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A Town Under Attack

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#1Erebus Gresham 

A Town Under Attack  Empty Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:15 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus had woken up to hearing cries for help outside his window, he yawned, walking out to the balcony of the Inn, which he'd resided in the night prior. A woman was covered in thick wet blood, her dress held off the muddy ground by her balled hands. Screaming, with an air of deprave around her person, she urged anyone, any brave men at arms; to head to Castle Phantasm and prepare for the end. "Wait, what?" He found himself asking. Not one to brag or boast, but Erebus was talented at physical combat, if there was some monster around here. Taking it's head might garner a respect by Sirius; the heir. He equipped himself for the venture and took stride.

His earrings, enchanted, gave him the confidence he needed in his strength, his leather vest would protect him from at least one ranged spell, and his rusty daggers were weak, but if a motherfucker was lacking on their tetanus-diphtheria shot, they were gonna get messed up.Along the way to Castle Phantasm another screaming civilian would make arrival, "BOUNTY FOR THE LICH, THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS FIEND IS CRITICAL TO OAK'S SURVIVAL," squeaked the english-accented woman. Hold up now, thought the Rogue, he didn't sign up for any Lich fights. Lich were scary! Sheesh, what was he to do now? Look like a frightened little child? It must have been the death of Phantom Lord some years back, now everyone was mistaking Oak for weak. Advent World couldn't handle the ensuing chaos either apparently, Erebus guessed perhaps because the mages were off in that conquest scheme. Just what the fuck was Fiore coming too now? "I'll take the contract, sign me up; I ain't so scared of the Undead." He said, stern seriousness washing over the goof's face. He was a laid-back kinda guy sure, but now more than ever, he had to grow up fast. take down this threat, and move on. His future as a hero on the chess board was set to commence in the resolving way possible. Extinguishing the evil that wretched these lands. Erebus jogged up to her, signing the dotted line, before asking which direction he should head in. "Bless you child, you were so young," She touched his cheek awkwardly, but if he lived after this event, he was going to get it in with this woman, positively. "Uh yeah, thanks or whatever. So south then? I'll try South." Erebus said quaintly jogging off and waving, as if he were positive he'd return alive.

and I mean-- shit, he would. Erebus wasn't the type to get bested, not this early in his life. If he did, there would be a lot to take up with God, that's for sure. Irregardless, he was on his way now, the streets muddy and the buildings quiet, least, he assumed they were quiet because they were hiding, and not butchered. As that would be somewhat terrifying and unjust, but hey sugar, the world ain't such a fair place and everyone's on a shared ride. You know how that can be. The quieter it got, the more concerned Erebus became with the fact he'd probably took the wrong corner on that avenue or something, damn it.

Turning around he got ready to sprint, when he caught sight of it. Some kind of abomination stepping into the road. Yep, here we go, battle time for sure. The rogue tilted his head to his shoulder, cracking it and posting up. That thing was dead, as undead as they get. He wouldn't have to exhaust stamina, it would charge at him momentarily... Dead warriors are not the only things that a necromancer may summon to inhabit his creations. Many a necromancer regales in raising the corpses of long dead beasts and bending them to his will. These creatures have only one purpose: to destroy anything they lay their soulless eyes on. They are 1 meter tall, and 2 meters long. The beast was seeping in darkness, purple light causing the skeletal carcass to move around normally. It sniffed the air, and growled like that of a banshee screaming. Erebus simply gripped his daggers and watched it gun in, when the beast was nigh just a foot from biting distance, Erebus fell to his dominant foot, moving in liquid time, his body would start smoothly, left shoulder coming down toward the ground on his right side, whereas his right shoulder would go up, narrowly, he dodged the beast as he was completely the bend and snap, his acrobatics did the rest in a millisecond, spinning his fist around with the knife pointing backwards, a rusty dagger would find itself catching the maw at his backside that had just missed it's target the instance prior. Erebus tore with colossal strength into a spinning back back fist, busting through weak facial bone and running the dagger a meter into the chest pit, descending down from the neck-line in one swift movement. The undead crumbled at the sheer momentum it had thought to use. Erebus, being a superhumanly strong rogue, to which he woke up too after a curse, simply laughed. Hate the player baby, but don't hate the game.

In the time escalating there after, nine more beasts, perhaps rallied together at the war-cry from earlier, bastard banshee motherfucker... Would prowl in from behind townhouses, one busting down from a second story window. Thick red hemoglobin, dripped from it's maw and claws, a few others were painted red too, but none so fresh as the one that looked to lead his pack. Very well, Erebus thought. Lunging from monster to monster the Rogue crushed the blunt end of his daggers to their skulls, cracking them to bits, one by one, frantically avoiding them as they outnumbered and played to pin him, almost strategically. Irregardless, Erebus was a nimble genius, agile and instinctual, here shortened them all in haste, tearing their leg bones from under their wretched bodies. It took some fifteen minutes of using his environment to tag all the beasts, but in time, they were all dead... again.

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