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Bright Horizons(Kon)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Bright Horizons(Kon) Empty Sat Apr 18, 2020 3:15 am

Judith Karlinius
Trying to get her ever running mind off of a recent event Judith seemed to have be enjoying her morning quietly, Getting her mind off of whatever was bugging her since that day.

Her morning was more of her calm and settled for what she wanted to do. No better fitting towards Judith than her being in a garden, Tending to her vast collection of flowers. Her musical humming to a song in her head seemed go echo in well with how the morning worked.

The calming morning sunrise and peaceful music, It was an oddly wholesome sight for almost anyone. Judith had a lot of flowers to check through, Most of the outside of Judith's house seemed to be covered in well kept and watched over flowers, With a shed in the back for her husband.

Flowers of many types seemed to be here: Rose in all of their standard colors, various orchids, daisies, pink carnations and finally a tall bed of sunflowers.

Judith would be seen at the edge of the bed of her sunflowers checking them over for anything that could be wrong, damaged or eaten by bugs. It was a normal routine for her while she was around.

So far the only thing awake this early in the morning just at the start of the rising sun was Judith, Everything else was either a sleep or far away from the happy gardener just working away at her garden of happiness and zen. Maybe every once and a while some butter flies could be seen or the odd wild rodent seemed to be curious enough to roam around.

One brave enough small squirrel manage to catch Judith's eye, So she would turn her sight away from the sunflower she was checking over kneel down upon one knee and wait a few moments to see if it were brave enough to come closer, The even if simple view of it still was nice to her.

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