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Travel [Oak to Port Hargeon]

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It wasn't everyday a mob of citizens chased you around a city. You see, back in Isenberg, Mimir and his people were the ones doing the chasing. For years they raided the homes and villages of the other two clans that lived in the country. Sure, he hadn't actually been proud of it, but he loved the feeling. Over the years he had only killed at most twenty civilians. Those weren't a lot. Right? Grass crunched under his feet with each step he took in the thick forest. He wasn't scared of the citizens of Oak. He just didn't feel like hiding out among them. Having been in Fiore several months now, Mimir knew what he was going to do.

The banishment from his home filled his mind with so much anger that it felt like it was going to burst at any moment. Sure, on the outside it looked like he was a happy guy, but not too many people got banished from their own country. He had lost the respect he held for the viking king and wanted to rip his head from his shoulders. When he first arrived in Fiore, all he wanted was to regain his honor.

To do anything significant so that he could return home one day. However, he realized that nothing would change what happened back on that battlefield. It was his fault they died and his fault for his banishment. Now he was going to let Fiore feel his pain. A sad frown would appear on his lips. Revenge wasn't something to be be sought out. He couldn't burst into the viking capitol by himself and take out the king. That was surely impossible. His only choice was to raid Fiore and take it over.

You see. at the moment he was travelling to Port Hargeon. Mimir had gotten word of something happening down at the port. It would help him begin his path of conquest. Sure, it wouldn't be a fast one, but at least it would start him off. He needed to gather both jewels and raise his fame in the land. There were many guilds spread across Fiore, but none of them had the same passion that Mimir felt at this very moment. None of them were down to do whatever it takes to get the job done. So, he would be the one to do it.

His next location would only help in that. Once he gained the fame and fortune that he needed. He would attract people from far and wide. And when he would begin to converse with those people, he could recruit him in his diabolical plan. Sure, it would take time, but he felt like that within that time he could form his own guild. The sad frown that was on his face would begin to straighten out. His feelings would be once again hidden. He couldn't show weakness yet. The worst was yet to come.

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