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What Lies Beneath (mission)

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#1Joshua Graham 

What Lies Beneath (mission) Empty on Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:33 am

Joshua Graham
What Lies Beneath:
Ever since the Haunted Lands of Phantom Lord were closed, there has been talk of menacing spirits lying underneath the Oakland Church. Phantoms and spectres who had been sealed beneath the church by the guild are now roaming the catacombs. Some of them are evil spirits, who wish harm on any who dare approach them, but some are civil and hope their final wishes can be completed so they may pass on peacefully. All spirits can be destroyed, and all can be saved, so long as they are removed from beneath the church, you will be rewarded.

• Rank: D-S
• Words: 500-2500 Words
• Basic Reward: Base Request Reward
• Bonus: Double jewel reward and a bounty if you anger the spirits and they cause more chaos.
• Requirements: The user must be in Oak City.

Joshua had arrived, having been called away to help the Oakland Church. He hadnt lived in Fiore during the time of Phantom Lord, but even he had heard of some of their deeds from the people he traveled with and met during his life. He stood at the entrance to the churches underground section. The large cross gun wrapped in silk and on his back. He was silent as he looked at the entrance, he had once tended to a place like this. Though it was above ground. He had been a Priest, a “Father” of a small church in his home town. He had tended to the burials himself more then once. Once Joshua would have felt a sadness, and prayed for these soul to find their way to heaven. But he knew better now, heaven was just as much a punishment as Hell was, and he said and did nothing as he walked into the catacombs.

He shifted the cross on his back as he made his way down to the slightly cramped entrance. He knew once he made it past the door it would open up into the catacombs proper. The door pushed open with a heavy shove, and continued to move as he pushed it open. It was a heavy stone door, carved with holy marks to protect both the spirits inside and trap them there at the same time. He closed the door behind him and in the darkness, he could not see. But he didnt need to. He had developed...some strange power. It wasnt like his magic, but it was cold and dark. It was deathly and allowed him to see the spirits of the world. He closed his eyes and reached into the dark power. The world around him seemed to glow with an etheral light. Normally he wouldnt be able to do this, but down here where spirits were so rampant everything glowed with the light of death.

The silvery light let him walk around without his eyes. But it was still hard. Certain things had no ability to hold life, such as the holy marked ground he walked upon. It was consecrated and in doing so unable to be filled like the walls were. He walked his way deeper into the catacombs, the spirits that walked past and through him were loud. Crying, begging, laughing, raging. The spirits were without rest now, they were disturbed by something deeper in the catacombs, he could feel it. It was so familiar. It felt like…

Joshua stopped moving as he opened his eyes. He was in a chamber room that was quite large and well lit, he could feel the warmth of the torches when he entered. Before him was the thin and pale elven form he had seen a year before, when he first arrived to Fiore. “You.” he simply said as he suddenly moved, grabbing the cross off his back and as he pointed and took aim, he found he could not move. He struggled against the force that was controling his body. The Undead Elf turned and with a single movement of his hand he forced Joshua to his knees, his back and body struggling to keep himself standing, but it was useless.

The elf looked at him with undead eyes, the light was on, but there was no soul behind them. “You have finally arrived. Good…” He watched as Joshua struggled and managed to fire off a single bullet, it missed by a mile and Joshua groaned in annoyance, he couldnt even manage to speak against this pressure holding him. “Have you not realized how im holding you? A shame… your power is still growing. Allow me to educate you on your new found gift.” he leaned down and touched Joshuas forhead, letting him see the tortured and damned souls holding him. They werent like the souls he normally saw, they were blacked charred skeletons, each one screamed and groaned in silence as they held him tightly.

Joshua would have screamed if he could. The skulls of the skeletons burned into his mind, and he recognized each one. They were the souls of those who Joshua had killed. They were the monsters that Joshua had made. The Elf let go of his touch, but the images stayed, Joshua was now staring with his eyes fully opened at the souls of those he had damned. He struggled more as he saw the Lich lift up a strange knife. It was covered in strange runes. Joshua kept struggling to angle his gun, and as the lich approched to kill Joshua and take his soul. “The man who freed me, may have had a plan for you. But I have more pressing needs which you will serve well.” there was a click, and the lich found himself hit with a firey bullet right to his temple, it dropped him and joshua fell to the ground. He unloaded into the corpse as he screamed, every last bit of mana he had was shot into the elfs corpse. Joshua was shaken.

Several moments passed as Joshua kept his aim, even if he was out, he wouldnt let himself be un prepared. He panted badly, he wasnt feeling well. His stomach was now feeling a sunken hunger. He stood up and panted as he checked the body. Only to find him standing back up. His body already starting to heal. Joshua backed up and made a split second decicion. He turned and ran, running from the catacombs as the lich watched him. He watched as Joshua ran away for his life, and he let him escape. “I see… so thats why he wants him alive… yes, I can see now. That will power… he over came his monsters, if only for a split second. I cannot wait to claim his soul. But for now… I must let him grow a bit stronger.”

Joshua slammed the door shut, and he panted. The door would keep him safe he hoped. For once, Joshua had felt fear once again enter his body. And he hated it. He hated the fact that he ran. He had paniced and now he would pay the cost. He was shaken. Joshua, after a while, managed to leave the church. The problem not solved at all. If it was even solvable. He would have to report this to Konstantin...even as a hunter, he found himself still filled with fear when he saw what he saw. He left the church and transformed into a crow to make his way back to base. Oakland would need more then just himself.

1104 Words

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