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Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink

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Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink  Empty Tue Apr 14, 2020 11:15 am

[align=center]Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover Jcink  New_Project

What happens when the world comes crashing down? Do you turn your back on the world? Do you fight for it? Do you say never again? Or whatever it takes? Superman and Magneto took over the United States and sliced it in half after the deaths of 5 million people at the hands of Ra's al Ghul. Now, Queen Bee is attacking the earth, for the murder of their Insect Queen, Lana Lang.

Born from the ashes of inspiration from Marvel and Comics, the Injustice Game, and a tiny bit of Man in Highcastle, Radioactive will take you on a wild ride. If you like story development and character development this is the site for you.

  • Set on its own earth which it's foundation is in the comics and the site's own inspirations.
  • Canons and Originals are welcome.
  • There is no numerical word count.
  • Many team leadership roles available.
  • Looks at characters as a whole part and not the cookie cutter.
  • Jcink Premium Site.
  • Small community. No one gets left behind.

Site formation.
Marvel Canons. DC Canons.

Currently Looking for: Thor, Loki, Namor, Diana Prince, T'Challa, Logan Howlett, and many more.

You are more than welcome to hang up your cape at Radioactive.


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