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Inquisition Day [Conquest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:12 am

Kenzo Valens
It was once said that the crooked branch will grow a crooked tree. Kenzo was not one to lecture others on morality, the mercenary had done his fair bit of misdeeds through his life. He was not proud about all he had ever done but he didn’t regret taking the path that he did. Life’s hurdles were never something that could be resolved with a “right” or “wrong” answer. The most a mercenary like him could hope for was a life where he wasn’t forced to side with either choice.

Yet, life was never so lenient either. There came moments in one’s life where a choice needed to be made for the greater good. If it was up to him, everyone else could go and do whatever the hell they wanted as long they didn’t mess with him. However, Kenzo was now part of something bigger than himself. By his own choice, he was now a full-fledged member of Advent World. Two years ago, he had received the full brunt of destiny’s whims. Faced by inevitability, the young swordsman swore to himself that he was fed up with fate toying with him. One way or another, he’d put wrestle control of his life into his own hands. To hell with the gods, even if the entire divine pantheon stood on his way, he’d topple them one by one, for he had finally found a cause to fight for.

In truth, it was quite ironical. There was a common saying in the mercenary group he belonged to that the old members would tell from time to time:

”A mercenary dies the day he finds something to die for”.

In a line of work where once loyalty laid with coin, Kenzo had never quite understood what his comrades meant by it. Now that he had decided to fight for Advent World, he could see it as clear as the day.

#2Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:13 am

Kenzo Valens
Oak city had become his guild’s turf; as the moment the first stone of the guildhall was set in the midst of the city’s river, the citizens of Oak had fallen under Advent World’s protection. If Kenzo had learned something through his years waging wars for others, it was that nobles and those in the high spheres of society spent their lives looking for ways to protect their perceived stability and way of living. More often than not, they failed to realize that the reason they were at the top was simply because the rest of the people had decided to live a comfortable life underneath. It was when this comfort was stripped from them that the foundations of the pyramid rise, toppling all of those resting on top and sending them to their imminent doom. Only those that gathered the people’s support would live to see their seed grow and flourish. In the times of change that had come to Fiore, the pyramid was rising once again. This time, it was Advent World’s turn to capitalize it.

For almost a month, the blue haired swordsman had helped the town of Oak with their troubles. He had been tasked with his guildmate Noel to garner the Majura Gallery’s support in their quest to wrestle influence from the negligent nobles of the city and into Advent World’s control. The guild had been successful so far. However, only the Oakland Church had been reluctant to show their support. For the guild, this would not do. Finn gathered a council of the mages to decide on the best course of action. Being the most familiar person with the higher ups of the church, it was decided by majority that Kenzo would be sent to the church to deliver Advent World’s ultimatum. Their objective was quite simple and there was nothing in the guild’s offer that would hinder or harm the citizenship. Surprisingly to most, the church had denied any requests of compliance for unspecified reasons. To both the townsfolk of Oak and the guild, there was something under the surface that was going on.

#3Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:14 am

Kenzo Valens
Kenzo arrived to the Oakland Church as soon as he returned form his assignment in Port Astera. The guild had its aims to the outside by this moment. However, they would not take the first step until their home base was secured. This was the task with which Kenzo was burdened; the future of Advent World’s expansion plans depended on the success of his mission.

The male greeted the citizens neighboring the church with an amicable smile. Most of them had come to know the Bellan swordsman be it by direct interaction or through word of mouth. Kenzo was someone that quite enjoyed exploring the streets of the city in his free time, so he had managed to become familiar with many of the people that lived near the Illumin Temple. As he turned the corner in the street that took to the church, Kenzo waved his hand at the owner of a restaurant he had taken a liking to.

”Good morning auntie. Would you mind saving a table for me for later? I have some business to attend at the church, but I’ll be having the usual thing after that” Kenzo had created a nice relationship with the owner of the place. She was a single mother of four that was forced to fend for her family after a dark mage killed her husband back in Phantom Lord’s days. Her stern attitude was contrasted by a caring sweetness after you got to know her. As the male expected her reaction, he could notice that something was odd that morning.

”Hello Kenzo… Of course I’ll have your meal ready, but- uhm… I wouldn’t get near the Church at the moment if I were you. I believe it is not the wisest to do at the moment.” The warrior could clearly notice the worried expression in the woman’s face. With a slight chuckle, Kenzo closed his eyes momentarily with a sight before smiling at the woman.

”Don’t worry about me” Nodding his face at her, the male instantly made his way to the church. Whatever funny business was going on, this was ending today.

#4Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:19 am

Kenzo Valens
The closer Kenzo got to the church, the more his confusion grew. Standing next to the entrance, a multitude of people from the neighborhood had gathered as they listened to a man speak atop a wooden platform. The closer he got, the more evident it was that the crowd was getting heated up. Someone people in the multitude began throwing their fists in the air as they angrily yelled in unison. Upon closer inspection, the blue haired male finally identified the person talking to them. To his surprise, it was none other than father Roxas. The old priest and Kenzo had spent the last couple of weeks searching for a way to finally deal with the phantoms beneath the church. They had come quite close, but there was something about the last time he was there that rose Kenzo’s suspicions. As he heard Roxas speak to the crowd, the doubt in his mind started dissipating with confirmation.

For some time now, the Advent World warrior entertained the theory of the spirits not being part of the aftermath of Phantom Lord’s disappearance. Rather, the seed of doubt had planted in his mind with his last visit to the church. He didn’t have proof, and instantly dismissed it as baseless conjecture, but something in his gut told him that the attacks had been orchestrated by the seemingly inept father Roxas. Something about the man didn’t sit well with Kenzo. Call it a thief’s instinct, but it seemed his hunch would turn to be right.

For that reason, the male had decided to prepare for the worst. For the last couple of weeks, the Advent World swordsman had collaborated with one of the other priests of the place. Compared to Roxas, priest Ajora was much more noble in character. It had not been long since he met the man but having seen him helping the people and spreading the teachings of Illumin with such strong passion was enough to move even a nonbeliever like himself.

#5Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:32 am

Kenzo Valens
Luckily for the merc, the two of them were quickly able to find common ground. It would seem that the priest had also developed his suspicions towards father Roxas’s actions, believing he was behind the attacks of the spirits beneath the church. Through their investigation, the two of them were able to find even worse. Though there was no compelling evidence to tie the corrupt priest with the phantasm business, there was more than enough to sentence a clergyman like himself to death.

Corruption, embezzlement, bribery, human trafficking, the list went on and on. For Kenzo, it was honestly disgusting. He didn’t have anything against religion, but religious institutions had never sat well with him. Giving people spiritual power over others through the use of faith was always bound to backfire in his mind. Roxas was the prime example of that point.

As he came closer to the crowd, Kenzo started to clearly hear the angry shouts and screams of the people.


Whatever father Roxas had convinced them of, this didn’t sit well with the Advent World warrior. It seemed that the guild’s suspicions as well as his own had turned to be true. Roxas was trying to put the people against them, but Kenzo simply laughed as he looked at the triumphant look on the priest’s face.

Looking past the priest, the merc nodded at the male standing next to him. Father Ajora acknowledged the signal and nodded back in return. Their plan was commencing now.

”Everyone!!! Listen Up!!!” The second in command’s voice resounded through the air with authority. All of the rallied-up people remained silent as they attentively looked at Ajora. Even Roxas, turned next to him and offered him the stage unaware of what was going to happen. Kenzo approached the stage as he crossed both arms.

#6Kenzo Valens 

Inquisition Day [Conquest] Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:11 pm

Kenzo Valens
”The people of Oak have been swindled and fooled for too long!” started the priest as he rose his fist into the air. In sync, the crowd and father Roxas did the same as they shouted in unison. ”YEAH! ”Today I am here to tell you that we no longer shall allow such abuses!!” The crowd shouted once again in agreement. ”TODAY!! I shall tell you all the truth haunting Oak for years!!” The crowd once again rallied behind Ajora’s words. However, there was one missing from the crowd. As Kenzo observed through the opening on his cloak at Roxas, he could see the confusion setting into him. It was as if he was an open book and the word written in bold letters at the middle of the sentence was “Years”[/color] Advent World had barely arrived at Oak, so there was no way whatever Ajora was about to tell them was about the guild. Yet, the crowd was too caught up in the heat to notice in the slightest. By the time Roxas understood what was going on, it was far too late.

”Father Roxas has committed treason against all that is holy and the good people of Oak!” Ajora declared firmly as he took out a set of papers from his robes. Before he could continue though, Roxas leapt into the stage in a rage as he recognized part of his accounting papers within the bunch. ”SEIZE HIM!! HE’S LYING!!!!!” barked the corrupt priest as he pointed his finger at the man standing in the center.  

A couple of men holding spears next to the platform instantly reacted as they tried to climb the wooden scaffold and apprehend priest Ajora. However, there was no way that Kenzo was staying with his arms closed, literally. Leaping into the air, Kenzo kneed one of them in the stomach and deflected the spear attack of the other with his sheathed sword. He had hidden his appearance so far, but he was not letting anyone interfere with this. ”At least let the man present his case! Let the people here be the judge! If at the end you good people of Oak deem the information to be fake, I offer my neck in return!”

The crowd was speechless for a second after Kenzo spoke up. Roxas was evidently burning with hate, but the general sentiment of the people gathered changed with his words. ”LET HIM SPEAK!” Were the words of encouragement that heralded the end of father Roxas’s evil deeds. As Ajora spoke passionately at the people and presented his case, the tension in the air changed targets. When he was done, it was evident the people were with Ajora now. Most importantly for the Advent World warrior though, they were now on the guild’s side. Roxas was apprehended and sent back to Era to be trialed for his crimes. Word came from the Holy See that Ajora was officially instated as the head priest of the Oakland Church. Furthermore, the new priest gave Kenzo his word that the church would now fully support Advent World’s claim over the town’s influence.

In the end, everything resolved neatly. Kenzo knew he could trust Ajora. With the support of the church behind them, Oak town was now under full control of the guild. The merc was able to return that day to the guild with good news. Tomorrow would be a new day, a new day closer to the moment where their plans for the country would be revealed.


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