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The Easter Bunny [Jan]

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#1Jan Ren 

The Easter Bunny [Jan] Empty on Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:57 am

Jan Ren
...He simply stared at it. That must have been one of the oddest things he got to see. What appeared to be the most random of bunnies, in the weirdest way actually, just stood there, smiling widely as it stared the Sinese back. The two were at a complete standstill, and somehow in a completely remote area; that is, void of other people passing around. This was just the two of them. He blinked, and got a blink in return. He blinked again, and the opposing bunny replied with a blink of his own, almost on reflex.

"...(What the hell is this???)"

Rather just a 'bunny', this was a full-on man-sized costume-looking creature. A blue rabbit, mouth not seeming to close anytime soon as it sported its two, large front tooth for all to see. Large eyes that were somehow, real. Folds of fabric all over, showing that the suit itself was oversized on whatever poor sod was made to wear this (or, willingly took to wear it). In this creature's hand, a wooden basket full of cheerily colorful eggs, each in different color and patterns.

"...What?" Perhaps it was wiser to simply say nothing and wait until this thing just, left. But that wasn't what happened. Understandably disturbed by this long moment the two shared, Jan Ren's eyebrows furrowed some as he staggered back a little, feeling threatened if not outright cornered. The rabbit then took several steps forward, rather slowly. Raising its hand, slowly. Blinking.

"What do you want??"

Getting in fighting position (improvised, actually; Jan had no actual martial arts experience to really speak of), the Sinese readied himself. But that was, apparently unnecessary. The bunny-man reached with its raised hand towards the basket of eggs, and picked a single one up. It was blue in color, decorated with an aesthetic pattern of white stripes and yellow dots in between them. And then he handed it to Jan.

For some reason, he felt compelled to take it from the weird creature. "O-Oh, thank you." Jan said, tensing up as he grabbed the egg; even bowing in gratitude to the rabbit-suit, watching as it winked at him, then slowly paced away from the scene. Off to... Who knows??

Left there, Jan looked at the egg in his hand in complete confusion. Why was he handed an egg? Who or what was that creature? Why Jan in particular??


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