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Easter Bunny [Event|Solo]

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Easter Bunny [Event|Solo] Empty Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:11 pm


Steel was sitting one the edge of a rooftop in the town of magnolia. He had just taken off his jacket and pants sitting there in only his hero spandex and boots. The sun shone so brightly. Even sitting on the rooftop made Steel feel like Ikarus being melted by the sun. It was a calm day in Magnolia, No crimes going on no nothing. Some other guild had been stirring shit up but Steel couldn’t really do much about it. What he could do was remain a guardian of the city. And so he watched as people ran around doing their daily life things. Buying groceries, Carting horses, cooking, smiling and all the other wonderful things that a secure life allowed them.

While he was sitting there all alone on the rooftop something dawned on him. He had finally gotten somewhere in life. He smiled. Steel didn’t hear it coming but across the rooftops a weird easter colored bunny hopped from one tile to the next. Hop hop hop it made its way forward. Until finally it was behind him and he noticed it. It had a fluffy pink tail, weird colored dots and yellow fur. Like something out of a fairy tale. Funny how he was in a guild called Fairy tail meeting a creature from out of a fairy tale. Like the tooth fairy claiming kids teeth at night. He was in awe of this mysterious being and so it spoke to him. “Hi there, I brought you this Easter gift. It’s just a little something for the protector of Magnolia.” The easter bunny then somehow blushed and handed over a weird candy egg that had mysterious contents. Steel looked at the bunny as it started hopping away disappearing in the distance of the rooftops. “Thank you Easter bunny!” He shouted after it. Maybe the real treasure were the friends he had made along the way. And that this Easter bunny was the one to confirm that the real treasure was that it was Easter.


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