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Safe and Saline [Quest/Leah]

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#1Leah Black 

Safe and Saline [Quest/Leah] Empty on Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:29 pm

Leah Black
A peaceful morning, arriving with the chirping of the birds and the newborn rays of sunlight struck the window of a huge building. By the time the sounds and light were coming through the window frame of Leah’s bedroom, her eyes opened to welcome the beginning of a new day. She had been waking up around the same hour, thanks to the punctual sunrise and orchestrated singing of nature that came from her window. A beautiful way of receiving the day, compared to most of the morning she had at Stella. The new sense of her current lifestyle was all that she had ever wanted. She had been living inside the headquarters of Daeva Eye for some weeks now. She was getting used to the enormous place, meeting new people and exploring every hall and room of her new home. Exploring the outskirts and streets of Dahlia was part of her routine too.

That was the Stellan’s plan as she got up from the bed. Up until now, she had not witnessed anything out of the ordinary in the city. Therefore, the girl left the building and headed for the streets of Dahlia. It was amazing for her to see the number of people moving through the day. To think that all of them had to forsake the idea of being outside at nighttime. What a pity situation.

Leah’s thoughts were as always disperse, meddling with the focus she should have of her surroundings. Suddenly, she stumbled and fell when an old-looking man crashed with her sideways. Leah hit the floor at the same time as the big bag the old man carried with him. It seemed packed with small white particles that were spread all over the floor. "Woahhh... Dammit! I am sorry sir, I didn't see you there", she looked up to him. She felt the spilled powder in her hands when she reincorporated."Huh... Salt?", she said to herself as she sniffed the powder.


#2Leah Black 

Safe and Saline [Quest/Leah] Empty on Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:31 pm

Leah Black
"May I help you, sir? You seem to be struggling to carry your bag". She stretched her hand to the stranger as he apologized and introduced himself as Eowin. Leah took the bag and place it on her shoulder. “Where are you taking this bag full of salt sir?”, it was a huge amount of salt to be carrying in the streets. “You’ll see girl, hurry up would ya?”.  She followed as they arrived at an abandoned street feeling how her curiosity was activated. Eowin snatched the bag almost desperately and threw its contents on the ground. Leah instantly recognized the ritual he was about to perform, as she recalled reading something about it somewhere.

An old rite to sanctify locations and keep intruders or beasts away from a specific location. Her violet eyes were fixed on the drawings the man was making on the floor as he muttered something to himself. Instead of being weirded out, the girl felt genuinely interested in helping him out. When finished he asked her to carry the bag with its remaining content and follow to silently watch him flicking the purifying element over the windows and doors of some of the buildings the passed across. She observed how he whispered a repeated set of words and gestures. Her arms were getting tired as she carried the heavy bag. However, the silvered-haired was focused on watching the old man performing the ritual until the content of the bag was empty.

Finally, Eowin took the remaining piece of cloth and made eye contact with Leah for the first time in all the course they followed. "Dahlia will be able to sleep sound asleep for some more nights with that", he said with a satisfied expression and then handed the still silent Stellan a reward.  


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