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Forgotten Memoires: A Dragonball Roleplay

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Forgotten Memoires: A Dragonball Roleplay Empty Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:11 pm



Time has passed since realities were put at stake on the whims of a fool from another Universe, in the centuries since the Sixth has settles back into their own and away from the affairs of others. Things are showing signs of change, however, as the Ancient Saiyans are once more set upon the universe and the rise of those with the potential are once again becoming the norm. Will the legends and myths of old ring true? Showing those across the cosmos once more the power that grit and determination can achieve?

Memoires itself is an Alternative Universe Dragon Ball Super roleplay based in the setting of Universe 6, using statistics and extremely minor dice rolls to allow for a fun combat and plot experience through the interesting player-made lore and setting for the universe. With the origins of Universe 6 as our mold, we wish for people to come and make a name for themselves, and even potentially appear in our update "Time Scrolls" that explains the lore of our sites as the time of the update! Below is a set of resources for those wishing to join, so that they may gain the fullest experience possible. I hope you have a great time, and decide to join our wonderful community!

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