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Haunted Library [open]

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#1Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:49 am

Mary Wraith
Gloomy clouds covered the sky. Pouring rain drummed a solemn melody against the empty streets. Cold wind howled between the buildings. In such a lousy weather sensible souls had huddled inside, next to their stoves and hearths were it was dry and cozy. Several such people had gathered in the local library. They had even come up with a fitting way to pass time. Sitting in a circle with candles offering light and atmosphere, they shared stories. Funny events, fantastical tales and of course... Ghost stories. One storyteller had just finished enthralling the audience with the eeriest tale they had heard in ages, the legend of the drowned hag. It was a classic among some circles.

Meanwhile, the front door creaked ajar ever so slightly. A cold draft snuck inside, carrying shivers. People glanced towards the door, some nervously, others quizzically. Imagination was running wild. One person carefully inquired if there was someone there. Others invited the stranger to join them. Only deathly silence answered. Suddenly a violent gust of wind blew the door open. It whistled across the room, blowing out the candles. Darkness swallowed the room. Slowly people’s eyes adjusted. A grim silhouette of a woman stood in the doorway. Water dripped down the dark dress. Long, messy hair framed a deathly pale visage. She resembled a drowned corpse. Unblinking eyes stared at the crowd. Silent and eerily still, she wasn’t even breathing.

Approximately five seconds later an unified scream shook the whole building. People rushed to the backdoor and fled outside into the rain. Judging by how many windows lit up in their wake, the ruckus must’ve stirred half the town. Mary looked at the abandoned library with a mixture of bewilderment and panic. H-had she interrupted something? Intruded upon a private event perhaps? Sometimes the local customs were rather strange... They left before she could even say hello... But deep down she was kind of glad. Seeing all those people glaring had startled her. She had just frozen stiff, unable to even speak. Being all alone suited her fine.

The eerie woman picked up one of the candles. An abandoned tinderbox was kind enough to rekindle the flame. With a wavering light in her hand she stepped deeper into the library. Rickety floorboards whined beneath her movements. Her eyes scanned the towering shelves, not really searching for anything specific. She was just... browsing. It was nice to do it at her own pace, without getting in anyone’s way. However, when she stopped to inspect an interesting tome, an odd sound caught her attention. Was there someone else here...?

#2Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
The feeling of when opposites attract was an odd theory, But then again Judith was never the type to follow rules or anything in general she just always did what she wanted too, This entire situation would be no different at all.

Even if everyone else would flee, Judith would not be so scared of what everyone else was. Hindsight this was most likely a cause of a lot of her problems. In this case it would be left to wonder what that problem could be, At least Judith would not see one.

Looking upon the rain there was this morning Judith would still continue on whatever trip out she would be doing. But she would not take anything else with in fact spreading her right arm up and into the air and a large leaf would grow out and would cover her from the rain.

It was time for her to return to Fairy Tail for the moment while she continued and thought over various things, Walks in the rain where would but for once her husband could stay home and not be grumpy around everyone else for once in his life, Not that she really mind anyway.

When Judith got to Fairy Tail she would look around, checking the normal things she did. When talks about a new member lingered, Catching her interest Judith could not help but want to meet them.

Just as quickly as Judith seemed to arrive she was already asking about where this new one could have gone. After gathering a bit of just on her appearance Judith had an idea of how to meet and talk to this new guild member.

Just finding her? Well that was another story. It could be a decent amount of effort trying to find her, Since off of looks alone she sound like a opposite image of Judith, nonetheless it was a mission for Judith to deal with today.

But with how things seemed to work, Judith would towards what sounded people where running away from, screams meant many things since Judith was curious she would go towards it, To learn the problem. What a time for rain and people being scared it was starting to sound like an opening to a horror novel.

It came from a Library of all places? interesting Judith was sure she read something about this before, Still she would go towards it with a very delighted and musical humming, while she would go into the first door.

Realizing it was far too dark she would change placed that plant she used to protect herself from the rain touch it once and it would shape into a different plant, It would wrap around her shoulder and turn into a yellow flower and glow bright enough to admit light for her to see, Then she would continue looking around to see if anyone was there.

#3Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:28 pm

Mary Wraith
Mary stood as still as a statue, trying to focus on the odd sound. It sounded... kind of like... someone humming a delighted tune? Ah, she had always been fond of music, singing especially. Inspired and curious, she tried mimicking the hummed tune to see if she recognized the song. It went... something like... this... “...♫...♪...♬...” Soon, a series of horribly off-key notes trailed through the shadows like a twisted echo mocking the stranger’s humming. Like imaginary claws scratching at the edges of one’s hearing. It lasted just for a moment and soon only the silence responded. Well, in truth, the ghastly woman had gotten embarrassed. She didn’t want to seem rude by imitating someone... But she had enjoyed the shared moment of music.

In the dark any source of light reached far. Like a beckoning beacon it was glowing beyond the tall shelves. Carefully the eerie lady crept towards the shining source. Someone else was definitely here. Sloooowly she peeked from behind the corner of a shelf. As soon as she caught a glimpse of the stranger, she yanked herself back into hiding. The motion was a mere blur in the corner of one’s eye. Curiosity had drawn her closer, but anxiety was pulling her away. She hadn’t seen the details all that well, but she was kind of maybe sure...ish she had seen someone small and beautifully dressed. Regal even. She glanced down at her rain-soaked dress. By comparison she must’ve looked like a mess...

After a brief moment of hesitation, Mary snuck another peek at the stranger. Should she go and greet her or...? The sensation of being watched came creeping. Again she withdrew back into the shadows. D-did the person see her...? Was she being a bother? Yesnomaybe... Anxiety took hold. And it squeezed tightly. The old floorboards cried out again as the shy specter hurried further into the library. Rapid steps tapped against the floor. Her trailing hair vanished behind another set of shelves where she finally dared to stop. Leaning back, she clutched the candle with both hands. Deep breaths... were doing nothing! Her heart was hammering hopelessly. It felt deafening in her ears. She didn’t know to deal with this...

Teetering on the brink of panic attack, the nervous wreck glanced up at the shelf before her. Books... Yes, books were nice. They didn’t speak. Or judge. Her shaky hand reached for an interesting one, a midnight black tome with beautiful crimson lettering on the spine. However, it didn’t want to leave its comfortable spot. She tugged a little harder, but it barely budged. One more pull and it popped free all too quickly. She fumbled and failed the catch completely. A heavy thump shattered the uneasy silence. The shelf groaned ominously. Mary froze on her tracks. Oh dear... Several more books fell down with a chaotic cacophony of light and heavy thuds.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Tue Apr 28, 2020 12:38 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was now a kind of silly childish game at least in Judith's view, with what happen Judith knew was some one else was here, Some one else was hiding, Why? she did not know she wanted to find out and would start trying to find out who this was. Her musical humming cut off not too long after the person who joined along with her stopped."Oh...I was enjoying that.."Judith mentioned sounding a bit unhappy about it. It was normal voice volume."Not many people actually can match with me on that..."Judith was not complaining.

Judith was thinking or wishfully thinking she could slowly train some one to sing. Judith also realized when some one had given her a peak at and seemed to already start hiding. It give Judith a moment of happiness that faded away just as quickly as she picked up on the person."Oh....I wanted to say hi..."You could pick up the slight sadness in her soft spoken and motherly voice.

But Judith would try now herself to interact with Mary."Hello? I am Judith of Fairy Tail. You do not need to hide, I promise you I am harmless."Judith said standing in place for a moment and would wait to try and hear if anything would happen, She hope whomever it was would actually come speak to her.

Judith would dim the light of her plant a tiny bit, she felt it was a bit harsh now considering how bright it was. Judith seemed to sigh about so far hearing no sounds or anything in return. But she would continue on walking as her casual pace around the shelves.

When the sound of falling books Judith would pick up her walking speed towards it sound to find this person. Mary would most likely know Judith's worry simply from."Please don't be hurt, please be okay."She said at more of a quicken pace, Judith would cut off her light completely when she got close enough to Mary and the dim candle.

Mary had a full view of Judith even if the dim candle did have give much detail right away, Light purple hair, purple eyes. her well made lavender purple dress with gold trim. But her look was more worry then anything else."Are you okay? did anything land on you?"Judith asked right away, Now this should be interesting for the both of them.

#5Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:43 pm

Mary Wraith
Stars... Tiny, twinkling dots twirled around Mary’s head. She was fairly sure they weren’t real, but they filled her vision nonetheless. It felt like someone was playing drums between her ears. The whole world was spinning at a dizzying pace. Which way was up again...? Upon rounding the corner, the worried stranger would find a grim and messy scene. The ghastly woman was slumped against a shelf, limp and lifeless. Drip... Drop... Stray droplets of blood ran down her brow and painted thin streaks across her pale cheek. Several books were scattered at her feet. Her hand clutched onto the burning candle stiffly. It was a small miracle she hadn’t dropped it in the chaos. Silver linings.

When the gentle soul voiced her worry, the ghastly mess twitched. Jolted back to reality. The imaginary stars left her alone. Her wide-eyed stare darted towards the voice. The whole motion seemed unnatural, more fitting for a broken marionette than a human. “I-I’m okay...” She lied softly. A little, white lie so the kind stranger wouldn’t worry... Or a big, fat one depending on the view, because she was most definitely not okay. One heavy encyclopedia had conked her pretty hard with its pointy corner. Luckily, the wound on her forehead wasn’t all that serious. Just... Messy.

The dazed wreck brushed the wetness on her cheek, looking puzzled at the crimson coloration clinging to her fingers. She shifted her hollow stare back onto the caring lady. Little by little the events from moments before started flowing back. Ah, yes, she had tried to stay out of sight, not wanting to bother this person. The earlier words echoed through her memories. One line in particular had left an impression, even if her anxiety had initially swallowed it. Judith of Fairy Tail... The line rang in her mind so clearly now. Awkwardly she pointed at herself with the bloodstained finger. “M-mary...” After a clumsy pause, she clarified. “Mary Wraith... of F-fairy Tail too... I think...” Truth to be told, she wasn’t quite sure if it worked like that. Her whole recruitment had been kind of... an accident.

Mary struggled to get back onto her feet. Her vision was still swaying. Every motion was hasty. Unsteady. “I’m sorry... for making a mess... So sorry...” Her head drooped as she apologized profusely. She felt awful in more ways than one. “I... I’ll clean up... right away...” Before she could try, however, her shaky legs suddenly buckled. If Judith wasn’t ready or willing to catch her, she would flop feebly onto the floor.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Wed Apr 29, 2020 2:42 am

Judith Karlinius
Seemed Mary had a lucky day for being around Judith , Even if Mary was a entire foot taller then Judith it would not step Judith from catching her. At least Judith was nice about it."Clearly you are not Mary."She just sounded worried about her when she spoke to Mary. At least Judith was there to help her.  Holding Mary in place."Just take a moment everything will be okay now."Judith was trying to settle Mary down. Judith seemed to already kind of guess Mary was nervous around new people or people she barely knew, So she would work around that.

That single plant on her unwrapped from her should land on the ground it would out into a large leaf,that shaped into a chair that Judith would slowly guide Mary to sit in. Judith would slowly walk to in front of Mary. She did not need to lean down or anything after all Mary was a foot taller then her, But Judith was already looking over Mary too make sure what she would be doing to help.

"My my, That isn't very good. Stay there for a moment, I promise you it will be okay now that I know."Judith put her hand on the plant, With that touch a tiny sun flower would bloom and glow slightly. It was a healing spell that would be used on Mary to help the situation.

Judith was not too far away but she turned away for a moment to look around in case anything else would be a risk of falling or any other people where around."Book alone on a rainy day, Starting to make me remember when i use to to sneak around like this myself."Judith was now breaking the tension so to say. She would then quiet stand by Mary and her plant waiting just in case she needed other help, Judith had no problem taking her time with Mary. She was like this herself in her youth and one of her children was like this too.

#7Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:20 am

Mary Wraith
Fortunately for the ghoulish woman, the kind soul was there to catch her before she kissed the cold floor. Being told that she wasn’t okay sparked a small smile on her features. “Am I dying...?” For such a grim question, she sounded a little too... hopeful. However, when Judith assured her she would be okay, her tone and spirits promptly deflated. “...Oh. A pity.” Disappointment chimed clearly in her tone. Ah well, maybe next time then. She watched in daze as a plant of some kind fell from Judith. Seeing it grow into a large leaf resembling a chair got a puzzled blink. And another for good measure.

Was she still seeing things...?

Mary’s wordless pondering was soon answered. Following the gentle guildmate’s lead, she carefully took a seat. No, this wasn’t just imagination. Her hollow eyes followed the friend’s motions. As the tiny sunflower bloomed, a small gasp escaped her lips. “Ah, such beautiful magic...” Breathing life into the world was pretty much the exact opposite of the magic she wielded. While she would not trade her family traditions for the world, she could still appreciate the beauty of growing one’s own plants. Of course, she didn’t quite realize the small, glowing flower was doing much more than just sitting there looking pretty. Little by little the pain was fading away... Erm, the physical pain at least. As for the social agony...

When Judith mentioned sneaking around, the wounded ghoul flinched. She brought her hands close, nervously poking her fingers together. “S-sorry... I wasn’t... I d-didn’t mean to... I j-just...” Just what exactly? She wasn’t so sure herself. With each stammered word her vague mumbling got faster. “I-Ijust camehere toreadb-books... B-butpeoplescreamed... A-andthenyoucameandIgotscaredandand...” By the end of it she had to finally gasp for air. The creeping panic had her in its grip. She really didn’t know how to deal with any of this. Finally she managed to wheeze something sensible. “I just really like books...” Oh. Right. The books. Her eyes fell on the mess of tomes still on the floor. This was all her fault.

Aaand the panic intensified.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:22 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith would was happy that Mary was okay and settling down."Life and nature is beautiful when you see it, You just need to experience it for it is much better than what you can read in pages with in a building."Judith did not sound like she was judging Mary at all but more mentioning that there was more beautiful things to life that she could experience.

At least the horrible part was over."It can do so many things, I can make them any flower I wish, Just sun flower seemed fitting."Judith could do more then heal but she had never needed to step far beyond healing nor did she really wish she needed too, Judith just did as she generally needed to with out fighting since she had not wanted or needed too.

When Mary started into her panic attack Judith pieced together she might had said it wrongly."Mary, It's okay. I did not mean that in a horrible, please it is fine."Judith was try between her Mary's shudders and worry."No I get it books are lovely."Slowly Mary seemed to settle down.

Judith seemed to chuckle a tiny bit because she knew what this all was like."I and my youngest son use to act much like you did there."Slowly walking over to where Mary was sitting and making a chair for herself from a different plant."It use to take me  30 minutes to settle my mind."Judith was now talking about her own situations of these in the past to kind of show she understood Mary."Worst one when I had a stranger stop me from falling, I fled from that entire city and hide in my house for a week until I felt safe again."Maybe this would be an interesting conversation for Mary.

"My youngest son has been known to hide for months, only merely coming out of hiding to restock his tea collection."Judith was just more of less dragging on a conversation with some one who was not good with it, But seeing if she could just slightly open up Mary. Empathy goes a long way for some people.

She would smile and say."How are you feeling Mary?"Judith was hoping she was getting through to Mary, But was trying and being gentle about it much like a mother could be in these situations.

#9Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:22 am

Mary Wraith
Turns out shallow breaths didn’t help either. If anything, they just made the panic worse. Between the hyperventilation and the internal screaming, it was a small miracle Judith’s soothing words pierced the veil. They carried a gentle, motherly warmth. ...Which felt a little odd, considering the immediately apparent height difference, buuut Mary wouldn’t complain. She didn’t even realize how much she had needed this until she actually received it. Little by little her frantic breathing slowed down. Her heartbeat fell quiet again, no longer the deafening drum in her ears. Even the shy shivers slowly faded away.

The ghastly woman listened closely as the new friend... erm... new acquaintance shared her experiences. It was the distraction she so desperately needed. Especially the mention of the son hiding for months and only coming out to fuel his passion felt oh so very familiar. Recognition gleamed in those hollow, spiral eyes. Before her mind could really register it, her lips were already moving. “Ah, so he’s a hopeless shut-in just like me.” Pause for effect and... Cue the internal screaming. Again. She could just stare blankly ahead, while the screeching filled her head. There were many things one did not tell a complete stranger within five minutes of meeting them. That had been one of them.

Fortunately, the motherly mage’s soothing presence was enough to keep further panic attacks away. For now at least. As Judith inquired how the nervous wreck was feeling, she received a weak mutter in response. “I feel like I died a little inside...” Mary finally blinked and lowered her gaze in quiet pondering. “It felt... kind of nice.” Chilling honesty chimed in her tone. Not quite the near-death sensation she had expected, but she would accept it. Death came in so many forms after all. Such a shame the sensation was already leaving her... Oh well.

Much like a neglected flower finally receiving some sunshine, the eerie woman dared to open up a little. Just a tiny bit. She forced herself to smile, but it came off as a stiff and creepy grin. Absurdly sharp teeth gleamed in the candlelight. “You were... like me... But now you’re not like me.” She was terrible at smalltalk, but she still tried her best. “You are so... alive. How... did you become so... like... that?” Of course there were so many other things she wanted to ask, but that one felt like the most important question.

#10Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
Oddly enough Judith could phrase this situation in a way that could still be helpful."He is yes. In fact both my sons are."The bluntness that she mentioned right away was most likely odd for Mary."But I would say neither you or him are hopeless."Which Judith would work her motherly magic rather then her actual magic."Either of you just need the right thing to attach hope to either you or my son."Judith tried to make her feel it differently to just to kind of see if she could see that there could be hope just needed to find it.

This lady was something else, But Judith felt oddly okay and fine with be around Mary and her strangeness, It almost reminded her of a few other friends she knew."I can't say I would enjoy or want to experience death myself, But we are different people and that is okay."It did not even seem to bother Judith at all with what Mary said."But I do not fear dying either."At least her feeling was more in the middle about it and she was not feeling it was weird at all.

Judith's smile was something less ghoulish and more fitting of her character."Even if my experiences are many, It all started with life wanted me to come out of my shell and i took the chance."The play around was normal of her, But it did have a reason behind it."It was almost 30 years a go at this point a old friend of mine who is long gone came knocking at my door for the first time....I took the chance and made a friend, My life expanded since then."Judith could talk like 30 years a go was almost yesterday and even then she did not look like she was past 30 years of age herself.

It showed there was a lot more to this motherly planet growing mage."since taking that chance, I've made a small group of friends. Got married had three children, adopted one, Was a grandmother. Learn many skills from: Cooking, Baking, Cleaning, Dressing wounds, Gardening, Taking care of animals. It is all what you can make with the time you have before you."It was more Judith trying to edge Mary towards trying to be okay with taking a chance herself, She also understood if she would not either.

#11Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Fri May 01, 2020 12:23 am

Mary Wraith
It seemed fortune was smiling for once. Even as the inept mage stumbled her way through the conversation, the patient acquaintance took no offense. The calm comment silenced the internal screams. Having someone claim she wasn’t hopeless was something new. While the ghoulish woman didn’t quite understand why someone wouldn’t want to experience death, she definitely agreed with the sentiment. “Ah, yes... There is no need to fear the inevitable. Honestly, she was just thankful to finally find someone who didn’t give her that weird, hurtful look when she brought up the topic... Was this what having a friend felt like? Hm. Another question for later.

Healing physical wounds was simple. It could be done even without magic. But mental ones? Those were tricky. Though Judith started her tale with the best of intentions no doubt, the answer got a frown from the gloomy lady. The last... fifty-seven? Was it fifty-seven now? Well, anyway, the last several times she had tried coming out of her shell she had been rejected harshly. It didn’t exactly inspire confidence... Anxiety had taken root deep inside her soul. But, out of pure politeness, she listened to the motherly woman’s tale quietly. Occasionally she nodded to show she was still paying attention. Staying silent suited her fine. She couldn’t trip over her words when she kept her mouth shut...

By the end of the shared story, Mary was left stupefied. Speechless. Staring blankly even. The echo of one word still bounced inside her head. Grandmother. Finally she blinked. Her quizzical stare swept the strange woman down and back up one more time. Not a single wrinkle or gray hair. It didn’t make any sense, unless... “...Are you sure you didn’t die that day thirty years ago? And become a ghost?” The weird questions were voiced with utter honesty. It would’ve explained so many things. Especially the youthful looks and the calming presence. “You see, a spirit’s appearance is forever suspended in the moment of their death. And you don’t look a day over thirty, so...” Her eyes twinkled with child-like excitement. She was getting her hopes up once again. ...For all the wrong reasons.

#12Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Fri May 01, 2020 3:29 am

Judith Karlinius
It just seemed to be the type that knew no matter when when the grave calls your answer is absolute no matter what you can do."When grave beckons, You have naught a choice, Embracing what it is to come fleeing from fates call is a fruitless venture."It is a longer way of saying running from death is pointless for death is the only thing that is going to happen in life.

It almost seemed that Judith's story might see to not have gotten through right away or exactly as intended, But Judith was fine if it did not take was also needed. But Judith would chuckle slightly."Mind you if you wish to try socializing with other people. Could always try meeting any of my children, They are awkward and horrible at socializing but i promise the three of them if you met any of them will work with you like i have."It seemed cruel to suggest for Mary and to throw it on her own children she was trying to at least leave the suggestion of meeting other people or to try too."One of them lives here in Magnolia if you can find him."Judith also just left that suggestion, It was also Judith had other hidden wishes with suggesting that."No doubt he is looking after the planets he has for growing tea."Judith was getting carried away and she realized it then so she would go back to their normal conversation.

Judith seemed to smile slightly."No I can promise you I am not dead, I am as alive as the plants and flowers I can make."There was a few reasons behind Judith's youthful look but she kept that secret."If you were to touch my skin you would feel warmth." She mentioned as an example as well."There is a situation behind my youthful looks, But only two people in life know and promise not to tell anyone."Judith said it with a smile. It was one of the few odd moments with her of the open in honest soul she was, She had on secret it might be odd.

Judith chuckled."Only way some people would learn is to marry one of my children and promise never to tell anyone."Judith said that offhandedly mostly because she had said this to some one before. No doubt Mary would not be one to attempt that at all, It was more of making sure people went the extra mile to ensure she did not have that secret out.

Judith then reach her right arm out."Back to my point, Most spirits I know would still not be physical in form like I am currently."She then offer Mary to feel free to touch Judith arm or hand."I won't force you, But free feel to touch if you want  proof if I am alive."This kind of wonder was almost kind of fun for Judith.

#13Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Fri May 01, 2020 11:43 am

Mary Wraith
Mary’s hopes shattered in an instant. She could almost hear the shrill sound ringing in her ears. The excited spark was snuffed out. “Oh... I see...” Her head drooped. Doom and gloom hung over her like the dark clouds covering the sky. She had really thought... Hoped... No, it had just been another mistake. Still, she did take the motherly mage up on the offer to check. Just to be sure. Carefully she held the offered hand. Warm... As promised... By comparison, the ghastly woman’s grasp was frigid. Her skin had always been rather cold. Getting soaked in the icy rain certainly hadn’t helped.

Several seconds slipped by in silence, before the clingy ghoul finally released her icy grip. That had dashed what little hope she had been cultivating. Not a ghost then. Such a shame. Desperate to change the topic from her embarrassing mistake, she returned her stare to the books littering the floor. “I... should really clean up...” Weakly she rose from the leafy seat and squatted down. The candle was plopped down next to her. One by one, she started gathering the tomes. Thankfully the healing flower had worked wonders. Her head was no longer aching. She simply had to thank the kind soul somehow... Yet another thing to add onto the teetering pile of things she couldn’t quite put into words.

Between the slow, deliberate motions, Mary spoke softly. “Worry not, I won’t pry into the secret of your youth...” She was slowly arranging her scattered thoughts too. “Every family has secrets. Mine included.” Magic tended to be a highly secretive subject anyway. She paused briefly. “A-and... While I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t think your children would want to marry someone as... awkward as me... ha ha...” Her tone wavered, trying to remain light and jesting, but failing miserably. The laugh rang painfully hollow. It just hit too close to home. She paused again and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. Right. No crying. There was cleaning to be done. That she could do.

Book by book, the floor started looking a little less messy. The eerie woman’s approach was to first gather them into a pile. She could then ponder where they should be on the shelf. Speaking of which... Her gaze shifted between the books and the empty space reserved for them. Alphabetical perhaps...? “Do you truly believe it would help...?” An idle thought voiced carelessly. She soon hurried to clarify. “M-meeting your children, I mean. W-would it help me be less like... this... and more like... you?” Well, clarify the best she could, which wasn’t much.

#14Judith Karlinius 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Fri May 01, 2020 2:57 pm

Judith Karlinius
Her reaction to being touched, seemed to be plain not moving her arm away but she did feel the cool of her touch, It was an interesting moment to feel the cold again."Do always feel this cold? Do not wish to feel warm?"Judith was already not the judging type if Mary wanted to feel cold that is fine, She would not try to change it.

The plant she sat on, when Mary got up just seemed slowly just grow smaller as it returned to a smaller shape. It would slowly just turn into a if anything a stick like shape that would be a bit brighter of a light, To help everything be a bit more clearer for Judith at least."Just be sure you do not reach too high."The kind and wonderful soul Judith was always slowly threw people off at first, But Judith was just being herself."I had wondered if there was any good cook books here."Judith did not end up looking but she did not mind.

"My family connects to other people in odd ways, do not doubt what other people until you actually meet them."Judith would mention in return."Most of my children are horrible at socializing and awkward, they would understand your feelings."which considering their mother it was an interesting thing to learn."Just you need to find them first."

Judith would just slowly let Mary clean just to kind of let her do that to since she did not really need it. But that moment of Mary seemed to be coming around in some manner. To be more like Judith It was an interesting thought."It could be the starting step to becoming, Your own version of me."Judith hoped internally hoped that is what would work, Mary seemed like a nice person aside of her fear and her creepy looks.

"The right people in your life, Will never want you to change how you are Mary."It might have been the most simple thing to mention to her."In fact, I think you are wonderful how you are now."Judith only hoped Mary believed her with this because she meant it."You can improve in such a way to be like me, while being able to still be yourself."Now with that Judith wanted to wait and see what Mary thought or would say. Judith was having a nice conversation.

#15Mary Wraith 

Haunted Library [open] Empty Sat May 02, 2020 3:20 am

Mary Wraith
The Wraith family had many little... quirks. One in particular got all sorts of worried or puzzled reactions out of people. So the ghastly mage simply nodded when asked. “Yes... Death... is cold.” ...She meant that it ran in the family. Some suspected it had something to do with their brand of magic and attachment to darkness. Others shrugged it off as them having poor circulation. Either way, she was used to it.

Sometimes good intentions had unfortunate results. When Judith mentioned her family connecting in odd ways, Mary’s gaze twitched immediately towards the motherly mage. Her eyes shined with a predatory gleam. So there’s a chance... The breathy mutter carried something sinister, a kind of hunger humans shouldn’t feel. Beneath the creepy exterior, the lonely woman was quickly sinking deep into a lovely pink daydream. Rose petals drifted in the wind. The wedding bells chimed in the distance. Her knight in a shining armor spoke those sacred words before whisking her away on his winged horse... Ah, but she was getting ahead of herself. First she needed to clean up her mess. Then, she would go get a wedding dress first thing tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, back in reality...

The ghoulish woman was staring off into the distance. A rosy blush painted her cheeks. Lusty laughter trailed from between her grinning lips. “Hmhahah... haha... haa...” Better not to ask. She only snapped out of it when her new... friend? Yes, friend. ...Said something incredibly odd. That she was... wonderful? She blinked, puzzled and unsure if she had heard that correctly. “Oh, s-sorry... I spaced out for a moment...” Putting it mildly. After brief consideration, she bowed her head gently. “Thank you... It’s... very kind of you to say that...” Her polite words rang hollow. She didn’t really believe the motherly woman, at least not when it came to that opinion, but appreciated the sentiment nonetheless. Kindness felt scarce nowadays.

Mary shifted her focus back onto the pile of tomes. Her pace had slowed down to a complete stop during her little daydream. She lifted a small stack of them into her arms. As her eyes scanned the titles, suddenly a spark of recognition shot through her head. This was... “Um... You mentioned you were looking for a cookbook, yes...?” She showed the tome to the motherly mage. Stellan Cooking: 1000 and 1 traditional recipes, the title declared with decorated letters. “I... like to cook as well... But this seems a little too... advanced... for me.” Though this was coming from someone who wasn’t exactly good at it.

#16Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It gave Judith an idea, To stir more things up with Mary. Taking the cook book Judith said."Well here is an idea, Collect a few more cook books."Judith would start setting her plan into motion."As well, either find and tell me a few things you wish to learn to cook or bake."Judith would gently take the tome and hold it for now looking over a few more books."Then I can show you how to make them, Even have you cook along side me if more then just watching doesn't help you learn."Judith put that little offer up front to see if Mary wanted to learn."What do you think? are you up for a cooking or baking lesson?"Waiting for a moment to make sure Mary was wanting to do so or not.

Mind you she would not mind if Mary refused Judith was still a stranger and an oddity to Mary. As well Judith might be doing far too much for what Mary could handle."An apple pie might be nice to to bake tonight, Maybe a few loafs of home made bread?"Judith seemed to be thinking out loud again which almost could be normal as you get use to being around her.

"I am sure I could get a few ideas."her ideas were vast just so little time for them all."Then again, I would need to be sure to not make too much."Judith was not looking through the shelves for cook books or book with things to bake as well."It has been a while since I made a any cakes either, However they don't last the day if Anton and Tanya are around."Judith seemed to be rumbling now. Mary might have to break Judith's focus  soon if she wanted to mention something else."Or was that cookies? Far too many thing go quickly with them."She mentioned in her search with a smile of joy.

#17Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Handing the book to the motherly mage, the gloomy ghoul returned to arranging the other tomes. Initially she wondered why the odd person would want more books on the same topic... Or to know what she wished to make herself... But soon enough all her wordless questions were answered. She fumbled and nearly dropped a book out of sheer surprise. “T-truly? You would... teach me?” Hastily she shoved the unruly tome back into the shelf. There. Safe and secure. Soon it got more friends. With every addition, the shelf looked a little more like it had been previously.

At first, Mary wanted to accept the kind offer more than anything. She had never gotten actual cooking lessons. Unfortunately her anxiety came creeping... A grim shadow looming over her and whispering its toxic doubts into her ear. Whenever she cooked, the reception was... less than stellar. People had said some rather hurtful things... At least those who stayed conscious. Hesitantly she started forming a polite refusal. “I... do not wish to be a burden.” She was being truthful at least. “A-and we’ve only just met... I... I don’t even know where you live...” Excuses, excuses... They filled her head like ink, darkening every thought.

The specter fell silent. It would’ve been rude to interrupt someone’s line of thought. Apple pie and homemade bread both sounded lovely. She also took it as an opportunity to ponder further. Her neurotic mind was telling her no, but her soft heart was whispering yes. Maybe... If she learned to cook... Her luck in love would finally change. Placing the final book into its place, she stopped to check the results. Everything seemed to be in order... Except that the books were all backwards, with their spines facing the shelf. Oops.

Mary was too distracted by the standing offer to notice her mistake. Lost in thought, she turned to Judith. Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage. “Um... I... I would love to know how to make a complete dinner...” Bread and dessert included, naturally. Her head drooped in shame. “I have no way to repay your kindness...” Twiddling her fingers together, she desperately searched for the right words. “B-but if you’ll have me, I would be forever grateful.” The Wraith family didn’t use the word forever lightly, as they knew exactly how far it reached. Sometimes the real meaning was lost on people though.

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Judith Karlinius
If there is one thing Judith was serious about is teaching other things they may want to learn that sh e could teach some one."I would do my best to teach you what I can."Not shocking Judith's reply to it because it seemed almost easily guess from her.

Just how she was. Part of her kind of figured she might say no."Offer is always open if you change your mind."Which also was easily guess. Since Judith was more fine with being told no, She did not sound disappointed either, A person like this seemed not to be too stressful to be around.

With that mention Judith just said."I live close to the Fairy Tail guild house, I have no problem showing you where it is Mary."That was also a easily given guess to how Judith thought and acted when she could trust some one."That is still up to you."Then again Judith did seemed to built trust in people easily.

When Mary seemed to change her mind while Judith was looking upon the shelves for cook books, So Judith would smile even if not looking at Mary."Learning can be simple, Practicing with a little bit of help is a good way to learn how to make a dinner."Judith made it sound simple because it was simple to her."I will help you through the entire lesson and practice."Judith was still more encouraging Mary to do it, Mostly because she wanted to see Mary learn something she wanted too.

She would laugh a tiny bit."I don't want to be repaid at all Mary, I do not need or wish for anything in return."This was more just Judith being able to enjoy the moment for what it was, What Judith felt was good enough was Mary's off putting smile knowing it meant something good and she was happy."So to say, Your more then welcome. I promise I will show you anything you need to to achieve that goal."then took a few steps back from the shelves."Unless I missed any cook books, I am ready to go when you wish too."Judith would mention, She wanted Mary to be ready when she wanted too to leave as well.

#19Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Hearing that the kind soul lived near the guild house was an immense relief for the nervous wreck. It manifested as a twisted smirk on her features. In that case, she wouldn’t get lost when returning home. Her own apartment was... erm... a bit further away. She was new to the city and hadn’t explored much yet. Anything she could learn from the older woman was much appreciated. First dinner... Then perhaps more complex things. Ah, her soul was getting all giddy at the mere thought.

However, when Judith politely declined even the eternal gratitude, Mary’s expression suddenly darkened. Her gaze dropped to the floor and her voice fell quiet. “I... am afraid I cannot agree to that...” The messy bangs cast a grim shadow over her features. “Everything has a price. I shall repay you, even from beyond the grave.” Beneath the ominous exterior, she was struggling to keep her embarrassment in check. She couldn’t even look at the motherly woman directly. To think there was such a noble and altruistic person... Yet she had insisted on repaying anyway. Gaaah, why did she even say that?! B-but repaying one’s debts was the Wraith way of doing things... And death didn’t clear debts.

Eager to escape the embarrassing topic, again, the ghoulish mage snatched the candle from the floor. “Thank you for your service... Rest now...” With a gentle mutter, she snuffed out the wavering flame. Couldn’t leave a fire hazard in a library. Twiddling her fingers together, she finally dared to face her new friend again. “P-please lead the way.” She was ready to leave wherever the motherly mage wanted to lead. Though it would’ve been quite the sight... Someone who represented radiated the warmth of life shadowed by a specter of death. Hopefully people didn’t look out the window or a whole new batch of unfortunate rumors would start spreading.

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed like Mary was making her stand with that and Judith seemed to at least give into it, Even if she had no idea what that repayment would be she really did not think she needed to be repaid at all."Oh I can admire that Mary, Not many would be as such."Judith seemed to be a bit more delighted."I will have to think of something later."In reality Judith most likely not be sure to think of something later, Covering it up by saying she forgot about it an easy out for her to make sure that it was delayed.

She was not even bothered about the beyond the grave part."Even if in the after life I could have a friend? interesting..."It was more of a casual remark about it, Judith was trying not to be too much. Mary was interesting and nice woman in Judith's view a not easily understood one too, It made sense how these two could end up being friends.

Judith would start going out the main door, Back into the rain, Which before they ended up walking into it. She would make a large leaf umbrella for the both of them to stand under. it would hang from one of Judith's shoulders over them both."Even if Gloomy, Walks in the rain are delightful."Judith would mention walking at slow pace because she was enjoying the rain.

"Now when we arrive at my house, I will mention for you not to be nervous about my husband, He may look a bit rough at first sight."Mary would end up learning by that, Judith and her husband seemed to be polar opposites when she did meet him."But he is a very understanding and kind man."Judith being married still might not shock anyone. This walk so far was pretty relaxing and casual still."I also have massive flower garden full of uncommon and slightly rare flowers, It takes up most of my land, Aside from the house and my Husband's Smithery."It was so Mary did not stumble upon Judith house and get lost from tall plants or walk into a place she might not sure where she was.

#21Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary’s heart skipped a beat when Judith spoke that rare and treasured word so casually. Friend... Small pearls glimmered in her eyes as she was moved to tears. Yes, they were friends now, weren’t they? Her very first real friend in this strange city... Bound by not only their guild, but by the very fate intertwined. Yes, this had to be destiny! ...Fortunately she didn’t spout any of her dramatic ideas out loud. Instead she nodded frantically and managed to mumble a muffled answer. “Y-yes... Such is... my magic...” More than few people had been weirded out by her word choices. Then again, the motherly mage seemed to take it all in stride. Perhaps there was some truth to the whole bit about destiny...

Much like a shadow, the grim specter trailed right behind the gentle guide. She watched in silent awe as the older woman summoned a huge leaf to keep them dry. The comment was met with an agreeing echo. “Yes... I.. love walks in the rain as well. Gives me... a sense of clarity...” It was one of the rare occasions she could be alone without her thoughts without spiraling into despair. The fact that most people stayed inside in this kind of weather was a huge bonus too.

When Judith mentioned her husband, Mary immediately stiffened. Her visage turned a little pale... er. If that was even possible. A weak squeak escaped her lips. “Eeep...” Doing the exact opposite of the advice, she was already nervous about meeting the man. Her imagination was running wild, imagining a hundred horrific scenarios. And plenty of embarrassing ones too. Carefully she reached out, wanting to grip the guide’s sleeve, like a child seeking any comfort within arm’s reach.

Fortunately, the mention of the flower garden provided some much needed distraction. The ghoulish woman voiced a careful question. “Ah... D-do you have any white lilies?” They had always been her favorite flower. She wasn’t sure if they could be counted as uncommon or slightly rare though...

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Judith Karlinius
Were Judith enjoyed the rain for different reason."Rain as chaotic as the storms, Can be good in so many ways...like for my flower garden." Simple pleasure in life."Water continues life. A small amount of water did not hurt anyone."That or Judith was blind to if it ever has.

With feeling a grab upon her sleeve Judith realize it might be a bit up easy."I can promise you he is harmless Mary, He would not be my husband otherwise."Stop would stop for a moment and even just hold Mary's hand for a moment as a sign that it was okay. She would continue that hold until Mary let go herself and Judith would continue walking. The wonderful contrast of Mary being the younger and taller one and Judith being the older  and smaller one was not on her mind.

With the question of lilies Judith did not take much time to reply to it."I do have a bed of lilies, I have 15 white lilies, as well as 15 of pink, 15 yellow and 15 red lilies as well."So yes she did."If you want any you can have some Mary. Just be sure to take care of them."Leading into that offer would not be shocking coming from Judith.

Not too long after Mary would see a house that has a vast amount of flowers beds around it in the distance, It was not that large of a house and easily seen was a bed of sun flowers and various other flowers. The sun flowers stood out because they were tall and their normal yellow. It was easily guess that this house was Judith's."Oh we're almost there."As they got close, Judith's house almost seen like a small forest with the collection of flowers, a few trees and a pink cherry bloom tree as well. The once forest hermits life slightly reflect the life she use to have, Just more colorful and less space.

#23Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith
Mary let out another squeak, sounding much like a surprised mouse. “Eep?” She hadn’t expected the handholding... But it felt... nice. Her cold fingers wrapped around the warm hand, holding a little tighter, afraid to let go. She was still stuck on the mental image of a rough and intimidating smith. “Well, yes, o-of course, but...” She promptly swallowed the rest of the sentence, deciding it was not polite to argue back. Especially not when discussing someone’s beloved husband.

Fortunately, the topic of flowers was a welcome distraction. The clingy woman’s smile widened when the motherly mage described her garden. Ah, she hadn’t even known there were so many different kinds! In her family gatherings, the decorative lilies were always white... The generous offer snapped her out of her thoughts. It was met with much hesitation and ultimately she shook her head. “Ah, thank you, but... I can’t possibly accept...” It pained her heart to admit it, but she couldn’t adhere to the only condition set by the flower mage. A heavy sigh escaped her lips. “Everything I touch... dies...” There was no deeper meaning behind the ominous words. She was just an awful gardener.

Soon enough, the destination was in sight. The eerie mage was immediately enchanted by the numerous flowers decorating the garden. Her jaw dropped and eyes widened with wonder. “Your home is beautiful...” She breathed in, enjoying the scent of fresh nature stirred up by the rain. While she liked her own home, this place simply seemed... magical.

However, when they approached the front door, the ghastly mage suddenly stopped dead on her tracks. She released her grip and started twiddling her hands together. “Um...” Hastily she glanced around hesitantly, as if looking for something. “I-I’m sorry, but I just remembered that I... uh... forgot to... dust the skeletons in my closet...” She was a terrible liar too. In truth, the anxiety had finally caught up to her. The mere thought of meeting someone new twisted her stomach into a knot. Her legs trembled weakly, refusing to take another step. “S-so... M-maybe I should just... um...” Yet the promise of learning to cook still lingered in her mind. If she turned back now... Would she regret it forever?

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Judith Karlinius
It wasn't like Judith wasn't empathic to what Mary would feel as well."I know my words might not be enough up front, I can only provide so much assurance about him and strangers are still a horrible thing for you." She was displaying both side, make it more reasonable to keep in mind, She seemed not upset about it at all.

Judith would slowly walk with Mary to her bed of Lilies that she had. Much like everything in Judith's flower haven the Lilies were wonderfully looked after. Judith would lean down for a moment and pick one of the Lilies. She would then, Gentle stick it in Mary's hair."I will grow another one later, It won't take long."Judith did not seem to worry about it but the lily was a gift for Mary."Well even if you don't want any, You now know some one if you ever need flowers even if it isn't for keeping."The humble way of Judith's mind must be either confusing or a relief.

With Mary resisting Judith still realized Mary was still holding her hand, So Judith would place her free arm on the should opposite of the hand she was holding."Take a moment and breathe Mary."Judith mentioned she stopped for a moment to let Mary do what she wanted."Keep in mind, He might not even be in side the house, His smith is in the backyard."It was an what if moment Judith was just trying to settle Mary down for a moment.

The withdrawn, Cold and almost sorrow looking soul, Was just being what she was use to being and Judith was offering much."We can always do this another day, Or some where else that isn't my home."She was giving Mary options too to kind keep conversation going.

So far, no one was moving around from what anyone could notice inside Judith's house, If Mary did look at the back she would see smoke coming from the smith shop in the backyard beyond all of Judith's plants, Nonetheless Judith seemed to be fine standing in place and waiting

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Mary Wraith
A tiny change could make a huge difference. When the white lily was gently placed in Mary’s hair, it gave her grim appearance a much needed touch of life. White went well with any color. She touched the fragile flower tenderly. Forming tears glimmered in her eyes. Her friend... had memorized her favorite flower... With a weak sniffle, she nodded. “T-thank you...” The simple gesture meant the world to her. She would treasure it long after the flower wilted. A small, joyful smile warmed her pale features, nothing like the creepy grins she usually wore. “I shall remember that.” For a brief moment, she seemed... alive.

Unfortunately, the moment was fleeting...

The rain kept falling. Warmth faded from the ghastly woman’s features as her anxiety reared its head again. She took the advice, of course. Deep breaths... In... And out... She glanced around nervously. Not a soul in sight... Only the two of them. Her gaze was drawn towards the back of the house. A trail of smoke was climbing to the sky. There must’ve been the den of the frightening beast... She promptly shook her head, trying to rid herself of the thought. No, that was rude. This was someone’s dear hubby she was thinking about. Still, the motherly mage’s generous offer sounded tempting. Much like the rain, she could just go away... And come back another day...

After a long moment of awkward silence and hesitation, the nervous wreck finally managed to gather her courage. She took one more deep breath and braced herself. “I... I would still like to do this... today... w-with you... here...” Wavering and stumbling, but it got the point across. This was not the time to run away. ...Not that she’d been able to run with how much her knees were shaking. She approached the front door, taking just a couple of steps closer, before turning to her friend with an expectant look. “M-may I come in?” Even if she had been invited this far, it was still polite to ask. ...Um, right? She was being polite and not weird, yes?

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