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Cupcake Courier [Quest]

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The delicious aroma of chocolates and sweets had turned Raquel into nothing but a blob of happiness. Although she didn’t enjoy them like other normal human beings did, it still didn’t stop her from appreciating the melting confectionery. Inside the famous cupcake shop in Magnolia run by the famed Olly, Raquel stood watching the short and slightly round man run back and forth between new batch of cupcakes and the ones sitting there waiting to be piped and decorated or whatever it is that Olly was supposed to do with them. From beginning to that moment, the man had not said a single word but only gave her a rather long list of deliveries she had to make.

She quickly picked off the addresses Raquel knew of and circled the others in red to make sure she would enquire about them to some worker before heading off. There were hundreds of boxes stacked neatly and carefully on top of one another, making a large tower with their sheer number. Thankfully, she didn’t have to deliver all of them. But unfortunately, there was no way that she would be able to carry more than five boxes with her at one time. If she had gotten ahold of the mount she purchased a couple of days ago, things would have been much easier. But as how the situation was now, she would have to go back and forth between the delivery addresses and the shop a few times.

Thus thinking so, she set out with the first bunch of boxes, easily delivering to the areas she already knew of. Ironically, one of the addresses was the same villa Raquel and some other girls from Daeva Eye were staying in. Since she knew the one she delivered one to, Raquel was surprised that she wasted a bit of time by engaging in some idle talk with her. Once she resumed the deliveries, Raquel kept coming back to Olly’s shop to take more and more cupcake boxes, noticing each time that Olly was still and always busy with his cupcakes. The man sure was something with how much care and concentration he made his cupcakes. Part of her was quite impressed while another part of her was annoyed that he hadn’t once taken his eyes off them to at least greet her. It wounded her pride enough to entertain the thought of throwing a tantrum at him for a moment. But knowing she had other things to do, she continued with the deliveries. This time she tackled the circled addresses, calling out people after people on the street to help her navigate to the locations. When it was all done, the time had already past three in the evening. With the sky starting to slowly losing his warmth, Raquel made her final trip to Olly’s shop. Once again it seemed that the short man was far too busy to acknowledge the purple haired vampire’s existence, making the woman throw a silent curse his way as she accepted her payment and left.


Cupcake Courier [Quest] Y4RU1BP

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