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The Easter Bunny [EVENT]

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#1Sofia Serena 

The Easter Bunny [EVENT] Empty on Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:02 am

Sofia Serena

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Gotta find that rabbit… She was on a quest right now, but had no real idea why. Someone had announced that if she found a particular special animal associated with the festival of growth then one would be reap her fortune later, and that had been impetus enough dozens if not hundreds of people to throw themselves into the mix and try to get a job done, which was weird really. There was no promise of what the reward might be, just a drive to fulfil a need suddenly that people never knew they had, and it seemed absurd but didn’t stop them. Sofia included in this number, like a woman in a frenzy who had a curse cast upon her she rambled and rampaged around everywhere she could find in order to grab that sweet and special prize at the end of things. No idea why she was doing it, even if the carrot that had hung in front of her was worth her time and effort, but she went for it. Oh how she went for it. And perhaps those efforts would be rewarded.

“There!” Suddenly a pair of tufty ears and a fluffy little tail jumping out at her as she rampaged around like a woman possessed, Miss Serena leapt like a panther and wrapped her arms around the creature, employing her finely honed capturing skills that she developed from god knows where to secure her target and squeeze the life out of it with her bare hands and every ounce of wrath and satisfaction she could draw from it. Oh how good that felt, choking this unusual being until it was dead in her murdering mitts, like she was a god. It was amazing really, the stuff that a person could get addicted to, and maybe propelling her to go after a bigger form of ‘game’ next time.

It’s all mine… FINALLY. Whatever she did going forward her business, all that mattered now that this innocent creature of spring was dead in her hands was that she would get her prize, and from it she claimed the egg that the animal carried. Not thinking for a moment how strange it was that a rabbit was carrying an egg since they did not usually birth their young from them or even eat them, instead the girl marched away with her badge of honour, proud of what she had done and a little bit horny because of it too.


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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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