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Kuzu Drekason

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Name: Kuzu Drekason

Age: 16 June 6 x772

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left side of neck, Yellow

Face: Kokushibo - Demon Slayer


Height: 6’3

Weight: 230 lbs

Overall: Kuzu has long, unkept black hair that goes down to his lower back and he usually wears up in a ponytail. His tired eyes, with thin eyebrows above them, are two different colors, the right being red and his left being blue.  His tanned skin is covered in defined muscles on top of his large build. He tends to wear darker clothing, usually something loose that is black or red, but is never seen without his cloak that has father and mother’s family crests on line going down the back.His mothers is a crescent moon and his fathers is two double-sided axes crossing.
Extra: His right hand has a ring-like scar around the pinky that he was born with. He also wear his mother jade bracelet on a string around his neck.


Personality: Kuzu is very quiet and shy, preferring to let others or his actions speak for him. When speaking, he can have a minor stutter, barely audible voice, or visible shaking in his limbs. This can recede to nothing in the first meeting of someone or can last their whole relationship, depending on each person based on their friendliness or their magical and fighting skill. Even though he very shy, Kuzu is a kind, easygoing boy, who will stop to help someone in need or put himself in danger to protect someone he has never met, which often gets him looked at as naive.

When he meets someone who is skilled, he tries to learn from them, to incorporate it into himself. When he enjoys a subject he can become hyper excited over it and that can increase his stutter and make him talk faster and louder. When he is stressed he will train to calm himself down whenever he has the chance. He has a deep, overbearing sense of honor, self and to others. When that honor is challenged he becomes focused and angry.

Although Kuzu is very confident in his physical skills, such as his strength, speed, swordplay etc. He is not very confident in his mental skills, such as deception, flirting, or any other intellectual skill. He is always second-guessing his decisions and worried that he has made the wrong one. He has trouble interacting with other not only because of his shyness, but also because he often believes he undeserving of interaction.

When in combat, Kuzu is calm and methodical not wasting a movement, always watching his opponent first and reacting of their actions. He can become angry, but he still acts the same no matter emotional state.


  • Swords: While Kuzu specially loves katanas, his love encompasses all swords and he sees all swords with love and he treats everyone with respect.
  • Apples: Kuzu is subconsciously attracted to these little red spheres of sweetness. He will accept these no matter what and loves any kind of apple.


  • Traveling long distances: Kuzu absolutely despises having to travel long distance in any way, besides foot, and will do anything and everything to try avoid it. If he has no other choice or he is getting paid to, he will travel, albeit miserably.
  • Hypocrisy: Kuzu abhors any and all hypocrites and will put them in their place any time he notices any hypocrisy. He loses his respect in people when they show hypocritical thoughts or actions.


  • Mother: His mother is Kuzus primary motivation in life, as he wants to be the strongest and bravest warrior to honor her memory. He also wants to be the kindest and gentlest man to not disgrace her spirit.


  • Being helpless: Kuzu constantly trains himself to be the strongest and most powerful he can be because his worst fear is being unable to help anybody.
  • Seppuku: This being a major thing in the country he grew up in, Kuzu constantly thinks about it and worries about the rare one time in his life that he is going to have to commit seppuku.


Magic Name: Villieldr

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: Villieldr is a form of fire magic that can conjure and manipulate flames. This can be a simple fireball or a construct of flame. Spells are activated through stances and hand positions. This magic can be used for offensive, self-buff, and supplementary spells.


History: Born on a moonless night filled with happiness to a Joyan woman and a Icebergian man. Even from birth Kuzu was a quiet soul, crying for only a moment before seeing his mother and immediately stopping. They named him after his gentle mother.

His father was a warrior from Iceberg who had lost his tribe to war and was the only one left, so he had started traveling. He had traveled through Seven, Bosco, and Stella before finally coming to Joya. His mother was the third daughter in a samurai family with two brothers. They met by chance one day when his mother had gone into the village. His father was staying there and saw his mother. His father immediately went up to her and started up a conversation. Luckily her family was not one that was strictly bound by traditions and when they fell in love, they were able to get married.

Kuzu grew up training to become a swordsman. Mainly taught by his father, he was also taught by his two uncles whenever they could do so. Although he inherited his appearance from his father, his personality was more similar to his mothers. He was taught to read by his mother when he was five and he learned that he loved to read. His time was spent training with a sword, reading, and doing helping his mother do chores.

When Kuzu was 6, his mother got pregnant again and when she was in labor they found out that it was a stillborn. His mother survived but was very sickly, not leaving her bed for days before passing away. This impacted everyone harshly. Kuzu and his father both drifted away from each other, the only time they were together being when his father trained him. His father had become harsh with the training, every time training was finished Kuzu was almost ready to collapse and drenched in sweat. Kuzu became obsessed with books and training. By the time he was seven, he had finished every book his family owned.

When he was ten, he was training in the yard when he over heard his father and grandfather talking. Both of his uncles had committed seppuku. This caused Kuzu’s head to start spinning and he passed out. When he awoke, his father was sitting next to him. They discussed what happened and from that day they were no longer distant. The training didn’t slow down though, it intensified although for two different reasons.

The first reason being that Kuzu met a wanderer who taught him magic and so Kuzu would train in magic by himself. The second reason was his father had contracted a disease and he knew his time with his son was short, so he did his best to prepare his son for life without him because after he died, Kuzu was going to have no one left besides his grandfather and Kuzu has to take care of him. His father died when Kuzu was 11. His grandfather died a four years after his father had and thus by the time he was 15 years old, Kuzu had lost everyone in his life.

So Kuzu began traveling just like his father under the same circumstances. He spent a year going through the same countries his father had gone through, but this time his trip landed him in Fiore.

Reference: N/A

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Hello, I will be grading your application!

  • Age: Also your birth year is wrong, if you want Kuzu to be born in x774 he would be 14 now, since his birthday in June hasn't come yet. The current year is x789.

  • Appearance: This is very minor, but you are missing approx. 10 words in your overall appearance section - could you please expand a little bit? Also, Kuzu is one large teenager, haha.

  • Magic: Please remove the following parts:

    @Kuzu wrote:coating a weapon in flame. Spells are activated through sword motions and stances

    Being a Spellsword means you are more proficient with swords, but it doesn't actually relate to your own magic. If you could describe how your basic fire magic works unrelated to weapons/swords instead that would be great (for example: activation through hand movements, creating blasts or walls of fire etc).

Bump when done!

Kuzu Drekason ABvhZJW

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Bump I fixed the problems


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Hi, sorry but you missed removing this part:

@Kuzu wrote:coating a weapon in flame

Please remove that, then you are good to go. Also, fret not, you will be able to purchase weapons (swords etc) later on that have fire as an element if that is something you wish to utilize!

Kuzu Drekason ABvhZJW

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Sorry I thought I removed that part. Should be done now


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This character application has been approved.

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