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Mary Wraith

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#1Mary Wraith 

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Mary Wraith


Name: Mary Wraith

Age: October 31st, X758

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Pale violet - Center of the chest, just below the throat.

Face: Hex Maniac - Pokemon


Height: 5’9’’ / 175 cm

Weight: 148 lbs. / 67 kg

Hair: Dark violet, nearly black

Eyes: Pale violet

Overall: At first glance, Mary resembles a walking corpse. Her features are sharp and sickly pale. The dark makeup only accentuates the natural dark circles around her eyes. Her mouth seems a little too wide, her lips a touch too thin, turning simple smiles into unsettling grins. A long mess of dark violet hair falls down her back, all the way to her hips. No matter how she tries to brush and style it, the unruly mane spikes and squirms as it pleases.

Her build is soft, almost frail, without even a hint of muscle. While her figure does have some eye-catching shapeliness to it, the fact often drowns beneath her usual eerie appearance. She carries herself with a slight hunch, often dangling her hands in front of her or twiddling them together nervously.

As for outfits, she prefers concealing clothing and grim colors. Her absolute favorite and the one she wears most often is a dark, loose dress that nearly sweeps the ground. The sleeves are big and puffy enough to swallow her hands completely if she doesn’t watch them. Beneath it she wears a black turtleneck, wooly and warm. A purple headband tries and fails to keep her wild locks in check. Long, white socks and simple pumps complete the gothic look.

Extra: Mary has odd eyes with curling spirals in the place of pupils. Additionally, her teeth are abnormally sharp, reminiscent of a shark. Both traits run in the family.


Personality: Silent, twitchy and creepy, Mary Wraith doesn't have the most approachable exterior. A chilling aura of melancholy and gloom lingers around her, emanating from every little thing she does and says. Whenever the ghastly woman tries to have a simple chat with someone, she has a bad habit of coming off as eerie or just downright creepy. Her deep fixation with death and all things macabre certainly isn't helping.

Mary is, for the lack of better term, introverted. Extremely so. Awkward, overly critical and prone to panicking are just the main symptoms of her deep insecurities. For her, it's an exhausting feat to get through an entire conversation without having a mental breakdown. Thus, the only conversations she has on a regular basis are with her diary or animals. But humans? She doesn't know how to deal with humans. All it takes is one wrong word to initiate a slow meltdown into incoherent babbling.

Book smarts and common sense don't always go hand in hand. For... eeeh... a relatively intelligent person, Mary is capable of making incredibly poor everyday decisions. It’s like her mouth has a mind of its own, voicing her embarrassing thoughts to the world out of sheer spite. That becomes all the more apparent when she tries to socialize with new people. Her tendency to overshare pairs poorly with her often questionable phrasing.

When it comes to love and lust, the lonely woman has a big heart. Tender moments, flirty fun or nights of passion, she welcomes them all. ...Which is just a nice way of saying she is getting really desperate. And clingy. Calling her a lusty pervert wouldn't be far off. However, she is also a hopeless romantic. Witnessing the first bloom of love easily moves her to joyful tears. Thus she often takes it into her own hands to play matchmaker for others, especially those who she thinks look cute together.

Deep down, she also happens to be quite the artistic soul. She feels art in all its forms allows her to finally express her true self. ...While in reality, she is, erm, certainly something. Her poetry is lecherous, her paintings disturbing and her singing... oh dear, the singing... is like the wailing of a tortured soul, cursing its pain on the living. No instrument or art form is safe from her corruptive touch. Wise souls should steer clear from her cuisine as well...

All in all, Mary is a sad, strange lady balancing between creepy and awkward.


  • Death: Mary is deeply fixated with death and what lies beyond it. She finds all manner of morbid and macabre things beautiful, romantic even. The idea of inevitable finality soothes her skittish soul.
  • Art: Both enjoying and creating art are close to her heart. It is her escape from daily stress, allowing her to relax and unwind.
  • Romantic walks: She loves going on long, romantic walks, especially under the pale moonlight.


  • Heat: Mary’s taste in clothing is less than ideal for hot weather or environments. She can’t stand feeling dizzy and sweaty.
  • Undead creatures: She absolutely abhors any creature that should be dead, but continues to prolong the inevitable through unnatural means. In her opinion, such creatures mock both life and death.
  • Being mistaken for a zombie: On a similar note, she gets deeply hurt whenever someone mistakes her for a zombie. She is painfully aware that there might be some slight resemblance, but still...


  • Studying death: Mary wants to study death from all sides. Art, literature, philosophy and any other kind of take she can find. This includes learning how other people and cultures approach the subject. The thirst for knowledge drives her.
  • Finding true love: Her not-so-secret desire is to finally find someone who loves her the way she loves them... And is willing to die with her so that they can be together forever on the other side.


  • Crowds: Mary finds socializing terrifying and exhausting. She can barely handle one or two people at once. The mere sight of a crowded area is enough to give her a panic attack.
  • Dying alone: She believes that once people die, their spirits continue to relive the most meaningful moments of their past life. As such, she really doesn’t want to spend the rest of eternity alone.


Magic Name: Poltergeist

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: Poltergeist magic is a type of caster magic that briefly blurs the line between life and death. In its most basic form, it draws power from beyond the grave to assault the living. The magic mostly manifests as harmful hexes and chilling curses. Additionally, it enables all sorts of spooky supplementary spells, such as levitating, turning invisible and even phasing through objects. Some spells can be channeled into one’s allies as well, sharing the eerie abilities with the target. As a curious cosmetic effect, casting any spells of this magic makes the mage’s body shimmer and eyes glow with an eerie light.


History: The Wraith family is extensive and undeniably odd. Their family tree has stray branches and distant roots practically everywhere. On the surface, they all look grim, eerie even. This is further emphasized by their particular brand of magic. Due to natural distrust towards the element of Darkness and death-related magic in general, they have fought against nasty rumors for generations. Two methods have proven the most effective. Firstly, they value hard work in academics. Even those members who are not bright in the traditional sense are encouraged to find their field of expertise. Secondly, they are a very loving family and welcome others with open arms. People are less willing to talk bad about honor students, good neighbours or even a future fiance's family.

Mary is the eldest daughter of the current family head, the big sister to two brothers. Due to the notable age difference between them, she has always been under a lot of pressure to act as a good role model for the impressionable youth. As far as her studies went, she succeeded wonderfully. Everything else... Not so much. In school, she was known as a creepy bookworm. She spent most of her time studying alone in the quiet corner of the library. With how uneasy crowds made her feel, she preferred it that way.

However, there was one boy in the academy who made all the girls swoon. It was love at first sight. The competition over his affection was fierce, but Mary was confident. ...Kind of. For weeks on end, she constantly went on romantic walks with him, all the while gathering courage to actually introduce herself in person. One midnight, she approached the boy under the pale moon with a gift. It was a lovingly prepared heart, the very symbol of love. Still warm too. For some strange reason, the boy didn't find the gesture all that romantic. Instead he escaped into the night, screaming hurtful things. That was the beginning of a painful trend that still continues to this day. Every single one of her heartfelt confessions has been rejected so far, but she refuses to stop believing.

Mary’s studies didn’t really end after school. While she had gained a solid foundation, she had never applied any of it in practice. Thus her family pushed her to explore the world, just like many of them had in the past. Once the social pressure overwhelmed her fear, she started traveling. She saw new sides to life. And death. Many roads lead to Fiore and within a couple of years she ended up there as well. Finding the customs of the country fascinating, she stayed to study and hone her magic further.

Joining a guild was something of a happy accident. ...Or a series of increasingly ridiculous misunderstandings, depending on the view. By the time the nervous woman realized that instead of a local library she had stumbled upon a genuine guild, she was too embarrassed to back out. One thing led to another and before long she had their tattoo to symbolize a new group of friends. Fortunately, Fairy Tail is a good fit for a nervous oddball with good intentions. Nowadays she spends her days devouring any book she can find and stalking the poor fool who happened to steal her heart that week.

Reference: N/A.

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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