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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP [LB]

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Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP [LB] Empty Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:55 am

Dangerous Liaisons - SPN/TVD/TW Crossover RP [LB] YfekYBz

Senior year has begun, and all of the teenagers in Mystic Falls are hoping this year will be more uneventful than the last but little do they know what is in store for them. With the key to creating more hybrids revealed, at last, Klaus is putting in motion a plan to make sure that no one will be able to stop him from creating the army that he so desperately craves while the new King of Hell, Azazel, is enjoying Crowley's defeat perhaps a little too much. Of course, with the Winchesters back in town only time will tell whether he will be able to keep hold of his throne and finally achieve his goal of freeing Lucifer from the cage. Elsewhere in Mystic Falls the Dread Doctors are upping their game and taking more people while they try to find the one person capable of being used to bring back Sebastien Valet, otherwise known as the Beast of Gevaudan but the resurrection of his sister Marie-Jeanne, a young woman who looks identical to Allison, might just hold the key to figuring out exactly what they are up to and how to stop them. As if that wasn't bad enough all of the rumors about Mystic Falls have brought a mercenary to the town, paid using the money stolen from the Hale vault to kill as many supernatural creatures in town as possible. Now that the gangs from Mystic Falls and Beacon Hills along with Ben Winchester are even closer than ever, those strong bonds of friendship couldn't have come at a better time because no one can hope to survive the coming storm alone.

With so many dangerous liaisons right around the corner, devastation is sure to follow.
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Most needed characters:

Marcel (the Surgeon)
Sebastien Valet
Jacob Salvatore
Hybrids for Klaus' Pack
Marcel Gerard
Theo Raeken
Jody Mills
Krissy Chambers
The Heretics
Lily Salvatore
Vernon Boyd
Kinsella Pack
Tom Avery
Nadia Petrova

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