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#1Gorilla Joe 

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Gorilla Joe



Age: January 1st x766 (23)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Beserker

Race: Demi-Human (Gorilla)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Full back tattoo

Face: Armored Gorilla: One Punch Man


Height: 2m / 6ft 7in

Weight: 193kg / 425lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: Joe was born with a very unfortunate birth defect.The hormone which stimulates hair growth was out of balance, and as soon as Joe was able to grow hair, it just would not stop. Before he knew it Joe was completely covered in thick black hair that would only come back with a fury when he shaved it. After many years of insecurity, he resigned to just allow the hair to have it's way. Only adding to this insecurity, was the fact that his growth hormone was also unbalanced. By the time he was 12 he was already six feet tall. After finally reaching physical maturity, he rounded out at 6 feet and 7 inches. Initially, his body weight did not catch up to his height. However after many years of heavy eating and a strict bodybuilding routine, Joe managed to develop himself a physique that one could only describe as jacked. A huge barrel chest, behemoth biceps, gigantic quads, the list goes on. All around the board Joe's muscles are enormous. Aside from this, while he has overcome a little bit of the self consciousness about his hair, it's not all gone. Because of this he chooses to wear a large white hoodie, usually with the hood up, in order to cover the huge mat of hair which lays on his body. He wears matching white sweat pants to complete the whole look.

Eventually, after years of teasing and bullying, Joe took a stand. He legally changed his name to GORILLA JOE, with all capitals to emphasize his identity. He used the money he inherited from his grandfather to go to the best plastic surgeon in Fiore and have them do plastic surgery on his face to make his features look more like that of a gorilla. He found that if he embraced the term "Gorilla" that people had used to bully him, and used it as armor, nobody would be able to hurt him with it.

Extra: Very faint scars around the face due to plastic surgery. These are only noticeable by looking extremely closely and pushing his thick hair to the side.


Personality: Joe's childhood was quite rough. He grew up around a lot of bullying due to his birth defect. He never made any friends, and was constantly ostracized. A lot of people would allow this to bring them down and affect them negatively. Instead, knowing what it feels like to be alone, and to feel as if nobody loves you, Joe developed and extremely warm and loving heart. He seeks to bring happiness to everyone he finds, even those that may dislike him or vice versa. He tries to use his sense of humor to make people crack a smile whenever they are feeling down, and overall just wants to spread love and warmth wherever he can.

On the flipside, he does come with quite a temper. There are limits to everyone's kindness, and when provoked, Joe can become extremely aggressive and reckless.He has found himself in numerous confrontations, and even rights because people stretched his patience too far. While he tries to be positive, once the switch flips in his brain and his temper comes out, it is almost like a complete switch. Any sense of rationality goes out the window and it is nothing but pure reckless abandon.

Aside from that, Joe does his very best to come across with a cheery, almost naive and carefree demeanor.


  • Fighting: One thing that Joe found himself skilled at early on was fighting. However this isn't something he prefers to do negatively. He much prefers healthy competition to an actual heated fight.
  • Bananas: This is something that was used to bully Joe in his early years. The kids would call him "Gorilla boy" and throw bananas at him. He found that he actually didn't mind this so much as he very much enjoyed eating them, and they quickly became his favorite food.


  • Bullies: Being a victim of bullying throughout the vast majority of his life, Joe completely understands the impact that this can have. Because of this, he has great distaste for anyone that would try to bring another person down.
  • Losing: While his carefree side definitely shows, this is not the case for competition. Joe is a fierce competitor, and sometimes a little bit of a sore loser.


  • Protecting: Joe thrives on protecting others. It fills him with a sense of purpose when he is able to help someone in need. He tries to do this in every area he can.


  • Women: While not a fear in the traditional sense of dread, Joe is very intimidated by women. Due to his birth defect, he has never had any success with ladies. Never held hands, never kissed, never hugged, nothing. To his knowledge no woman has every found him attractive. Because of this, he is quite intimidated by them and usually very self conscious when around them.
  • Death: Little is known of the rare birth defect that he was born with. Because of this, doctors think that there is a chance he may die quite young. To Joe, death is around every corner and he goes to sleep each night not knowing if he will wake up the next day.


Magic Name: Rage Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: This is a very simple magic that allows the user to fuel their body with arcane energy. This can be used to buff them selves, or cause devastating effects when striking a foe. Because of the wild nature of this magic, it can not be cast from range, and the user must touch the target to cast any form of offensive spell.


History: From the moment that he was born, Joe's parent knew that something was not right. Often times babies are born with some hair on their head, it can vary from peach fuzz to a full head of hair. In Joe's case, his entire body was hairy like that of an adolescent. He was immediately taken from his parents where for the first few weeks of his life he was kept in an incubator. The doctors ran a few tests on him to see what was the matter. After a few tests, the results came in. Joe was born with a very rare birth defect which caused his hair growth hormone to malfunction and stimulate insane hair growth all over his body. On top of this, his body growth hormone also did not work correctly and they predicted that he would grow extremely fast and possibly die very young. The doctors thought this may be due to his mother smoking heavily whilst pregnant with him.

Joe's early life was extremely hard. He never fit in at school. He had tried constantly to shave and get ride of the huge amounts of hair that covered him, but it would always come back seemingly thicker. The kids would bully him, he made absolutely no friends and there were even occasions where he heard his teachers and other parents cracking jokes and laughing at his expense. Lonely is the best word to describe his childhood. The kids began to call him "Gorilla boy" to mock him, and soon the adults joined in. Joe's self esteem hit rock bottom.

After finishing with school, when Joe turned 18, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He remembered reading a quote about making your flaws your armor. Embracing them and owning them so that nobody could ever use them against you. His grandfather had recently died and he inherited quite a bit of money. He used this to go to the best plastic surgeon in all of Fiore and have him perform surgery on his face to make his features more gorilla like. This included a rather painful procedure of resetting his jaw, and a nosejob that still hurts from time to time. He went to the court house and had his name legally changed to GORILLA JOE. It was his own identity now, he owned it and nobody would ever be able to use it against him.

After this, he honed his skills with the magic he had inherited from his father, and found that he was quite adept. He loved fighting and loved helping other people so that they would never have to feel like he does. Following this, he came into contact with the Fairy Tail guild, and joined them happily. Since joining, he found that the people there were the first in his life to accept him for who he was, and he felt like he had found a place where he can finally fit in.

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This character application has been approved.


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