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Ragnar Asgeir (Done)

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

Ragnar Asgeir (Done) Empty Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:41 pm

Ragnar Asgeir


Name: Ragnar Asgeir

Age:  June 29th, X764 25 years old.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother:  Icebergian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Over his heart

Face: Khorne Chaos Lord Warhammer Fantasy


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 250 Pounds

Hair: None, Shaved Bald

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Ragnar is a mountain of a man. Ragnar looks more like a bodybuilder than a mage of any kind and that is kinda the way he prefers it. His hands are large enough to grip a man's face in them and it looks like his feet could cover most of the surface area of your average man's chest with a shoulder weight to match it. This is without adding on to the fact that you will rarely see Ragnar without his armor on, and if you ever do you will find a man whose skin is oddly tanned considering he wears a set of armor on at all time, but that might be due to the years before he spent in the snowing mountains of Icebergian, where snow burn was sometimes an issue.

Under his helmet, Ragnar eyes are a dirt brown color, and oddly soft, which puts it at odds with the rest of his harsh and brutal-looking face, covered in small scars. Ragnar also keeps a cleanly shaven face and head, but if you catch him when he is unable to, his hair color is a dirty blonde though very few people have seen since he left Icebergian

Extra: Ragnar hands and most of his body is covered in scars, though there are none on his back.


Personality: Ragnar above all else is an honorable man, and he often feels that way even as he murders and. He will not lie to his opponents, and he does not like it when people are being manipulated into doing something that he thinks is against their base nature. He also hates it when he feels that he is being used as a pawn in someone else’s game in which he has nothing to gain from or that he did not agree to. Ragnar also is unwilling to make deals with anyone that he feels is his enemy, even if it would be more advantageous for him to do so at that point in time. His sense of honor is very warped and twisted but it is still his own sense of honor and pride.

With this level of honor comes a level of courage that any organization would love to have, as Ragnar throws himself fully into everything he does and will do. He follows some unknown God, which often requires some very bloody and brutal rituals to be done. It could be said that “He knows no fear” and to a point, he doesn’t. His body doesn’t process fear in the same way at this point that a normal person does. He knows the danger of an enemy and what they can do to him, but his brain doesn’t give him that fear chemical anymore.

Ragnar also has a level of tenacity that also makes him a foe that you would never like to fight. He will keep fighting you even if he is wounded or near death. Once he has got the scent of your blood, he will hunt you to the ends of the earth to claim your skull for his own. This also requires him to have an iron will, as most of his prey will often try to run as far from him as possible. He gives his enemies no chance to rest, as he will always be hunting them. They will only know true fear when they are being hunted by Ragnar

He revels in bloodshed and battle, but he often prefers a challenging enemy than one that he can easily kill and remove. It gives him more satisfaction when he kills an enemy that is worthy of his time. This also leads to the honor part of him. To him, there is no honor in killing someone that is lower than you as there is no challenge and their fate is sealed against someone like you, while someone who could fight back and possibly win is well worth his time and the effort he puts forth.


  • Combat Combat is the one true test of a man's worth in everything else in his life. With combat, you can tell who is willing to do what it takes, and if he can watch a man's life leave his body he can do anything else he needs to do in his life.

  • Anger With anger, pure anger with no limits, comes a level of clarity that is unbelievable. To Ragnar, this level of Clarity allows him to see what his opponent truly is, a weak piece of meat that needs to be destroyed.

  • Brass Ragnar loves the color brass, and he has no real idea why. It seems to go well with his outfits at the very least, as it really pulls the blood-red color out of his armor and against it, the brass looks more like gold than brass.  


  • No Honor People without honor often use cheap tactics, such as attacking when an enemy is asleep, or using other means of what Ragnar would feel is cheap tactics.

  • Fear of Death Ragnar realized that those who fear death never fight at their full strength and leave everything out of the battlefield, as they will always save enough energy to run away more often than not.

  • Weakness All of this hates have to do with this core concept, weakness. Ragnar feels that anything outside of physical combat is for the weak and while he does respect the scientific type of people those that try and then fight will feel the full power of Ragnar's wrath.


  • Strength There is one thing that matters to Ragnar and that is strength, either physical or mental makes no difference to him as long as someone can use that strength to fight.


  • No Fighting While Ragnar is capable of doing other activities other than fighting, he views those activities as the in-between times of fighting. Everything in his mind is when is the next mission or fight and nothing else.

  • Becoming Weak The worst thing for Ragnar is the thought that he would become weak and be unable to gain any more strength in his life. He knows that he will eventually come across something that is stronger then he is, or faster or smarter but as long as he can continue to fight then he is not weak.


Magic Name:  N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A



Ragnar was born in a small village in Icebergia to a man who was the second in command to the Clan leader of the village he was living in. Icebergia is well known for its harsh wilderness and it’s high mortality rate among the weak or unprepared for this kind of climate. Ragnars life was fairly uneventful at least by the standards of the Icebergian people, while in the mere five years of his life he had survived raids from rival clans to snowstorms that left them trapped in their house for over a week at a time. But Ragnar lived, and lived fairly well for his people as his clan was doing fairly well during the years under the current leader, an older wise Icebergian covered in scars with white hair and beard that were very long, but well taken care of.

Ragnar didn’t realize he was special until one day, a mere 5 years old,  while playing with another boy who was older than him, with training axe and shield, Ragnar was getting beaten pretty easily before his anger got the better of him before he went back and bashed the other boys face with the edge of the shield he was holding. While this did not kill the boy, it did knock him out and break his nose, leaving Ragnar as the winner of this fight. The village was impressed that this small child was able to beat this older boy, even if it was seen as a cheap shot by some in the clan.

This was the first time that Ragnar had gotten into a fight where he won by using his anger and rage to pull him through, and this would most likely not even remotely be the last. Ragnar grew up into a mountain of a man as time went on and wars were fought between the clans for resources and for raiding rights and Ragnar became a warrior worthy of the name of his clan, but even with the strength of his arms and back, he could not stop the slow decay of his clan as men were lost to fighting or assassinations by other tribes until there was only a handful of his clan left. In order to keep the bloodline of the clan alive, everyone started to convert to either other tribes or simply leave their homes to the south to find easier lives and hopefully keep the bloodline going.

Ragnar decided that this was the chance to go out and get stronger, and maybe come back and take over his own clan to try and rebuild his former clan back to the glory of the past and beyond.

Reference: N/A

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Ragnar Asgeir (Done) Empty Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:27 pm

Hey, just a few things that need changing.

  • Since the GM denied your request to join their guild, you'll have to choose another.
  • You must specify your sexuality.
  • You're a 25-year-old man, but your overall appearance mentions being 16.
  • Just a few grammatical and punctuation errors in your personality, nothing major.

Bump when you've made the changes.

#3Ragnar Asgeir 

Ragnar Asgeir (Done) Empty Fri Apr 17, 2020 4:05 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

I believe I have fixed the issues in question.

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Ragnar Asgeir

BUMP Bump bump


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This character application has been approved.


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