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Oak To Marigold: Leaving the Phantoms Behind! {Travel}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Oak To Marigold: Leaving the Phantoms Behind! {Travel} Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:37 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The morning air was brisk as the sun sat tucked behind the hills, the various creatures of the night began to disappear into their homes and burrows to escape the coming light. The umbral twilight was a welcoming refresher to all those of the early morning hour. Merchants shuffled about preparing their wares for the coming market day. The fresh smell of baking bread, pastries, and other food wafted throughout the streets. Jewelers shined their precious stones and items until they shined in the morning sunlight. The calm morning was full of people and among was Lucian himself.

The young man had decided today as the day, fate had given him the call to leave and this was it. There was no point in staying in this city anymore. Though he had come to call it some sort of home for quite some time, it was no longer fit for him. Time had run its course here and there was nothing left to keep him here. Maybe one day he would return, but for now, destiny's hand had been played and there were things to do and places to go.

But where would he go...Dahlia had seemed like the place to visit, with all the Lycan packs. But that would prove to be a whole slew of different problems as is. The whole night creature life was not necessarily the most inviting especially considering they were the more savage of his cousins. The ports sound nice for this time of year, but all those sailors and the busyness of them wouldn't be too enjoyable either.

Maybe, I could just go visit the magical capital, I haven't been there in a little while. Though granted that place held nothing for me either, where would I go? Era... It might be nice to visit a large tourist town...What am I saying I hate tourists.

Magnolia City? No. It's just like Era just a little smaller. Maybe...

"Come to Marigold City! A place with cheer and performances the likes that you have never seen before!" A man in a well-dress red suit bellowed out from the middle of the crowd. His features were like that of a well-known celebrity. His smile shined and he seemed to hold an air of happiness about himself.

Marigold City, that actually doesn't sound too bad. I think that will serve nicely. Well to Marigold it is.

Lucian stopped by the local general store, grabbing a map, some supplies, and few trinkets he walked out of the store and looked towards the southern roads. Shouldering his back and tightening his hood, Lucian walked on the cobblestone road, the townhomes and various landmarks that had become staples pieces of his life passed by him. Despite the cheeriness of the day, the buildings looked solemn as if they were saying goodbye to an old friend. Lucian nodded in acceptance, it was here he had become closer to the stars, fell, and rose again. And now it was time to leave the nest.

As the town slowly transformed into the more underdeveloped parts, the gate passed above and soon Lucian found himself on the trail, Oak slowly becoming a small speck on the horizon. The wounding woods of the forest swallowed him up in their embrace as he took to the path.

I wonder what it would be like to be there. Seeing most of the guilds from an older time are now gone. I wonder who protects these places. And if they are doing it for genuine good health or for fame and fortune. Ah, what do I care for the guilds for? I have never been apart of one and though they speak of family. What good is it? If they were just gonna leave me alone at the end of it all? I don't need a family...

Whatever, this is not the time for that. With a hardened heart, Lucian pushed onward, the sun beaming high into the sky with blazing heat. Passing through, Lucian trudge through town after town. Walking sometimes running with a brisk pace, Lucian traverses the land night after night. Some nights spent in the inns and others spent in the trees of the forest.

After a week, the city of Marigold breached through the horizon. With a renewed vigor Lucian ran toward the city, his journey finally over at all this time. Passing under the gates, the city was situated in a much similar manner to Oak except this place was livelier than the city of Phantoms. This place didn't seem to have as much malice or darkness in it. The stench of the criminal underbelly wasn't strong here. Lucian could see the people darting about, some waved and others seemed to greet him with a smile.

They smile too much around here. But I must say it is definitely a better first impression that what I got in Oak. Stepping into the first nearby bar, Lucian sat down his pack, it hitting the ground with a resounding splat. As quickly as he had come the bartender was already in place.

"What can I get you to drink?"

"Water would be nice."

"Never seen you around here, you new?"

"Just got in today."

"Where is ya coming from? If you don't mind me asking."


"On foot?! Must've been a heck of the journey, why'd you leave..."

Lucian swirled the water in the mug, the different visions of life passing through as he studied the forgotten days of his youth. The young man he had once been and the half-beast he was now.

"Let's just say I had to leave those Phantoms behind."

"Well welcome to Marigold, though I wouldn't say you left those ghost behind too much so my friend. We have a few here ourselves, though they are our protectors. And a good guild filled with good mages."

"Hmm, you assuming a mage?"

"Naw, not assuming, I can tell but for your sake, I hope you are here to be good and not get into any trouble. Penumbral Guard doesn't take too kindly to folks who cause problems."

Walking off slowly, the bartender left to go tend to his other patrons.

Penumbral Guard huh? Let's see what these beings of the night are talking about.


The Harbinger of WarFortune wheelLucian's character sheet.

Oak To Marigold: Leaving the Phantoms Behind! {Travel} Qhre37u


Even if the morrow is barren of Promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice

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