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Name: Chishio 'Chi'

Age: Jan 1. X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual(not openly)

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hunter

Race:  Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Red tattoo on top of right hand.

Face: Muramasa Sansei - Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa


Height: 5'3

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair: White

Eyes: Her irises are rather strange and can appear sometimes red to orange. It has an ombre effect to them.

Chishio is a dark-skinned woman who is petite yet, curvaceous. She has a large bust yet, slender figure. She looks very fragile but is still stunning regardless, however, don't underestimate her. She truly can have a bite to her choice of words. Her clothes are generally red and of various ethnic origins. Her hair is silver and is generally pushed in a braid, pony, or just straight up down which passes her behind. She has a voice that's not rather nasally or soft sounding and is fairly neutral. She usually comes across as being annoyed or as she calls, a 'a fuck off bitch face'.  She can be seen wearing elevated wooden sandals or flat boots on her feet and is a quick walker. She usually stands tall unless upset and her stature and body language comes across as confident whereas her mind is shattered.

Extra: Mild scarring from abuse underneath her clothes, but most don't notice.



Chishio is rather a blunt and angry sort of person. She doesn't mind communicating with others, but rather be alone in most instances. She could either do or do without most certain people and likes to distance herself from others due to the amount of neglect she had from her childhood. She is more of an ambivert than anything but definitely has introverted qualities when mentally unstable.

She is highly intelligent. She is incredibly tactical and stoic. Always studying others, but has a huge lack of common sense. You could tell her to go left and she'd go right due to being stubborn. She has a knack of doing things the hard way and that has always been her main issue. She is an anarchist and rebel, even though she'd never admit this, simply again, because she'd rather be the opposite of what you'd say. She is also rather naive and can be easily manipulated by others' words if she lets you get close.

Chishio is a sweet girl when not angry or telling people off. She can be very quirky and has a nice side undeniably. Have a few conversations with her or speak with her for a moment and she'll giggle just like most young women. She just tends to push people away. She enjoys writing/books, sleeping, sparring/fighting, and cooking in her free time. She also loves her homeland and traveling the world.


  • Traveling: As a wood elf, she likes to be alone and go for long walks. If you are special enough maybe she'll let you tag along.
  • Sleeping:
    Even workaholics need to sleep too.  Especially when you stay up for hours! Then when you rest it is all the more satisfying.


  • Judging:You judge her openly we are going to have an issue folks. Does not respond to criticism well at all. Constructive? Maybe. But no.
  • Childish People: She had no childhood. Can't stand people who aren't children being, well, children.


  • Megalomaniac: Chi likes to succeed. Although rather cliche it may seem, Chi wants it done on high levels. She craves to move up in the ranks to an extreme degree and therefore, is highly ambitious.


  • Loss of Power/Respect: Chi is a very insecure individual. She is a megalomaniac though to make up for it. Power, winning, success, improvement, all those things make her abnormally happy and excited. She gets excited every time she is able to what she calls 'conquering' someone/something. So when, she loses or someone harms her emotionally/physically it is a huge blow to her self-esteem and wellbeing.
  • Abusive Male Figures:Chi was abused by her father consistently at an early age. While she is drawn to drama and men who do these things to her, she is also still easily frightened by them.


Magic Name: Red Assault
Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description:
Chishio's magic is based around pure magic energy that takes the form of a crimson red color- comparable to blood. Now, it does not function the same as complex blood magic, but it does have mechanics of it’s own.  

She can use the supplementary, offensive, Self-buff and defensive aspects of her magic. Seh's adept at using this magic offensively, defensively, and multiple ways for every fight. Common usages is making figures to assault foes in the form of beams or defensive figures such as domes to block projectiles. She can buff herself exteriorly through having blood come from her feet to make her move faster for example.  These are just a few of the many ways she can operate her well-rounded fighting style.


Chishio's mother was a human and her father was a wood elf.   Both of the people in the relationship were faithful and loyal, but it was a very unhealthy relationship, to say the least.  They both had horrible upbringings, and so would their soon to be daughter. Perhaps, that why the found each other. Regardless, her father was always a very mean individual.

Chishio's mother died in childbirth only leaving the baby with her father. Or well, Chi's father claimed his wife died in birth in their isolated home. Little did others know, that same day right on Chishio's birthday, he would become possessed by a entity via a rare magic and end up slaughtering her. The
entity was fleeing authorities from circumstances Chi would never find out about.  She just would eventually find out from the moments the entity stopped possessing and his body  came alive once more to regain mana, there were not one person she was living with- but two.

Chishio could always just murder the entity's body and free her father, but she was mind warped and could never bring herself to do it. It was more of a situation like, "You run away, I kill you."

If anything, Chishio was stuck with not one, but two evil individuals to raise her.

Chishio was in the forests of Oak Town and therefore had to take it upon herself to find materials and ways for herself to learn. She never had a job, but over time and odd bonding with her possessed father could she finally do such a feat and persuade them both to teach her. She didn't want to be dumb after all.

Chishio would grow to the age of 19. No longer an innocent child to the entity who somehow still had some morals, they, unfortunately, got into an argument of some sort.  He intended on killing her despite having to deal with her for nearly 2 decades. This would be it. And that night, the night he was plotting on how to kill her, Chishio left. She ran and she ran far away. She couldn't take it anymore. She left the town knowing he could track her.

Now gone, and being the only person aware that this powerful entity still existed and was alive, what were she to do? Where were she to go? What were she to do? Report him? No, she'd have to plot this out very carefully if she wanted revenge on both people.

Chishio needing some sort of fresh start would soon look for a place to make money. She became an independent and rogue mercenary. If she rose up in the ranks with a guild, and became more powerful perhaps she could fight the entity or even have a team of people to locate him if she could get them to believe her.

She wanted revenge for the childhood she never had.

She had a heavy burden on her mind, but she'd succeed.  She knew she could.

Reference: N/A

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Chishio Empty Mon Apr 20, 2020 5:57 pm

Hey, welcome to the site. :) There are just a few things that needs changing.

  • Can you remove "in her art" from your eyes description.
  • Demons and the like can't be mentioned in your history because of plot reasons, but you can list them as entities.
  • Could you elaborate on your magic, besides how you utilize it you should also mention the basis of it as well. The element for your magic would be Arcane. Also, I just wanted to clarify that your Blood Magic will not have the same effects as the one listed in the shop. You may use your blood to execute your spells, but it's mere a cosmetic that doesn't provide you an advantage.

Bump when you have made the changes.


Chishio Empty Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:57 pm

bump bump bump


Chishio Empty Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:33 am

This character application has been approved.


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