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Noel's letter [ Solo ]

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#1Noel Raion 

Noel's letter [ Solo ] Empty on Fri Apr 17, 2020 7:49 am

Noel Raion

Noel Raion.

Mago Oscuro @ Advent World

Noel rode into town on Mustang, his mount. Atop his shoulder sat Jet. The mighty steed parted the waves of shopping humans, making a clear road for him as he guided his horse to the Oak guild hall. After having traveled from Astera back into town, it seemed like the Oak regulars started to recognize the Advent World mage more than they normally did.

Once he arrived at his guild hall, the male got off his horse and hitched Mustang to a rail near the stables. He'd wander inside and go to his room, greeting everyone he'd meet in the halls. Eventually making his way up to his room, he'd sit down at his desk after putting his backpack on his bed. He drew a parcel from one of the cabinets, he'd start writing a letter.

Dear Venus,

This is Noel. The long roads of Dahlia have led me upon Oak. Please do feel free to visit me soon. How are you doing by-the-way? I think about you lots. I have something amazing to show you.

Noel Raion.

The wizard put the quill back in its place, waiting for the ink to dry. After which he'd fold the parcel in two and put it in an envelope. He opened another drawer and pulled out a candle and a wax seal. He'd strike a match against the candle and hold another red colored candle above it, waiting for the wax to smelt so he could properly stamp a seal on the envelope. On its address he wrote 'Daeva Aye - Venus Rosé @East Fiore' Eminitting a sharp whistle, Jet quickly sped out of the pantry and returned to his masters side. "Deliver this at the postal office." Jet was given the envelope and proceeded to do as his master commanded. Noel opened a beer from the mini fridge in his room, and joined the rest of his present guild mates in the guild hall for whatever activity they were doing.



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