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Easter Bunny [Event]

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Easter Bunny [Event] Empty on Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:06 pm


WORDS: 420 | Spring Breeze

Such a peaceful day, isn’t it? The warm spring sun of the south beating down on her from above as she relaxed in a nice and open grass-filled glade, Ellie Cavallero let out a sigh as she felt her hair rustling in the breeze, and looked up from the book she had been reading alongside her best friend. A horse with wings laid upon the ground and enjoying a peaceful sleep as its master perused a novel that had just enough sweetness and sauciness in its romance to intrigue her, even though the two were largely silent the black haired beauty felt like their quietness said more than any words could, and as she pulled herself from the object of her interest the equestrian enchantress couldn’t help but pet her partner before looking around her surroundings idly as she wondered if she should spend the rest of the day like this. That would have been nice, wouldn’t it? But today was about to send her a strange surprise.

What’s that? Failing to spot the small creature that had made its way across the meadow for a moment until it was only a matter of meters away from her, for a second Ellie found herself a little confused as to what she was seeing when she spied the shape of something with long ears seeming to hop its way toward her, and was even more taken aback when she recognised what it was.
It looks to be a rabbit? Flospy and hopsy creatures usually so timid but this one seeming like quite the bold buck indeed, the violet eyed vixen couldn’t help but feel a bit bewildered as it bounded toward her, and that bemusement was certainly not helped by what it did next either.

“O-Oh… Thank you?” Quite astoundingly the creature seeming to not only rush all the way to her but also offer her something as well, as something small offered her a strange and roundish item wrapped in cloth and a bow Miss Cavallero found herself stunned, but was too polite to respond to the gesture unkindly. Still rather confused but accepting what was offered with a stunned sense of grace and even a pat on the head for the fluffy little fellow, all too quickly it seemed that the bunny had other business to attend to and began to shuffle away from her, leaving the lavender lady to discover what was waiting for her in her own time when she was good and ready to do so…

~Follow Your Heart~

"~Let Your Passions Come Into Full Bloom~"
- Ellie Cavallero

credit to nat of adoxography.

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