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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Renovations:{Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:30 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
The morning sun rose early in the sky on the dawn of a thankful Marigold town, the townspeople and citizens seemed to flood the streets of the city with renewed vigor and hope. The damage that had been on their precious city had done nothing to deter them from living their lives or becoming despondent in their time of trouble if anything they move with such peace more than even before this tragedy befell them. They were a strong group of people and it seemed that this contagious energy of sorts had missed no one. Men, women, children, old, young, rich and the poor came together under one banner of togetherness to stand side by side and rebuild their town brick by golden brick. Lucian couldn't help but admire the unity that these people displayed because if this had been Oak, there was a definite chance that no one would have been the least bit cheerful about the whole task and let alone work together to fix this mess together. Each person would have spent their time on their individual problems and concerns regardless of what they had available as far as equipment or resources. Oak definitely was a survival of the fittest kind of town, I can't say lie that this is definitely a much more enjoyable breath of fresh air to see people actually working together as one unit and not selfish. As the resources began to pile into their different sections, the largest project of today's three projects was the first on the plan and rightfully so. According to the local folks, it was one of the oldest buildings in the city and had served as one of the pinnacles of the community and a symbol of marigold's pride. The theater was a unique testament of strength and so there was much work to be done to repair some of the holes placed into the theater's exterior as well as replacing some of the interior damage as well. After going through the instructions from the foreman, Lucian, and the others set to work, quickly hurrying over to the woodpile everyone was given a set of planks along with a hammer and nail set.


#2Lucian V. Crimson 

Renovations:{Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:31 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Setting to work Lucian shoulder his load and hit the scaffolding, climbing up to the highest point and beginning his work. The clearing soon came alive with a multitude of sounds, various hammers, sounds of exhilaration and exertion rang throughout as the citizens set to work. Soon the sun rose high into the sky and the work was well underway. Lucian continued to go back and forth between the wooden planks and his task, his silent demeanor stunning some of the people in the area. He didn't need to talk to them, even though he respected their work effort and the severity of this project, this was nothing more than a job to complete. This was not his home and he didn't owe these people an explanation, just get the job done and get out. Walking back to the theater, Lucian went to the wall on the other side of the exterior, it was away from the others and he could be to himself.

The construction continued until things seemed to be satisfactory on the outside. The foreman called out to everyone and the individuals gathered together in a tight huddle, sweat and grimed covered their faces but there was pride in there as well. Congratulating everyone on a job well done, he decided that he would choose a few of the group to go on to a smaller project while the rest of the main force continued on finishing the exterior here at the theater.

Picking out of the group selectively, Lucian was chosen last as one of the members to continue on to a small shop keep further down the road, gather his tools Lucian trudged off ahead of the group eager to get to the next task and stay ahead of the pack. Walking with renewed vigor, Lucian came upon the small shop, the roof had been busted up and some of the floorboards had been ripped up. Setting to work, Lucian got up on the roof and began to hammer away, eventually, the rest of the team showed up and began work on the other areas of the shop. Soon the work started to come together, the shopkeeper came by to analyzed everyone's work and to pitch in on her own repairs.


#3Lucian V. Crimson 

Renovations:{Quest}{Lucian} Empty on Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:34 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian continued to sit up on the roof and away from the rest of the workers keeping to himself as he busied himself to finish his job. The shop slowly was returning to its original form and the sun was beginning to come out of noon, the day was still in the middle but the light was waning and there was still one more project to complete.

Jumping off the roof, one of the members from the other group at the theater came running up, quickly in a hurry to deliver a message of sorts. Repeating it out and loudly, the task was for Lucian and one other person to go and help out with a little home in the back of Marigold. The task wasn't too difficult so it would only require two people. Grabbing his supplies once more Lucian set off towards the home, his comrade for the time being kept pace, looking with somber eyes at the mage.

"Do you ever talk."

Lucian stopped and pause, he had been silent all day, but that was just who he was. Yet, these people were genuinely good people and talking to them would help pass the time a little.

"Only when I feel necessary. But I do appreciate y'all efforts in making this town shine again, I appreciate the love y'all seem to have for your home."

"Do you not have one of your own?"

"No. I'm a nomad."

"Well then as long as you're in Marigold, think of it as home."

"I'd like that."

Taking off again, the two set forth towards the last project for the day. As the sun disappeared behind the hills, the evening air was filled with the sounds joy and happiness, children playing and people reveling. There was so much joy and peace in the air it was exciting to see everyone come together to celebrate their accomplishments. As people gathered around, everyone gathered a mug in their hand and prepared toast, as they went on Lucian sat in the shadows waiting for his reward. When a familiar face made an appearance during the toast, Lucian could only sheepishly wave as he was toasted to for being a friend of Marigold and a silent worker made of stone. The jest made Lucian crack a slight grin and he took a swig. Standing to his feet, the foreman approached him and gave him a bag of jewels, thanking him for his work. Nodding in return, Lucian disappeared into the night.



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