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Shattered Thoughts(Open)

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#1Faris Iraious 

Shattered Thoughts(Open) Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:52 pm

Faris Iraious
What an interesting situation for Faris to spend time reflecting upon life about since he was still growing comfortable around Fiore, So far Faris had managed well here. Life was settling at an interesting space. In some manner Faris was facing some kind of fear walking to the beach here in the Port of Hargeon, Faris had not tried to go near any body of water since the situation that happen before his arrival to Fiore.

He was just getting comfortable to start walking towards water now days, He acted like he was not overly effected for the most part, more from forcing himself to try and forget what fears he had in his mind about it.

He would mutter to himself while he was walking towards the water."You'll be okay Faris....Nothing will leap out at you here." Faris seemed to be trying to make himself braver being around water  to himself while he had no one else around him, At least until either some one else spotted him or he scared himself slightly."No scary monsters...."Faris mentioned to himself as well slowly walking towards the water more.

It seemed silly that a man about bravery and helping other believe themselves to do better with anything they may face, was fearful of something himself, Maybe in hindsight Faris was helping himself as well with in him trying to help others, A moment of reflection with in his own thoughts. nonetheless so far got pretty close to the water and he was not making sure not to ruin the moment for himself. Part of him was glad no one else was really around to kind of break the suspenseful moment he was having currently to work on his own faults, Slowly but he was working on it.

#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee was walking along the beach, admiring the sea from afar. The kitsune had many previous experiences with water and drowning. Surprisingly, someone there to save him at his beck and call. It was always a stranger. He was not afraid of water, just rather not be near it. Lee didn't know how to swim. He will get near it, sit the tide, but not actually swim. His golden hair was tied back into a bun. It was nice and neat with blue collared shirt and swim shorts that went down to his knees. He was alone. Salem wanted to stay anywhere away from water since he was, indeed, a cat.

The kitsune had never met the newer members until recently. He only caught a glimpse of everyone, with Daiko and Alisa from previous meetings. Alisa was the only one he knew on a friendly basis with. Daiko not too far behind. Ahead in his vision, a bright redheaded mage talking to himself. He seemed in the zone and seeing from his smell, he was someone he only seen in hte guild a couple of times. It was probably polite to now meet the man himself. Manners and honesty were everything to the mage. He walked up slowly and quietly, hoping to not scare him.

Gently, he tapped his shoulder. When he turned around, he would meet with his blue eyes. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt, but aren't you from Blue Pegasus?" he asked.

"I am a member of that guild and have seen you or someone similar walking around the guild. Never got the chance to introduce myself, my name is Lee Nakamura" he smiled. He seemed friendly and chipper with a gentlemen-like manner. No one would guess he looking Joyan due to his complexion, but it was due to a whole thing with a goddess and body swap. He rather not go into detail since it was a complicated process. The only thing was: How was he going to tell Judina or Manzo?

That was a story for a later date. Lee noticed he was looking at the water earlier. "All my life, I lived in Era with my adopted parents. Though, my brothers always lived here, in Hargeon. Since my family owns two places, Hargeon being home base. I never really took time to realize how beautiful this port town really is" he smiled, then his gaze went back to the fellow guild member.

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#3Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
At least Faris did not get startled at all mostly because he seemed to be preparing his mind just if that happen, It did break his focus."No, I don't mind at all."That tense moment of focus was gone now, Faris did not seem to mind at all."I am a member of that guild yes."At least Faris spoke pretty good Fioran for some one who was not from here, However could still pick up the accent of where he was from in his tone of voice, After all people from Seven's voice did seem to stand out in their own way.

He wondered if being so formal was common here? Or Just Faris was doing it because he was raised that way and it was just a habit of this."The guild was lively andsurely that is something I understand." Hiding the fact he was around that time just for some apples that might be beside the point currently."Faris Iraious, Rather new to the lands of Fiore and all it holds."He sounded excited with this mention controlling it well."Wonderful to meet you Lee."Faris even offered to shake Lee's hand right away, His focused and on edge behavior was changed to a rather bright and welcoming one.

Starting stories of one another was always interesting to learn, you got to the details of how a person works through it."Well good to see natives to these lands are some what always so open minded, Reminds me of my village back in Seven."So Faris was not covering up what he was really, Maybe that was not a horrible thing here, Building trust was always a nice thing, It would help Faris feel a bit more like he could fit in here."Where I am around the port to help me try and fight the fear of larger bodies of water."It seemed plain for the moment, there was some detail to be picked out, large bodies of water mostly.

It did turn into a nice conversation for Faris, Helpful but still made him nervous as well because it showed some things he was scared about when he was trying not to show it.


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