Then when he was four years old, a raiding party from Iceberg pillaged his family's estate murdering his parents, while Eustass ran to get help from a military outpost. Eustass was to stay at the outpost while the soldiers went to aid his parents, but when they got there they were to late. Not only were his parents dead, but their livestock stolen as well as their valuables. With no where else to go, Eustass would be placed in a military orphanage, where he would then be selected for a series of alchemical and arcane experiments.

The experiments were successfully, and he was immediately given military training. Upon graduation he managed to attain a high rank, and become popular among the royal family. After a couple of successful missions, the Emperor wanted to meet Eustass, to see the man who survived their experimentation and served the country so faithfully. Invited to a party, Eustass got to meet the Emperor and his son, whom he would start sleeping with. This relationship last for a couple of months until an rival of his found out, and told the Emperor. Of course, he had gotten in trouble with the Emperor and was exiled from the country for his action.

Reference: None

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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