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Haunted Library [open]

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#26Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
One's effort another person's result it was a wonderful thing to experience. They both had a feeling of bliss form these interactions. Mary having a moment of being alive, Her smile seemed to show that Judith's smile was not her generally being a bright up person, But one showing spreading joy was something she considered important."Oh what a delightful smile."Judith could not help but comment She seemed just as she normally was.

Mary was ready to press forward and Judith for once she had for a very moment was going to back down."You are welcome in my house Mary."Judith said she would walk towards her own front door and open it."Please come in."It was small enough for Judith and her husband. The living room had pictures. It would be a picture of Judith's children and all of the people she was connected too. Her husband, both of her sons, her daughter, her adopted daughter, Three people who  She had no mentioned yet, Alice and her two children. All across various pictures in her living room, Along with three comfortable chairs and two massive book shelves.

With two hallways that lead else were, The next open room was Judith kitchen and a window and a door to her backyard. Her kitchen was about medium size with the smell of fresh herbs and spices because Judith would most likely be able to grow them easily."Everything you could need to learn are here."Judith mentioned walking into her kitchen."Do feel free to look at my house and get use to it before we settle into the cooking lesson."Judith said being happy with getting a new book, As well as she no longer had any of her plants on her they had gone away. Judith would  be humming another happy tune while she was letting Mary get comfort and happy in her home.

#27Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Old stories told that vampires couldn’t enter a home without an invitation. Hopeless introverts were much the same. Only when given direct permission, the ghoulish woman finally dared to move. She nervously brushed her shoes against the grass by the entrance, not wanting to accidentally bring any mud inside. Once her shoes were clean enough, she hurried after the gracious host and stepped inside. The door closed and pleasant warmth greeted her. Silently she wandered around the living room, stopping to inspect each and every picture. Tinges of curiosity and envy danced inside her head like opposing colors swirling together. Ah, to have a husband and children... Living so far away from her family left her feeling just a little homesick.

Soon enough the skulking specter entered the kitchen. Like a shadow she stalked behind the motherly mage. The swirly eyes scanned the room in quiet awe. Everything was so... clean and tidy. A memory of her own kitchen flashed before her eyes, seeming like a horror show in comparison. Sauce... Everywhere... She snapped out of the ghastly mental image when the happy tune trailed into her ears. After brief hesitation, she tried humming it herself. “...♪...♫...♬...” The ghastly notes trailed right behind the kind woman’s humming, like an eerie echo. A rosy blush painted her cheeks and she quickly stopped. Still too embarrassing...

Finally feeling at ease, kind of, Mary moved to carefully inspect the kitchen cabinets. “Where... do you keep the knives...?” She would need one to do what had to be done. While rummaging around, she voiced her wishes for the lesson. “I would... like to cook something simple...” There was a brief pause. Maybe... No, not here... These were for baking... “Something that brings warmth to a rainy day...” If she could at least learn that, then it would remind her of this day every time she cooked it. There was just one teeny tiny problem... She had no idea what kind of meal it could be. The teacher would have to take the reins before the student made a mess.

#28Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Did Judith just unleash an unspeakable awkward human upon her family unknowingly? Yes did she care if anyone did actually ask her about it? not really. Judith wanted her children to have new friends, also the same for Mary, In a twisted way of her own her mind, If her and Mary continued to get along Judith may try and get Mary to try and date at least one of her children, Why because Judith was a harsh mother that way wanting her children to move forward in life.

That was just in her mind."Down pours~ And Waterfalls~ So wonderful~ To see it all~"Judith was actually singing a song, her musical humming was not just a cover it was covering her actual singing voice, A well trained one at that went along perfectly with each hum she had done and match the actual note.

She would repeat the words she sung while gathering things a: A cutting board being placed, A few knives, Various vegetables and a already prepared chicken. A small container was also placed."Maybe Chicken and rice soup?"her singing  just cut off to her wondering that. Judith then would go find a medium size cooking pot.

When Mary asked her question about a knife."As long as you can safely handle it."most likely odd to hear but you did have to be careful with a knife   Judith then after placing that pot down, Would come walk over to her an area of the kitchen where she stored  various kind of breads, Mary could see that Judith walk over and place what looked like a home made loaf of bread.

So Judith would have to think about how to show Mary how to start the process."But just in case let me show you."She Judith would walk over to the cutting board pick up one of the knives. Picking up a carrot, One that would seem to need a few parts slightly cut off."You take it slow at first, make sure you fingers are away from the blade, make sure the knife straight and cut quickly to ensure it is clean."With explaining that Judith manage to get two cuts within her explanation.

Judith would then bring what she was using an example over to Mary and then take a step back to let Mary stand in."I will be not too far away just to make sure your safe."Judith as always did not show a single show of judgement but was waiting to see how Mary went to do this.

#29Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Already Mary was astonished by Judith’s astute suggestion. She had heard of this... chicken soup. Supposedly it was good for one’s soul. While she couldn’t even fathom why or how, she was eager to learn. “Ah, that sounds lovely.” Watching closely, she made constant mental notes of the equipment and ingredients chosen. An imaginary quill wrote a neat list in the depths of her memory. Studying had always been her strong point. Occasionally she offered a nod to show she was listening and not simply mesmerized by the lesson. The teacher made it sound so easy...

Perhaps... She could do this after all.

When it was the ghastly woman’s turn to try, her usual hesitation vanished. She grabbed the knife with casual ease, like an instrument she had handled many times. Taking aim at the carrot, she brought the blade down. ...And cut right into her thumb. A trickle of crimson painted the cutting board. She lifted her bleeding hand with a quiet mutter. “Oh dear... This again...” If it hurt, she certainly didn’t show it. The wound didn’t slow her down either. She continued chopping the carrot swiftly. Her accuracy left a lot to be desired, however. The chopped pieces came out uneven. Every few motions the steel sank into her fingers again.

By the time Mary ran out of carrot to chop, the chopping board looked like a miniature murder scene. Her fingers had numerous bleeding cuts. The carrot pieces were stained with crimson. Nervously she turned to the motherly mage, presenting the gruesome results. “L-like this...?” An awkward grin tugged at her lips, a smile more fitting for a serial killer than a cook. She thought it went well. This time she had only cut her hand six times. Usually the number was in double digits. And she hadn’t accidentally dropped anything yet.

#30Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was something never expected,Judith's continual and never ending faith in some one learning to do better."Can be lovely, simple to make and soup is always nice on a cold raining day."Judith was agreeing with Mary on this. More because Mary seem and wanted to do this completely with how she was starting off everything seemed to be working nicely,

This would also be a test for Judith as well since Mary was trying and it was not really working exactly as she hoped, But Judith should have expected this. that was the balance of teaching new people. Judith would not mention but she did hope Mary would have been a bit more careful.

The moment she saw Mary cut into her that smile just stopped for a moment, To a bit of worried one. Nonetheless Judith had an idea for this. It would still take a bit more work, Judith was not about to give up."Oh you had a understanding for the most part,But I have an idea."Judith would step to were Mary had the knife and take it away for a moment, Take Mary's arm that she had cut her finger and summon a plant that made a leaf, This leaf would be like a band aid, but well a healing spell too with in it.

She would take away the bloody carrot and cutting board and come back with a new board and carrot. She then would use the fact she was smaller then Mary to help her here, Taking Mary by her not cut up hand she would be an inch behind Judith, However they both where in front of the cutting board now."When your hands are ready and not bleeding anymore let me know."

When this happen, then would place her arms with in Mary's to give her the hands example of it more close, Mary was an inch away and virtually hovering over Judith with out needing to float. Judith Smelt like the rain they walked in, But also like the fields of flower she kept. Then Judith would line up her fingers keeping in mind Mary's as well to provide enough space."Notice how my hands are?"Judith asked Mary making sure she was getting the details Judith hand that was not holding the blade had her fingers tucked away and  out of the blade's path while holding the carrot down. Then Judith would make the first cut just a bit slower."You do not need to be as quick with it,You are still just learning."Judith's never ending positivity was yet to change

#31Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary’s forced smile faded away when Judith approached to inspect the results. A hollow whisper left her lips. “Oh...” She knew that tone, the gentle, roundabout way of saying no. Once again her best attempt had not been good enough... But it was fine. All fine. She was used to feeling like this. When Judith offered healing, she neither argued nor resisted. The leaves wrapped around her fingers to staunch the bleeding. She stared at the makeshift bandages quietly. Life created to protect life. Such wonderful magic... While she did truly love her family’s magical arts, the cold needle of envy stabbed through her chest again.

With a soft sigh the ghastly woman silenced the dark, depressing thoughts. Instead she focused on the teacher. Following the lead, she loomed right behind the short woman like a bad omen. “I... I’m ready...” Another little white lie... She didn’t want to be a bother. Her wounds would heal. Eventually. She focused her gaze on the cutting board. The question was met with much hesitation. She wasn’t quite sure what was so different about how she held the knife and carrot herself. Maybe...? No, no... Oh, but... Nnno that wasn’t it either. In the end, she figured it was that the old, experienced cook’s hands were steadier. “I... I think so...? Y-your hands are... steady.” If it wasn’t that, then she was completely lost.

Unfortunately, the nervous specter’s hands were starting to shake. After Judith made the first cut, the kitchen nightmare took the knife carefully and tried mimicking the motions. Nervous jitters trailed down to her fingers. Chop... Chop... C-h-h-h-hop... Each cut was shaky. Unsure. Chopping either too much or too little. The carrot pieces came out as thick chunks or slices so thin they were nearly transparent. There was no in-between. She tried to remedy the problem with more chops, but only managed to make it worse. By the end of her attempt, the carrot had been reduced to a couple of orange chunks and wet mush.

#32Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Even if it was not exactly the greatest, it was already an improvements."It is because I am not nervous about it either."Judith would mention about it she was trying to figure out other ways to show example towards Mary to help her, With out trying anything that seemed too horrible."It is being able to relax and keeping the mind clear. As well as your fingers clear of the blade."Judith was explaining it at least.

Then Judith would get her hands free from Mary and show to try something something different."Try closing on hand completely into a fist to hold down the vegetable to chop, That way no fingers are in the path of the blade."Judith tried to explain it that way. Then would get an entirely new carrot.

Taking a step away from Mary to clean off the bloody cutting board quickly."Your large pieces are easily able to be used too."Judith would be fine with the larger pieces of carrot. She had pride in the work of people she was trying to teach.

There where still a few vegetables to cut up. some celery and onion. There was also the chicken to cut up as well as make the rice."Keep trying Mary, I think you can do it."Judith would walk over to her section of vegetables and pick up some celery, Cutting it up easily. To what exactly it was wanted for Judith's view.

Waiting for a moment Judith then asked."There is still Onion and Celery to cut up, Do you wish to try a different vegetable?"Judith would ask just to make sure, Maybe carrot isn't the best idea to start with, But nor was onion. If Mary said yes Judith would maybe change the carrot out for celery.

Judith would then walk over and set a the two pots up and ready one would start boiling for the rice and the other still empty would hold everything they would be cutting up here. Then stopped for a moment and ask."Is your hand better now Mary?"Judith was now just being her normal self now.

#33Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Eventually, the solemn specter simply stopped... “I... see...” While she nodded to the kind cook’s consoling words, the grim doubts still stained her mind. She had messed up again, hadn’t she...? Yes... All her fault... Come to think of it, she had already failed a key aspect of the lesson... Not being nervous. The more she tried to remain relaxed and keep her mind clear, the more nervous jitters trailed down her spine. Like trying to empty your mind by thinking nothing. It just wasn’t happening. Still, the kindness sparked willingness to keep going. She silently vowed to see this meal to the end... Even if it killed her. Ah, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Against everyone’s better judgement, the ghoulish woman approached the cutting board again. “I... I’ll try the onion...” She left the carrot and celery to the seasoned cook and grabbed the blade. The words echoed through her mind. Try closing one hand completely into a fist... It sounded strange, but she would try regardless. Unfortunately, her attempt at putting the lesson to practice was shaky at best. And the difficult vegetable wasn’t cooperating. It slipped from beneath the blade more than once before she finally managed to make a dent. Oh. Right. Probably should’ve peeled and washed it first... Well, too late now.

Soon, a weak sniffle drifted in the air. Another... Within moments it grew into solemn sobbing. Tears and snot streamed down Mary’s face like teeny tiny waterfalls. Much of the salty sadness was getting on the cutting board and making a mess. Each cut made her shudder and sob more. The onions weren’t doing too good either. It was a repeat of the carrot fiasco with pieces so jagged and uneven that they resembled a scrambled puzzle. Despite seeming to weep hopelessly, she nodded to the question. “Y-yeb... I’b fihne... I dhing.” Her ugly crying made that sound less than convincing. ...Assuming Judith could even understand her.

#34Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
The situation seemed was always an interesting situation, Judith made remember so many things, She would mention something about it. Before she told her story Judith would put down the things she was cutting up, Got a few things of tissue paper for this situation."Maybe the onion is the vegetable that might be rough."Judith would wake over and in her motherly was start slowly cleaning up the weeping ghostly lady."My daughter did the very same thing, Same as I."Learning would take a bit and Judith knew it would, She was fully intending on doing what she could as well, Judith's unending empathy was most likely the savior of the situation.

"It is okay to stop Mary, I am not a harsh teacher."
Judith wanted to make sure that she knew that. It was a good way at least Judith thought it was, Give Mary a chance to stop so she can clean up and gather herself, Let her mind balance out and be in a good place."I will understand any frustrations or worries you will have with this."Judith was also far too determine to see this to the end one way or another. They both seemed like that.

"Do you want something to drink?"It was to break the moment of worry about cutting things, Judith figuring it would be best too, Mary could prove her judgement otherwise, No matter what Judith was just allowing her to stop if she wanted too while trying to think up of another way to make show what to do, To what detail has yet to be happen, Judith still wanted to figure out how she could herself aside from just telling her

Judith would now start thinking up of what to do next to try and help with this goal mostly because she wanted to find out and help Mary actually manage to an okay level of cutting and manage to make a decent amount of progress.

#35Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
The cutting stopped... But the sobbing didn’t. Mary cast a hesitant look towards the seasoned cook and then back onto the off-white mess in her hands. Beneath the waterfall of tears and snot, she was rather... puzzled. Had she made a mistake again...? Oh, perhaps the pieces were too small this time. Should have sliced instead of diced, she figured. Taking a step back, she wiped her eyes on her long sleeve with a weak sniffle. “Sowwy...” Finally managing to regain her composure, she sighed in defeat. “Cutting onions always makes my eyes water...” She just couldn’t get used to the stinging smell.

Still, the spooky student could appreciate a short break. Even with the healing leaves acting as bandaids, her hands were still kind of sore. The teacher’s kind words resonated with her skittish soul. She nodded eagerly and forced out another one of her sharp, freakish smiles. “Yes... You have a very warm heart...” Her gaze trailed down to the old woman’s chest and gleamed with longing. “I wish I could have it... And your soul too...” She would’ve loved to have such a steady and brave soul.

Mary snapped out of her thoughts when the gracious host offered something to drink. Well, now that she mentioned it... “Ah, m-maybe some...” However, suddenly the specter pulled away and shook her head. “Uh... N-never mind... It's fine...” No, she had no right to ask anything. She was already being a huge bother. It was not polite to make any further demands, not polite at all. Desperate to change the subject, she gestured vaguely towards the food stuff they had managed to prepare so far. “Um, what comes next...?” This was usually the part where she poured all the ingredients into a baking tray and put it in the oven. But she couldn’t see any of those around...

#36Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It always seemed like Judith was the dream of a mother most people never had, Not that she minded it at all but it showed her willingness and dedication to her goals and causes."That is common, worry not about that."Judith mentioned trying to assure Mary in her still almost never ending positivity and blissful energy."I went through it and had to eventually just dull my senses to it."also her empathy were still alive and well. Just how much did she woman have of all this positive emotion in her?

Judith not upfront about it, But knew she was rather serious about about wanting her heart and soul she smiled and said."My heart and soul are with in my family and the members with in it."which was true, they where since everything else with her was far darker then most assume, Judith wanted no one to know.

"You can have something to drink Mary, Just let me know what it is."Judith wanted Mary to be okay and happy almost like that her goal entirely, showing and expressing joy to anyone in life even if it is most grim.

But what was last Judith said,"On the list last is. Cooking the rice and putting it all into pot and letting to cook nicely together."Judith mentioned, She would get the pot for rice,she had showed the ghostly younger woman the dry rice, Then picking up everything else they prepared and put it into the larger pot.

Putting water into the pot with the rice turned out the heat and turned on the heat on the larger pot and start."Just give the rice a bit of time to cook and absorb the water, Then add it into the post with the chicken give it a bit more time to simmer then food is ready!"Judith mentioned in delight. Judith then would go and slice and piece of bread from her collection of bread she went through before and offer it to Mary."I made it myself."She was not compelling Mary to eat it either, Just sharing as she was caring."I have four other loafs too."So there was also plenty to share too

#37Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 15, 2020 1:56 am

Mary Wraith
Thankfully, the eerie specter didn’t pursue the topic of souls any further. Whenever she brought it up, most people got oddly uncomfortable for some reason... But her new friend took it in stride. The renewed offer of something to drink got her to reconsider. Pondering and wondering, she cast a hesitant glance towards the cabinets. M-maybe...? W-well it would’ve been rude to turn down the kind offer again. “I-if it’s not too much trouble, I would like some tea, please.” Like any full-blooded Caelese, she did have a soft spot for some good tea. It brought warmth to any chilly evening.

Judith’s radiant positivity proved infectious, now spreading to Mary as well. The ghastly woman calmed down. Her constant fidgeting and trembling stopped. She leaned a little closer, watching keenly as the rice was prepared. The seasoned cook made it look so simple. It was a shame she hadn’t brought a notebook. Memorizing things at a single glance was difficult... Still, she tried her best. True to her family reputation, she was a very diligent and dedicated student. Had always been. An imaginary quill wrote down the notes in the depths of her mind. If she could borrow even the tiniest piece of wisdom from the older woman, she would certainly put it to good use.

When the motherly mage offered bread, the ghostly mage’s eyes widened. She took the slice and turned it in her grasp, eyes glimmering with wonder. After studying it for a moment, she took a careful bite. Nibbling like a hamster... Savoring... Her expression brightened even further. “Oh, it’s so soft and rich... Nothing like the bread I bake...” It wasn’t even the tiniest bit charred. How quaint. With another bite, she finally found that small, soft smile again. “It tastes wonderful. Thank you.” Her stomach agreed with a loud growl. She had managed to suppress her hunger until now, but finally she recalled that lunch had been quite a while ago.

#38Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] - Page 2 Empty Fri May 15, 2020 3:55 am

Judith Karlinius
Tea, she wanted too, who else to various flavors but the plant healer lady. Judith would have offered enough times until Mary said yes because Judith picked up she wanted something to drink, if anything if there was wish for something and Judith could give she would."What kind? I have over 30."Judith mentioned casually. It was most likely more, But she had a collection of tea.

She would even go towards where she kept it all, Right next to the door to the backyard, there was a large cabinet, About just as tall as Judith but attach to the roof just so Judith did not need to lean down, It was used often enough because there was a step ladder near it too, meaning Judith had gone through a lot of it."Green, Mint, Jasmine, Orange Pekoe, Ginger."Just were the upfront ones that she was listing. But it showed how much she had there, So Mary seemingly had endless options.

Just by the back door with her garden of various flowers and plants, as well in view was Judith's husband well made shop where he was working as well. It was just as well made as Judith kept all of her planets even a sign that said."Ander's Smithery."So that just would show Mary his name was Anders. Judith was yet to mention it.

With her looking through."I make for to five loafs a week maybe a bit more, Not only do give them to people. I use the bread for the guild because I cook and serve drinks there."So with in Fairy Tail Mary could have Judith's cooking as well as more lessons while she was at the guild or while she was here at Judith house. Either way she could also get more of her wonderful bread.

#39Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] - Page 2 Empty Sat May 16, 2020 2:42 am

Mary Wraith
Mary was taken aback by the counter-question. Curiously she cocked her head, trying to understand. Wh-what did Judith mean what kind? There were only two kinds... Black and green, yes? Her eyes widened and jaw dropped with the reveal. She had never even heard of so many kinds. Then again, in her family they only drank black tea. Green tea was only for very special occasions. Still stunned, she watched as the motherly mage revealed it hadn’t been a jest or an empty boast. Not that she ever doubted it, but... Seeing it for herself felt unreal. Quietly she figured that her new friend had to be a very successful tea tycoon. It didn’t even cross her mind that a mage manipulated plants might, for example, grow their own tea leaves instead of importing them from faraway countries.

After recovering from the shock, the ghastly woman started trembling again. A bead of sweat ran down her brow. The pressure... was overbearing... She was no good with so many choices. Her gaze dropped back onto the bread in her grasp. What would go well with it? She had no idea. “M-maybe some...” She started carefully, still weighing her choices. Green was safe and familiar, but she was also curious about the other options. Eventually she managed to squeak her choice. “Jasmine... please...?” Silently she prayed she hadn’t accidentally picked anything awfully expensive. She didn’t want to be a burden... Erm, more of a burden.

Too occupied by the choice of life and death (tea), Mary understandably missed some minute details. Instead, her attention was drawn to Judith’s words. “O-oh...? That is very kind of you...” Bread... For the guild... That sparked a small idea. Maybe she could repay the guild’s kindness by making something sometime. Lunch, perhaps? She had been making her own lunches for a while now. Making enough to share shouldn’t be too difficult, right? But she had no idea what they liked. Hm... She stopped nibbling the bread to voice an idle question. “The guild... What kind of people are they...?” Her interactions with her guildmates had been... um... rare and brief.

#40Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed Mary was unsure right away not that Judith minded at all. At least Mary had made a choice."Oh such a wonderful kind, Good for any situation."Judith mentioned. Having to go on the tip of her toes to reach since she did not get the step ladder, But she was already far too determine with out to reach it, Even with her option of magic she did not use either."I think I will have some mint green tea myself."Judith just barely got the container jasmine tea, The mint green tea was back a bit more out of Judith's reach.

She was still trying to reach with out anything to help and struggling even more to a seemingly still normal behavior from her. Judith just barely had a reach to grasp it."I could have sworn it was closer in reach, Anders must have had some while i was gone..."The entire cabinet of being a struggle could think Judith would have clued in to get a her step ladder or stool, or use her magic to help her.

Her struggle was now at a end with a slight dragging as she finally got her box of mint green tea down."The guild is a mixture of vastly different personalities."Judith mentioned, Walking over to the where she where the pots where, Turning on a burner and setting a tea kettle on it.

Then she would take the pot of rice that was left cooking and put it into the larger, Getting a large wooden spoon sticking it into the large pot and started mixing the soup."Quiet, humble and kind folks."Judith mentioned to start with."A bit rough but meaning well types, The type to make moves with anything that wears a skirt, even drunks."Judith continue explaining getting two cups for tea. One being the green of a leaf with the pattern of leaves on it, One with dark purple roses on it.

#41Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary breathed a sigh of relief. Ah, she had chosen wisely... Jasmine tea was safe. She carefully stored the nugget of information within the corner of her memory. The idle comment caught her attention. “A-anders...?” She carefully echoed the name. It had to be someone who was tall enough to reach the shelf without any assistance... And lived here, obviously... The husband, perhaps? With just a name and a bit of guesswork, her wild imagination immediately painted a frightening picture. She could vividly imagine a hulking brute whose head nearly scraped the ceiling.

Fortunately, something far more important popped the imagination bubble. The lonely woman immediately perked up as the mother mage described the guild. One description in particular left an echo inside her mind. She glanced down to confirm that, yes, she was indeed wearing a skirt. A strange, predatory shine twinkled in her eyes. “So there is a chance...” One of them had to be single. Her heart fluttered at the thought. Lavender-tinted thoughts filled her head. A disturbing smile spread across her features. “Mufu... fufufu...” If she could snatch their heart and soul, she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of eternity all alone...

Mary snapped out of her R-rated daydreams when a delicious scent drifted into her nose. She blinked, briefly puzzled. Curiously she drew closer to the seasoned cook. Judith was... stirring the pot for some reason...? The ghoulish woman poked her index fingers together, trying to put her question into words that didn’t immediately sound rude. “Uh... stirring... soup? W-why?” ...Good enough. Of course she tried to deduce the reason on her own. “D-does it make the food taste better...?” She had always figured it was enough to let food boil or fry until the steam turned black. That’s how you could tell it was ready, right?

#42Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith had heard Mary echo the name she just mentioned."My husband, the man in the shop at back."Judith would mention so the connection where made, So Mary hard a name and with the pictures in the living room what he might have looked and last name. All of the pieces where together for Mary, only thing left was actually meeting Anders himself but Judith assumed Mary would not just go into the backyard and meet her husband, nor would Judith force her to meet him.

Judith would finishing making their cups of tea, Giving  Mary her cup of Jasmine tea with the mug with purple roses. It seemed to catch on maybe a bit what is on her mind."Ahh the desires of youth and the energy of determination."Judith said with a slight chuckle, friendly with intention."I am sure you will fine what you desire eventually."Keep in mind, Judith was vastly older then Mary, So these subjects were not exactly taboo to her, just weird to think about with how motherly and pleasant she was.

Judith would take a sip of her tea and allow her to enjoy her moment of internal passion with in her thoughts. everyone's human, wishes and desires where normal and human. Judith was not a type to judge. It was time for some explaining."It is more to even out all of the contents of the soup, it will not stick in one place and burn as easily."Judith mentioned which after explaining."It as it is now will be good, But i tend to let it set for a bit to cook a bit more."A content and happy moment with Judith. Also mentioned."I tend to make these soups for the guild, As long with the breads. I also bake cakes as well."Judith mentioned to keep a conversation going, Then again Mary could bring up any conversation she wished.

#43Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary did accept the tea cup graciously, but... kind of... forgot to drink. She was too mesmerized by the ladle stirring the soup. “I... see...” It was the first time she had heard anything of the sort, but the experienced chef’s explanation made quite a lot of sense. So the motion did serve a purpose... Quietly she wondered if stirring would improve bread baked in the oven as well. Hm. It was something to test later... She just needed to figure out how to get her hand inside the oven without burning it. Perhaps one of her family spells could help with that.

The ghoulish woman cocked her head curiously. “Ah, your repertoire is... most impressive... It’s no wonder you’ve found love...” Even as she smiled her usual, ghoulish grin, a stinging pain dug deep into her chest. Envy... The green-eyed monster leaned against her shoulder, whispering into her ear. She would’ve gladly given ten, no, twenty years out of her lifespan to have what the older woman had... Well, then again, she would’ve sacrificed her lifespan for any number of reasons. Suddenly she shook her head vigorously, like a dog drying its fur. The inky black thoughts scattered, splattered against the walls of her mind. No, this was no time to be envious. She was here to learn.

Finally the eerie specter shifted her gaze down onto the cup. Wisps of steam rose into her nose, carrying a pleasant scent. She took a careful sip. Her eyes widened and her smile softened. “This is... wonderful~” She had never tasted tea that wasn’t bitter, if simply because that’s how her family always prepared it. “Cooking, baking... tea brewing... You truly are talented in so many ways... I envy you... Solemn honesty colored her tone. Oh well, she couldn’t feel too bad about it. This tea tasted lovely.

After one more sip, the ghastly mage aimed an eager, inquisitive stare at the plant mage. “W-would you...?” Nono, too direct. She hesitated. “I mean, m-might I...?” Now that didn’t sound quite right either. Hesitation intensified. “Erm, I... uh... please let me...” She closed her eyes and bowed her head, nearly spilling the tea all over the place. “P-please let me buy some of this tea. I-I’ll pay anything.” It was quite the claim from the poor woman. She barely had money to pay the rent and food, b-but... The kind woman didn’t need to know that. She could always figure out some method to make money... But this tea was too wonderful to pass up. She needed MORE.

#44Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It all seemed rather different that is for sure, what Mary was feel Judith could only help but think to mention."Interesting thing is Anders found me first, I did not seek him out." Why she was recalling this she did not place her finger on it, Maybe there would be more to it,"If anything I was more interested in other things then courting a husband back then."So many things were more interesting then her husband at the time,That and she did even under stand how it all worked."I was more interested in other things then him for a long time."It could make Mary wonder what the things her husband Anders had to go through to keep Judith.

Judith being a target of Envy? it seemed silly to think of, Even for some one like Mary could achieve the things Judith did in time. Judith would put down her cup of tea and take pat Mary on the shoulder."Mary, I am merely a mother and product of my own choosing." Which Judith did not know if that would actually help."You shouldn't envy me, But aspire to have what you want in life."Honest advise from an honest soul as always.

But the request of her tea not was met with a word. Just a vine coming wrapping around Judith' shoulder growing out wards to the cabinet. Open it up and bring the tea to Mary."No many or payment needed." She was just like that giving Mary what she had left of that tea, not really worried Mary repaying her,  Judith just wanted Mary to enjoy a this tea rather then Judith risk forgetting about it, A spooky mage can  enjoy this tea  a lot more then her."I will get more later."

#45Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Much to Mary’s complete and utter shock, Judith gently rejected any and all ideas of payment. Her jaw dropped with a strange gasp. The box of tea was unceremoniously plopped into her lap. Slooowly her blank stare shifted between the generous woman and the rare treasure. It felt like a treasure chest. She was sure this would’ve fetched a high price in any Caelese market. ...Or maybe that was just her imagination exaggerating. Regardless of the truth, she carefully grasped the small box and stuffed it into her loose sleeve. Her dress didn’t really have any pockets, but she would manage. “T-thank you... from the bottom of my soul, thank you.” A soft smile visited her features.

“I will remember this... forever...”

However, once the eerie woman had her precious tea tucked away safely, the suppressed thoughts came creeping back. She didn’t want to believe it, but... The older woman said that she hadn’t sought her husband... Rather, it had been the other way around, yes? Could such a thing even be possible? It felt like something straight out of a fairy tale. Or those... exciting novels she liked reading. In stark contrast, her own attempts at love had been, well, the exact opposite. Most men ran away from her like they had seen something horrifying. She could never figure out why... But now... She had a chance to change that.

Unfortunately, Judith’s best attempts at remaining modest had only fanned the fires of desperation. Mary leaned a little closer. “W-when you said Anders found you first... D-do you mean he t-tried to win over your heart? For a long time?” Closer. Disbelief made her voice waver. “H-how? How did you do that? Did you use a potion or a spell?” Even closer, as much as she could. Her spiral eyes shined with peculiar madness.

Gripped by desperation, the ghostly mage lost control. Twiddling her fingers together nervously, she voiced one more question, a little more disturbing than the others. How do I get men to chase me??? Please share your secrets!” A magic seal depicting a skull appeared at her feet. Her shadow stretched like a thin tendril, reaching towards the motherly mage’s own shadow. If it connected, the old woman would feel a chill of doom upon her. Like someone was walking over her grave. A spectral skull would appear to loom right behind her back as well.

#46Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith was slowly realizing maybe this was having the opposite effect then again, Judith also saw it a different way. This woman felt alone for the longest time the desire for company, She most likely wanted some one to make her feel like she belonged in some way while being unsure how to go about it as well as being held back by her in Judith's view some what scary looks.

But Judith had some thing to finish."Anders found me if anything and slowly took time to get me to open up."Judith said and she chuckled about it slightly."You can ask him if you want the full details, He isn't that horrible."Judith mentioned, not trying to lead Mary into anything she could not handle, just seeing if the point of getting her to try and talk to some new was being pointed out."He is not as scary as he is in pictures."Judith was just encouraging Mary if anything, It was what she was trying this entire time.

"No potion of spell, He took time to learn and get me to open up as a person."Mary would have to picture this giant blue haired smith person trying to learn and get a tiny woman like Judith to open up."I was still a hermit then and barely spoke."It was an interesting story to learn well part of a story.

In Mary's desperate way of acting and speak, her grimness did truly seem apparently for Judith now, But under it all still prove that Mary was lonely and Judith knew it, All of this cooking, bread tasting and even tea could wait. Judith did not want to embrace that grim feeling around her but she then got close enough to Mary, Hugged her and placed Mary's head on her shoulder."I know, the pain of being alone is tough."Judith was turning away from any secrets for the moment."You want to pull yourself out of despair and loneliness, It is hard and the secrets of attach a person is there isn't any...a person even if you are a bit scary will be interested in you eventually,Fate has not chosen whom yet."Judith could only explain so much thinking about being a human experimenter for Kuriana, how many years she heard the last moments of people's lives with in the control of it in her hands, there pleads for being spared, Judith was the worst. Even before that her days in the forest alone, just living life alone reading books, there was no true secret only fate's call.

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Mary Wraith
When Judith suggested simply asking Anders for the full details, Mary immediately recoiled. While she said nothing, her frantic head shaking told enough. No, nonono, absolutely not. She would not... could not do it. It was an easy suggestion to make, but difficult, nay, nigh-impossible to follow. Talking to a fearsome stranger... Especially someone’s husband... U-unthinkable! So she quickly decided to abandon the whole idea. Taking an imaginary shovel, she promptly buried it in the cemetery of terrible and terrifying ideas in the furthest corner of her mind. Never would it rise from its grave.

Disappointment painted the gloomy ghoul’s features. Neither a potion nor a spell... Her shoulders slumped. It felt like something inside her shattered. Ah, it was just her hopes and dreams. Learning magic was simple. Understanding people was difficult. I see... A grim sigh hissed between her lips. Depression clung over her like violet haze. Inky, black thoughts were beginning to drip inside her mind again. If there wasn’t a spell to steal someone’s heart... Perhaps she could make one. Slowly her lips curled into a chilling smile. Yes, there were already countless binding spells. Repurposing one might work... Just had to find a target...

However, sometimes the simplest gesture could have the greatest impact. Startled by the touch, the ghastly woman jolted out of her dark thoughts. She was pulled into the hug, resting her head against the tiny woman’s shoulder. Her hands flailed in panic, unsure where to go. ...It was warm. Warmer than anything she had felt in a long time. Slowly, gently, it spread through her body and filled her soul. Her grim ideas faded away like smog caught in a breeze. Likewise, the curse she had been accidentally casting vanished without a trace. The chill of doom passed. Panic turned to puzzlement. W-what had she been thinking about just now...? Well... It couldn’t have been too important... Right?

After several seconds spent hesitating, Mary finally dared to return the hug. Her hands fumbled around, as if afraid she might break something. Eventually she managed to squeeze the motherly mage, clinging to her like a scared child. And she just wouldn’t let go... Her lips parted, but no voice came out. She didn’t know what to say. Except, maybe... “Thank you.” Sometimes that was enough. Though after a brief pause, a small question bubbled into her mind. “Um... Is... is the soup supposed to smoke like that...?” She pointed at the thin wisps of black smoke rising from the chicken soup. A burnt smell was starting to linger in the air. Oh dear, she had completely lost track of time there.

#48Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Judith really did not want the moment ruined then again she could only hold it off for so long, After Judith give Mary a moment to just feel the warmth and love she was trying to show exist. that entire chilling feeling and gloomy sense was gone."I may be naught what you desire, I still do care you in some way."Judith had a problem with getting attached to people Mary now was just added on to it really.

Even if food was starting to burn Judith did not mind a settled mind meant a lot more."Oh?"Judith would let Mary, Walk over and turn off the heat, Start looking over to see if it could be saved. Judith looking it over realize maybe for the most part this was not something she would personally serve to other people."Well,I should have paid more attention."Judith seemed to shrug it off like it was nothing important, Using her magic to just make move vines to carry the pot outside.

It would already be like Judith had no idea what they had just made with it after it was gone and the plants were gone that Judith used to remove the pot form the house. She would have to explain to Anders later, But they could get something else made maybe.

Acting like nothing happen even with all they had gone through Judith picked up her cup of tea."Hmm...I wonder if there was something I came here for?"Judith was playing off the burn chicken and rice soup to maybe try something new as well show that everything was okay."Was it to make something? or just the tea?"Judith could fain old age here or being forgetful, Mary however was now in an situation that they could try all over again Or just have tea and have Judith walk her home, one of the two.

#49Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Soon the warm embrace ended. All too soon. As Judith moved away, Mary’s arms were left drooping awkwardly. Oh well... All things had to come to an end. She knew that better than most people. So instead of lingering on what was gone, she tried to focus on what they still had. The food. It smelled a lot like what she usually cooked... So that meant it was ready, yes? She watched keenly, eager to see what was the next step. Spices, perhaps?

The spooky woman slowly cocked her head when the seasoned chef summoned vines and... Sent the pot outside? “Uh...” That certainly was a cooking technique she had never seen. W-wouldn’t it get all drenched in the cold rain? Or was that part of the plan? Her confusion only grew when the older woman returned to the table like nothing unusual had happened. Frantically she shifted her quizzical stare between the chef and the nearest window. “Um... I... uh... but...” She simply couldn’t find the right words. Oh dear... This lesson was much too advanced for her. Maybe she should’ve picked up that Cooking for Dummies book after all.

Eventually the fretful specter lifted her tea cup. “Um... N-never mind... J-just the tea...” She had the creeping feeling that something had gone wrong. Downing the last sip of tea, she let out a heavy sigh. “I... should maybe... go... home...” It was getting late and she didn’t want to overstay her welcome. Rising from her seat, she offered the generous host a polite bow. “T-thank you for the lesson. A-and the tea. It was delicious.” Her small smile was hollow. Just a mask hiding the thoughts beneath. She had made such a mess yet again.

Mary suddenly turned around and scurried to the front door. That creeping feeling was getting stronger. Outright unbearable. She opened the door and the sound of falling rain slipped inside. Nervously she glanced back at the motherly mage. “I... I’ll see you... later...” She was trying to be very quick and concise about it. The sooner she got home, the sooner she could bury herself under a blanket and scream into a pillow. That sounded nice.

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Judith Karlinius
She did have a plan for this entirely. Having a back up plan was always good."I had a back up to this, Won't take long."Judith was just picky only because serving burnt food was not her standard, she was trying not to ruin the moral building moment Judith was trying to get done with Mary.

Judith's entire back up plan. Was simple walking into her kitchen, It seemed with in moment Judith came back with a well made sandwich and a Salad packed up to be able to carry, Judith seemed to not only have small bag to carry both the sandwich and the salad, There was also a few other containers of tea as well.

Judith knew generally she was a figure of positivity, even if her high standard Judith still had a some good with the situation with Mary, Mary still had some praise with Mary, With so little to known Mary did have some progress."You did well  Mary."Judith said Making sure Mary knew this bag was hers to take."You will need to learn the way back after all I did not show you."Judith also wanted to walk with Mary, just a final thing before they departed for now.

Judith still did not say show or mention anything was wrong, sprouting a large leaf she would use for an umbrella for both of them."Fairy Tail is not too far away from my house."Judith did not seem worried about being with Mary.She might be creepy but Judith seemed attached to her as she started to with almost anyone.

Judith also would finally mention a few things with her walk with her back to Fairy Tail."I have something I want to do, I will be bringing you three bowls of soup tomorrow one being yours, one being mine and one being my husbands. I want you to try them all then tell me what you think."So that was Judith's plan it seemed sudden yes, there was better intentions for it.

She would also say."If you are ever scared or uncomfortable in Fairy Tail or your house, You are always welcome at my house at anytime, I have a spare room too."Judith would mention on the walk with the building of Fairy Tail being in sight for them both."You are always welcome at my house Mary, You have my promise with that."Judith made that clear too."I will find you another day I promise you that Mary."It was a normal evening for Judith and an interesting day for Mary.

What Mary would fine later aside from her bag of a sandwich, salad, two boxes of slightly different flavors of jasmine tea. The next day Mary would have in front of her door after a knock on her door, a light one mind you. Three bowls of rice and chicken soup. which had a marked with names.

First one was marked Mary with a heart at the end of it. It was exactly a bowl of the soup from what she made with Judith, the details of uneven vegetables, But still smelled nicely and like it was not overly horrible. One marked Anders. When Mary looked upon this bowl of soup it was worst then Mary's. The vegetables looked like they were fairly worst cut then Mary's, It was super burnt by that the rice was black rather then white like Anders had burnt the rice and the chicken was like it was overcooked. Far worst then Mary's and tasted like Anders tried to bury his horrible cooking in salt. Then the last one marked Judith, It was fair neater in look then Mary's but the taste and flavor they were just about equal. a Letter with it saying."Come find me when you are able to, Telling me how they compared to one another, I wanted to show you that in you are better then what you assume."

"P.S. I am sorry that it was rude to hide it right away, I had a different kind of plan."-Judith S. Karlinus.

That was Judith's intention, She was trying but Judith seemed to wanted to make sure it was not up front right away, There was some ways in learning, Also at the attachment of the letter was also another note of having a free lunch on Judith if she was around in the guild while Judith was cooking. Mary had a new friend, one trying to get her to expand and learn, Just her odd ways of doing things.


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