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Oak to North Fiore

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#1Joshua Graham 

Oak to North Fiore Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:56 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua was resting on the back of a carraige. It was slow, but he was recovering from his fight. He had landed as a bird and transformed back into his properself, the top of the carriage was a good place to hide, even the driver couldnt see on top from where he sat. He laid there and processed what had happened. But each time he closed his eyes he saw the skulls again. And heard them screaming. He sighed to himself and decided that for the moment, he wouldnt sleep if he could help it. He touched where the undead lich had touched him, and he felt it was cold. Hed done something to Joshua, he had mentioned letting him truly see.

Joshua hadnt wanted to see more. He was content without the voices to begin with. But now… now he was forced into an understanding he had not wanted. He was unsure how it changed how he felt, he hadnt fully processed everything yet and he was determined to not let it undermine him regardless. He sat up and stretched as he notice the carraige turning to head back toward oak, he turned back into a bird and flew off once more headed back to his guilds base.

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