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Lil B

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#1Lil B 

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Lil B


Name: Bryson 'Lil B' Braxton

Age: 12 | December / 07 / x777

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desierto

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right buttcheek | Black

Face: Jamil - Granblue


Height: 4'9

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Bryson has a dark complexion with short, brown hair and large golden orbs for eyes. Like most kids his age, he stands at almost 5 feet and weighs a flat hundred pounds. He tends to be seen in a dark shirt and and dark bottoms. Anything dark, he's bound to wear, usually covered by a cloak of some sort. Bryson cares not about how expensive a piece of clothing is, only that it is clean. Usually, he likes to be as naked as possible because clothes make it harder for him to move - according to him. In Savannah, he was less inclined to wear anything on his body.

Extra: Hawk Tattoo across his back | Various slash marks on his back


Personality: Bryson, in short, is a perfectionist. He can be pretty hard on himself sometimes and has a low tolerance for mistakes. He has been pushed to the edge countless times by his father- nearly dying during training sessions from giving his all. Despite being so young, his battle IQ has been proven to be up to par with those even twice his age. Like a true hunter, he analyzes every situation- sometimes a little too much for his good. Most of his life he had to work and grow on his own. While he does work better alone, Bryson understands how to be a good teammate. He knows when to lead, and he knows when to take orders. For the most part, he can be described as Laid-back and stubborn but is very unpredictable. You just never know what will tick him off or make him laugh. Bryson is a respectable young boy with manners and a knack for giving good advice. He's so overprotective and loyal that he would even die for his loved ones.

Bryson prefers to talk to himself than to anyone else. He was raised to not trust anyone but himself. He was taught from a young age that people were naturally greedy and selfish, but this isn't to say that he doesn't give people a chance. He's still a child and can't help but see the good in people sometimes. Other people's opinions on himself don't matter to him. He uses his feedback as fuel, and will even purposely put himself down so that he can prove himself wrong.  He hates to be none other than numero uno, which means he is easily motivated to become "number one", though this isn't to say that he's a sore loser. Seeing that he doesn't lose very often, he can take a loss pretty well in front of others. It's when he is alone that the soreness is revealed. He holds himself and his peers up to a very high standard. His self-respect and pride are something very important to him.


  • Vegetables: Bryson has been vegetarian for as long as he can remember. His favorite foods are fruits and vegetables. He has never had meat ever in his life.
  • Sleeping: A kid his age shouldn't sleep as much as he does, but he just can't help it. If he isn't training or working then he can always be found sleeping somewhere.
  • Hunting: Whether he's hunting animals, or people doesn't matter. Hunting is his favorite sport.


  • Pink: The color pink is lame.
  • Fiorians: Borderline hate, Lil B cannot stand Fiorians for one reason or another, yet he tolerates them for one reason or another. Fiorians suck, but he does realize that not all are bad apples.
  • Slavery: Nobody deserves to be a slave.


  • Finding his little sister: Bryson's twin sister was taken from Savannah when he was younger. He has reason to believe that she is somewhere in Fiore and is usually on the lookout for her.
  • Avenging his family: Bryson's clan was murdered, abused, and stolen by Fiorian men and sold into slavery. His main priority is to become stronger so that he can hunt down everyone involved with his clan's demise.


  • Spiders: Bryson fears nothing more than he fears spiders. With their creepy little faces and legs, they make his skin crawl.
  • Dying Young: Lil B is in a world playing a game amongst people who don't care about children. Nobody has ever given him a handout and he expects no one to protect him. He's still a kid and has much of his life to live, he just hopes he can stay alive.


Magic Name: Arsenal

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: Arsenal magic is a magic that allows the user to create spells out of pure magical energy. These spells vary in color, size, and texture. When controlled properly, the user can create more complex shapes to be used accordingly. The constructs made from this magic vary in flexibility. Spells can be formed into pure beams of magical energy or shaped into more specific things like a sword or ax. By using the Arcane element, the user can create virtually any shape.


History: The only part of Bryson's journey that matters to you is the moment he finally escaped from the clutches of his master. He was stripped from his home when he was seven and was forced into slavery in Fiore. His family was separated but he remained with his twin sister until they were sold to two different families. From then he vowed to find his sister, no matter what it took.  Every day he would tend to his master and his master's family. A father, a mother, six sons, and six daughters- all rich Fiorian pricks with a chip on their shoulders. The entire family would treat him like shit. They attempted to keep him uneducated but during resting hours Bryson and one of his masters would stay up late and read together. They could hurt his body, but they would not hurt his soul.

This went on every day for about four more years until Bryson was up to par. Besides that one son, the family continued to treat him like scum. They didn't like how Bryson was able to take their beatings and would hit him harder until they saw him in pain. All that matters about Bryson's past is that. For five years, even after slavery had officially been abolished in Fiore, Lil B was still a slave. Every day he spent his time honing the skills his father had taught him when his masters weren't looking. He pretended that he could barely speak the common tongue, and convinced them that he was afraid. It was all an act though.

Finally, on his twelfth birthday, he slaughtered all of his masters in their sleep. None of them had any idea that he was capable of using magic. Every single one of them was sent to hell- including all twelve children, even the one that helped him learn. As much as he knew the boy didn't deserve to die, he didn't want him to have a hit out for him. The Savannan boy fled to Worth Woodsea to begin his real Journey.


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Venus Rosé

  • You cannot have '???' listed in Sexuality, will need to be defined.
  • Please specify the colour of your guild tattoo.
  • "...Fuck Fiorians tho, word." You might want to replace the word with something a little less vulgar or just not include it.

Bump when done.

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Lil B

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Venus Rosé

This character application has been approved.

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