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The Easter Bunny [EVENT | MASAMI]

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The Easter Bunny [EVENT | MASAMI] Empty on Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:07 pm


Back in Masami's hometown, there was no Easter. They would be harvesting bouquets of flowers while the season is still up, then they would be selling these to gain income from the other countries. Holidays are often work-days, and Masami's theater would be bombarded with lots of other extra occupations, which was why painting eggs and celebrations were very unfamiliar to Masami.

He wouldn't get his hands and clothing dirty; watching from afar, he held a bouquet of flowers he picked from the farmyard, because that's what he'd do every Easter celebration. Afterwards, he brought the flowers down and came to see what people are doing in a clearer view. Just in time, a magical bunny came to show itself in front of Masami! The boy couldn't help but shout, "Woah!" and stumble a little bit backward... the rabbit could've just appeared itself anywhere else that isn't right in front of Masami's face!

"Happy Easter!" it said, handing out an egg to Masami. The boy wouldn't take it at first, and instead would look at the rabbit and analyze it a little. "Is that telepathy...?" he asked, but the rabbit immediately replied with an, "I truly can speak! Please accept my gift." he held the egg out, offering it to Masami with a little desperation. "But why?" Masami replied; this time, with a little tease.

Before the bunny returns with an agitated reply, and might no longer give Masami the gift, he laughed and held his hands out. "Just kidding! Thank you very much... oh! Happy Easter, too!" Then, he received the egg, and the rabbit would hop away, never to come back. It wasn't much, but Masami felt happy upon looking at the painted egg. It definitely wasn't an egg a hen would lay, this was much better than the usual routine.


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