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Ever Quiet Apperence(Open)

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 14, 2020 4:34 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
She jolted back to realizing the tea was before her. The response she gave was more of an excuse than anything else. Something to evade what was really going on in the turmoil of her hidden life. It was written on her face, but Kaz had pressured her enough about those things.

He nodded once again about her feelings toward Baska and Astera situation. A fine position to take on it and if the guild preferred it that way than Kaz had no complaints. It made for a more simple life and he was always a supporter of that. Everything was quickly falling into place within Astera but her trepidation in expanding was well-grounded.

The two walked toward the door and on the way out he briefly asked the receptionist to retrieve a stack of files. She handed the wind mage a manila envelope and he continued out of the building, "Great. Let's head down to the pier."

Before they walk even really begun, Judina remarked once more about her feelings. "Everyone's voices are important," he reassured her that even though she could be out-voted she would not go unheard. Despite being away fro so long and brought a sense of pride that she still felt so passionate about the land they had made their home.

The walk took them down the long staircase and into the city. Trainees patrolled the streets and watched for wrongdoing. The people had begun to get used to their presence there and slowly asked for more and more assistance when they were seen out.

Kaz handed her the folder, "Here is a list of people under your command, and some maps of the troubled areas. We may need to see about a more permanent prison situation." The idea of keeping criminals had been one of the things not delved into to deeply with all that had happened after the rune knights and nobility began to fall apart. But they needed somewhere to at least hold criminals that controlled magic.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 15, 2020 3:31 am

It was all leading to something that most people would most likely get never get out of her, Or it would take for too much effort to. Most people of the guild knew Judina did not open up to her problems or situation to just anyone easily.

The problem with Judina being the stricter of the two is she looked at everyone it might seemed it might strike a few people's nerves but because in training lessons she was harsh for a good reason.

Judina seemed to look upon the city for once in such moment a in while, She remember why she chose this city as well as this area. It seemed to bring her peace and even if faint in her emotions being hidden away worst then the days they first met, It left Judina with a small smile.

Kazimir and Judina's friendship was long enough of one that Judi's reason for her was simple and more personal to keep hold of this place, If they were not in same guild or even still working as mages here, Judina would most likely live here, She loved this place that much.

It was good and it was almost just a small break, taking the files with out problem. when it came to the prison part Judina just said."Has it ramped up that dangerously?"Her long quiet broke with curious question in return."I did not think we needed to add them." So far then it would just seemed like it was a quick choice."If needed then how many cells should we consider?"This seemed like a situation Judina had a feeling would consider sooner rather then later so it would be fine to start getting it rolling, The question of who would be watching them would not be asked by her.

#28Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Fri May 15, 2020 8:10 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Some of the trainees saw them coming and timid look crossed their faces as they recalled all the harsh sessions with Judina. And despite Kaz's general laid-back approach, one thing he took seriously was their training.

They moved through the streets and the pier got closer and closer with each block that they passed. The smell of fish from the merchant stalls soon saturated the air around them. people walked alongside carts that pulled crates of goods to go to market.

Kaz waved off the question she asked next. "No. Nothing as crazy as that. Just that for the criminals that can wield magic, the current cells may have trouble holding them or protecting against an attack from any mages that would want to break them out. Unless you'd rather just assign some of our numbers to those prisons to help?" As he asked the second question he thought that may have been the better choices anyway. To bolster their abilities rather than construct something new.

The conversation did have him thinking about another aspect. One that he thought would be implied but he chose to say it anyway, "And of course you'll be a part of that."

They soon arrived down by docks. The people were loading and unloading various cargo, mostly fish. Now that the threats on the islands were mostly dealt with, the business was picking up.

Kaz pointed toward the other end of the docks to a row of ships, three large and some smaller and privately owned vessels. "The big ones are the ones we brought from the knights. We'll need to finish refurbishing them for our purposes. But the smaller ones are the local authorities and sailors that have agreed to help us form a coast guard. I just wanted you to be aware of the more major changes." There was already one of the private ships patrolling the coast back and forth.

The fresh sea air was refreshing and Kaz took in a long deep breath. "Judi let me ask you something. out of all the people that are still here and that I knew in the knights...you are the person I've worked with the longest," he looked out over the ocean and then back at the people that worked it.

"Do you think it's alright that a non-human has so much sway over the lives of humans here?"

It was a pointed question, his tone wasn't one filled with doubt or worry but curiosity.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat May 16, 2020 1:32 pm

It seemed to be something that took her a bit to think up, But Judina had an idea for it."I will say to hold off expanding for it might not be needed."Judina mentioned right away. This is where Judina's harsh judgement would come into play for this very situation."Our numbers are fine as it is, We can continue adding people checking upon them more."There was leading more into it."keep record of anyone if they actually try to break out....If they do restraining them harshly would be done."Which that should lead into idea was exactly what Judina be thinking."Even if it means to blind them, Bind them down and keep them away from everyone else."These were the kind of things that Judina was keeping in her mind."If operations start to fail in the manner, Then I would  view expansion as needed."Was Judina's idea cruel? maybe was it long term yes, But it leave so many sections for many sections that all worked and each part seemed to be if something failed.

Staring upon the boat, Judina seemed to remember these such she would comment."And here I thought these would have been in better shape when we got them."That judgement in her thought seemed to that she was not too impressed, It seemed one of the many things Kazimir maybe was leaning towards fixing."As long as this coast guard will treat this boat, as well as we treat the people, I am fine with it."So Kazimir had the clear on this.

It was not exactly an out of place question, Bit of a break off of the work related matters they were talking about it, She had not put too much in a thought of it."Human and non-human should manage to exist together, As well as not control one another to effect their free will to choose to do what they will."It was almost an answer did not draw a clear line.

Maybe it was this part that even if not as a clear as one might have made her point."As long as I am free to choose what I will as a human, You as a Seraph are as well."It was just this very next line that might be odd."If a larger risk should exist, It is far better all the races exist together to live rather then stand divided."Judina left it at that, Was this foreshadowing to something else, Or Judina being thrown into a situation she did not know how exactly to empathize it was an interesting thing to ponder.

#30Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sun May 17, 2020 9:21 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir listened along as she laid down her plan on how to deal with it. Something that was the exact reason she was a good fit for the position. He nodded along with everything she said but abruptly paused when she mentioned blinding someone. He almost stopped in his stride. Maybe she had more in common with Shimura than he thought.

"Well, let's just avoid any plans to torture people or maim them for now,"He forced a smile to graze past that topic. He said they'd talk about it later but that was a topic he didn't intend on coming back around to. He didn't want to be responsible for a bunch of blind criminals wandering around.

Thankfully the topic turned to a more civil one. He cocked a brow when she mentioned the condition of the ships and then realized it was his fault for not being specific. "Oh sorry. They are actually all already in good working condition but we need to get rid of all the Rune Knight Insignia's and apply our own paint to them." That was a much less challenging job.

"And the citizens won't be using our ships. They have their own private vessels that they will patrol with." Hopefully that extra bit of information would make things a little more clear.

He couldn't help but smile at her answer. It was nice to hear how open she was about the idea, and working with non-humans. It didn't hit all the way home as to what Kaz wanted to know, because he himself was a non-human that had a lot of sway over human life and liberty but her answer was enough for him. "Thank You Judi," he replied sincerely.

"Of course. Let's continue to live free." Her past remark came out a little different than the others. He expected her to say something about working in harmony but he couldn't argue with standing together to face a unified threat.

"We all stood together against the demons. I don't see why we can't stand together against anything else."
The wind mage just assumed it was her natural militant mind at work.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 5:36 am

Having a second take and give Kazimir reaction Judina would clear it a bit better."Okay to make it clear, I am not saying taking eyes out, Blindfolded is the main idea of it."So Judina just was not explaining it enough."Maiming is not the intention at all, I will never consider that an option."Judina felt slightly embarrassed about not explaining it clearer."Only leaving things open to be dealt with with out maiming or blood."Judina even expressed a bit of embarrassment about it it was just slightly in her voice.

So it seemed clearer now and Judina really did not seem to mind at all."Here I thought that mark would be gone now, Unless you want to keep them as memento's of the past."Judina was not super worried about keeping them that was entirely Kazimir choosing Judina did not seem to express interest in anything with the Rune Knight mark still on the boat."Idea seems good enough to me."It was easy to get her to really approve ideas that work and where logical.

It seemed Judina get her foreshadowing in kind of out of the way, She managed to get a hint of something she was dealing with out of the way with out exactly saying it either."The notion of believing humans and non-humans can not live together in peace is stupid."Judina only mentioned because her bluntness was striking outward again."Everyone just wishes to live, causing problems for one another does not help at all."Well, her heart was in the right place, her explaining well given her blunt nature could use a bit of work, Or could dull her work mind set to be a  bit more in depth, But this was just how she was normally.

#32Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 18, 2020 9:44 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz gave a heavy sigh of relief and put his hand on the support beam of a nearby building and leaned into it. He whipped his forehead and laughed, both at his misunderstanding and Judina's embarrassment. "Phew. Well, that's a relief. You had me worried." Blindfolded seemed like a much more sensible option. "I was really worried you were going to start stabbing out eyeballs." He brushed away tear of laughter that ran down the side of his face. He hadn't laughed like that from a misunderstanding in a very long time.

As the conversation moved on he took some breaths to steady himself now that he didn't have to worry about maimed prisoners in the future. "Yeah. I'd like to remove the markings. Get our symbol out there for people to see. Nah...I think the past is better left swept away for now," he added with a bit of sadness in his voice. Losing the rune knights was tough and its decline was a sad moment for him to watch and be a part of. After obtaining his office in the knights it always felt like he could have done more to save it.

And then in the blink of an eye, Judi was back, just as brazen as she had always been. It was a stupid thing that the races couldn't get along and Kaz nodded his head along with that. "Hard part is getting beings to work together in general. Dark guilds, bandits, poachers, pirates. These are divisive times with a lot of fixing up ahead of us." he whole-heartedly believed in what Judi was saying, and they both knew how difficult and the long the road was in just getting humans alone to work together.

"And of course all the chaos with the nobles,"
he continued and shook his head.

Kaz looked at the sky as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon. "Thank you for the walk and the chat Judi. It's always welcome. I think we should probably head back before it gets too late." He gave her a small bow and if she agreed, he would walk her back to the guild or say his farewell there.

Either way, "Good Night Judi. And Now that I think about it. I'll go ahead and get started on those vacation papers. I think the stress is getting to you if you're talking about taking out eyes," he joked and gave her a bow to say his farewell for now.



Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 20, 2020 5:25 pm

The wonders of phrasing with a gift and a curse, In Judina's case it was in fact a horrible curse. Since that was not the not at least not much explaining was really needed either."I do have a moral standing as well, I maybe how I am.  A code of Moral will still be kept."Judina would do her best to kind of keep herself in line.

It would be better to have this be the last time she would do something like this to herself or well hopefully she did not embarrass herself, Most likely this was not the case she would do something like this again just with another person at the end of her own misunderstanding.

Everything was a work in progress."Surely we may have to find to figure that out, Even if it will take many years."Maybe Judina for once in her life was being hopeful, expressing it was just however the her still lacking it. Then again Judina also said."Nobles will eventually have to yield to what the public wishes, We can only adjust to them peacefully if anything."That unknowing harshness returned, Judina was being unknowingly standing against helpful odds.

When Kazimir mentioned vacation papers Judina seemed to laugh."Your funny Kazimir, I will be fine."Judina did not think he was exactly serious. Judina would return to her office to see exactly what Kazimir said would have done. Vacation papers on her desk and to her own dismay, Looking at the papers and finally letting it sink in she just kind of mutter to herself."But why? won't the stress of the guild get to him like it will me?"Judina wanted to question this, Then wondered what exactly it would lead to, Questioning some one with the title of master was not bright.


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