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Ever Quiet Apperence(Open)

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Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Tue Apr 14, 2020 5:01 am

The phantom she was in her appearance around people, Judina even to eventually show up going through the doors of her guild, The problem with her ever determine will to continue this task given to her was, Judina seemed mentally exhausted, as well as she was bottle up that exhaustion and not giving herself a chance to let it out.

Since any really saw her last she seemed vastly different, The normal blue eyes seemed to have changed to a slightly cold nature, As well as more purple of late, Most people could not really read Judina face any more.

The once brighter woman learning to open up, Closed her social shell quickly. The longer dark blue was cut away to something far shorter, Normally covered in plate was now in more casual Gothic attire more then anything else.

Everything was quiet to her, In fact her own steps seemed to not make a sound now days because she no longer wore as much armor to make sound. The only sound that echoed with in her mind seemed to be her own breathing at the moment, At least until some one spoke to her or Zaggarodh did.

Sometimes to wonder how you could explain how vast and empty space was and how sound barely could easily seem to fade away quickly. Also keeping in mind she had yet to ever tell anyone what the reality of watching a barren planet get consumed was like either.

That fear struck her hard the first time she saw it, Since then it was why Judina went from a more casual hard working knight to a more strict and slightly colder one, Signs that she was struggling in her own manner showed that way. Since Zaggarodh's voice was quiet for now, Judina could actually be at the guild, For her sometimes rare appearances.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Thu Apr 23, 2020 12:35 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was just putting away a tea set in the open kitchen that was next to the lobby and lounge. The only thing that separated them was a bar-like counter that came up waist-high. The broom he used to sweep with was leaning against the small bar counter that he knelt behind. The doors that connected the lobby with the training center were standing open. He had used it in the morning and was settling down with a nice cup of tea.

He shifted around some pots and pans that were underneath. "Now where do you go?" He asked out loud to himself. The guildhall was still quiet aside from the faint sounds of the receptionist cleaning or shuffling around paperwork.

The sound of boots clanked across the hard floor and nearly echoed through the hall. Kaz poked his head up and peeked over the counter. A smile came across his face, unseen as it was still below the counter. He couldn't believe it. At first, he squinted over the top of the counter at the newcomer. But he recognized that walk. At least he thought he did, but she was so much different.

The wind mage stood up and waved, "Been a while. how are you?" As the person got closer he finally realized it was his old comrade Judina making one of her rare appearances in the guild. "It's good to see you. Tea?" he asked and rose the teapot back from where he stored it.

Regardless of what she said he would put the teapot back on the stove and fill it with fresh water. He grabbed a pair of teacups and placed them on the counter, one for each of them. He turned to face the cabinet as he listened to what she had to say. Finally, he reached up to grab some tea and get it ready to serve.

"What have you been up to?"


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Fri Apr 24, 2020 7:19 am

Could not help to wonder, if so much time had passed while she had been gone that the very guild she would help put together had already faded away or was gone in some manner that she had not realize how much time had passed or maybe being out in such a different and away situation lead into so many thing being different for her.

Who all was around? did anyone die from old age while she was gone? Sure the idea of the guild seemed well made, The area was a bit vast with areas for everyone to be roomy enough. No doubt that her own room most likely had a fair amount of dust to it.

Judina would slowly start looking around the guild house while she was walking around. There lied in her mind a feeling of disconnect. The sound of some one moving about Judina would walk towards it to wonder what was going on.

When it was Kazimir and how he was casually greeting her Judina could not help and remark."You act far too much like my mother I swear."his casual way of being reminded her of her mother which, Consider how Kazimir and her mother had met and got along she could wonder if during her time gone they met and had conversation in riddles again.

"Even down the asking of tea right away too."The monotone voice of her that feeling of disconnect as still on her emotions form whatever she was doing. So far she had not answered any questions yet."I've had some personal matter, I just have been dealing with."For now she had that to play it off of. She did look different with short and more purple hair and less armor. Judina still did not seem all that different just more withdrawn.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:08 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage smiled at her comment while getting the tea ready, "Good to see you too," he said in jest. "I suppose that's why we get along so well." Judina's mom and the wind mage incidentally did have a fair bit in common. It reminded the wind mage just how long it had been since he had seen Judith. Things had been a black hole of time since the creation of the guild. With roots firmly planted in Astera, it was hard to venture out very often.

"What better way to welcome someone than with a bit of tea," he remarked as the water began to boil. He didn't ask any follow-up questions as it seemed it was a personal matter that she wanted to keep tp herself primarily. But she knew he was there if she needed to say anything or get something off of her chest.

The tea began to whistle and he removed it from the stove and poured them both a cup. "You look a lot different. Why the change? It's a good look though. Going with something more mobile than heavily armored?" he asked, curious about the change, and knowing Judi he assumed it had something to do with the practicality of combat or perhaps a change of fighting styles.

The tea steamed from the cups and Kaz pulled up a chair for himself to sit across from her. He took the cup in his hand and rose it to his lips for a small sip. Even though he had finished some not too long ago it was still enjoyable. He waited to hear what Judi had to say about the sudden change to her look. The past year had brought with it some changes to all of them. Judi would even notice a strange golden hue to one of Kaz's eyes that flickered every once and while.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:54 pm

It did not feel strange a least they got along so well, Even if they were opposites that way. Then again it was like her mother told everyone, Judina was more her father then her."Some one has to understand her way of speaking sometimes, Heaven's forbid she speaks normally and not in riddles." She did not sound annoyed by it, Only because Judina was far too use to it by now.

Even with the welcome and mention Kazimir started to seem to reflect that way far too much more."Did you get her to teach you her mannerisms and tone of voice as well?"Even asking with an eyebrow raised. Maybe Kazimir was just managing it far too well."What's next your going to manage to get her singing voice too."That heavy amount of sarcasm that was implied was the most likely point that Judina was making a joke, Hoping Kazimir was not actually taking singing lessons from her mother.

"It felt time to shed a lot of the plate when the Rune knights disbanded, The feeling to be more mobile came to mind during the change."
It was a vast shift but it seemed to work."That and people will not recognize me right away looking this, No doubt it would be helpful if we were going after some one like Priscilla if i did not walk around in red armor with long hair."Even with Judina being busy that was still on her mind, One task to another.

It showed that it was taking it's toll on her but she just continued on out of sheer will."Did you buy various kind of tea for the guild? Or do we need to find my brother Waylon and have him bring  in more flavors of tea for the guild?"Judina seemed curious what would be said next. Mostly because she did not know the tea stock.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:08 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz gave a small laugh. "She does speak in riddles a lot. Sometimes its even difficult for me to decipher them, but that's part of the fun right?" Judith was an interesting character and he always thought it was fascinating that Judina was so straight forward given how Judith was more roundabout. Something that probably made growing up a delight or a headache for Judina at times. At least that's what Kaz was thinking.

"Huh?" Kaz responded unaware of just how similar he may have been acting compared to Judith. Then Judina made...a joke. He looked at her with a tilted head and then gave a smirk at her humor. He sipped his tea once more, "Are you saying that Judith is giving lessons? If so then I'd be more than delighted to start a choir with the two of you," he joked back at her, but there was a hint of sincerity in his voice too. He had never been big on signing, but if it was a new skill to tamper around with then, he would be interested. "I can play the flute and maybe accompany you."

He nodded along with her explanation about the change. It made sense to him anyway. "Interesting. Yeah, it would be easier to move after some criminals that knew who you were. A big adjustment for that reason, but you have always been all or nothing," he said casually. If there was anything true about Judina, it was that she had a very clear work ethic. Although Kaz made no remark about the Priscilla situation.

"Oh, only some,"
he replied looking back at the tea cabinet. "There are a few options there but nothing special," he looked back at her. "That's a great idea if you can get a hold of him." The tea stock would eventually run low anyway and going ahead with a restock would be useful.

He took another sip of the tea and set the cup down, "Your room here is the same as when you left it. Not much has changed around her. The citizens support the guild being here. We started a coast guard too."


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:13 am

Seems that were both different on that part."I do not enjoy that part myself."So between the both of them it was just Kazimir who seemed to enjoy them"Being raised around it the only one who did not mind was my youngest brother."So three of her five total family members seemed bothered buy it in some manner,Judina just seemed at least use to it.

Which now lead towards this comment."I do not personally know, But I would rather not know the answer of that. I am unsure if the windows would handle a mage of wind trying to learning how to sing notes." She would assume the bill would be costly, after all windows were easy to replace but with how many could break it could be costly.

"A wind mage playing a wind instrument, I guess I should not be super shocked by that."It was still something she did not know not point that out right away.

"I also don't sweat as much from boiling with in steel plates often."Judina's cover up work rather then it was easier to do what she was with out a lot of plates on her, It was nicer at least to move around."If i can move easier, I could do a lot more. So at least i can hope."With the all or nothing part."There is a balance between knowing when to be working, when not too."Judina would most likely not mention the part that she always seemed to be in work mode, Nothing else.

"I will get a hold of Waylon shortly then."
It would seem that it would not more casual now, Then again Kazimir never had met Waylon yet, would be at least one of the few Kazimir  has yet to meet of her family."I could assume the people here would be fine with us, After all we intend more good then anything else for them."Not even paying mind to her room so far."Unless any of our members have caused any problems?"She asked more curious then anything else. But that could be dangerous for some one if some one was causing problems."

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir couldn't help but let out another small laugh at the amount that Judith's way of speaking bothered her family. "Who knows Judi. Maybe in a few more years, you'll be telling some riddles yourself." It was a simple comment and he doubted that would be the case. But time did have a way of changing people. Yet Judina was probably stubborn enough to fight it.

He furrowed his brow innocently at her rebuttal, "I'm not that dangerous. Probably only a minor breeze," he said and then remembered that he did cast some of his more powerful spells by yelling. "Probably."

haha, "Yeah I suppose it is pretty cliche. But its something my clan did a lot. easiest to learn I suppose. But I don't play very often." In fact, he couldn't remember the last time he did play. With all that had happened, it was the first to fall by the wayside.

He didn't even think about how much she was probably sweating all the time in that armor. it must have been pretty uncomfortable. He had always assumed that as a metal mage she had some secret way around it but magic can only go so far. "I think we talked about that balance once before. And about how both of us worked too much." It was a long time ago now. Probably their first real conversation with each other.

He nodded at her agreement to track down her brother. The last one in her family for him to meet. "Thanks."

The topic turned back to the guild and of course, the one in charge of the law was curious about trouble makers. But it proved to be a great opportunity for Kaz to shift some things around. He folded his hands one on top of the other. "Not so much trouble but Shimura is as hot-headed as ever," he said shaking his head.

"Just as straight forward and determined about things as you are."


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:58 am

It broke Judina kind of emotionless and work mindset for a moment, She laughed."Yeah and what else? I am going to be married with a son or daughter as well?"You could tell she was most likely masking some wishes she had in there with humor and did not want to admit in some manner she wanted some of these things happen, If anything Judina was lying to herself about what she wanted in life to keep herself going."I know I have a singing voice from her, But I won't go that far."It was some part of herself that Judina never really mentioned, But a singing voice never was needed for work.

When it came to the not that dangerous part Judina seemed to raise an eyebrow at it."I was putting it lightly at the windows as well."Which was a good point, Kazimir was capable of much more then just breaking windows, But she was kind being nice about it.

"It is normal sometimes to have talents that are rarely used."Judina mentioned it because it seemed that she mentioned that exact things herself not too long a go.

Kazimir mentioned they both worked too much and she would just say."What are you going to force me to take a vacation? you are free too whenever and i can deal with the paperwork in your place."Judina mentioned, It did not dawn on her that she was saying this to most like the only person in the guild that could get her to take a break she was saying this too, Kazimir was still her guild master even if they both viewed each other as equals.

When it came to the tea part at least they saw eye to eye on that."I am sure he isn't that hard to find, Maybe even a letter would do, We would just need to find out what kinds to get."Judina might know enough but it seemed far more in Waylon's hands.

Unsure if it was almost like Kazimir was taking another casual sly mention to her she just sighed."So still a risk for something to happen, He might need to be reminded to keep his temper under control."Or irony would just fly over her head perfectly and Judina did not realize what that could lead into, Just as stiff minded as she was normally.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:25 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He also remembered a vague talk about that, they had once. About being committed to someone and finding time for love and family. Something that at that time neither of them really focused on. "Perhaps," Kaz replied with a cheeky smile. Things were still hopeful for her. But for the Nephilim it was an odd thing to think about. Those conversations were easier when he was human and could have children. At least children that he wouldn't live longer than.

"Oh you do," Kaz replied a little surprised and eager. "Well now that you mention I'd love to hear it one day." The cat was out of the bag now. She opened the door and Kaz was ready to hear what voice Judith passed down to her daughter. To think all this time and she had that skill tucked away.

"I guess I'll leave the singing to you then,"
he added about the dangers that came with him trying.

He rose his brow when she spoke about being forced to take a vacation. It almost sounded like she wanted him to and that she likely would never stop working unless that was the case. Then again she had been gone a long time and after a long trip some rest was helpful. "If I have to," He said with a soft and calm voice. "You've been gone for some time. You should take a break every once and awhile." he did still view them as equals and being the guild master was still something odd to him and more of a formality than anything else. At least in his mind anyway.

"I can make a list of the ones we have to be sent with the letter to him. Then he can just decide what he thinks we need," he suggested.

It started out with a casual comment on Shimura but Judina took it rather seriously. He couldn't blame her though. Shimura took his feelings rather seriously as well. "Perhaps. He wants us to be more militant. I'll have to have a talk with him someday."

"Have you spoken to your family this past year?"
he asked, slightly shifting the conversation again.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Fri May 01, 2020 3:42 am

That perhaps was just a moment where she would quietly dismiss that idea from her mind, If she focused on her own desires, Her work life may effected by that, Zaggarodh's hunger already effected it enough as it is, Until that day weather Zaggerodh can be bested or Judina may have to be an enemy to almost everyone she knows, That was not ruled out in her mind, Thus with these on her mind everything was set back.

"The one day will be a very long day that you will be waiting for."
Judina will also most likely forget that Kazimir learned this as well, But people barely spoke about their talents outside of work."So good luck getting me too."Judina talked about it like she would most likely not even try too.

It seemed to be like neither of them would yield about taking a break from work right away."Once and a while can wait  later."She was not backing down, Which would be expected of Judina."It seems very much, There are other things to do."They did just kind of mention that things that might need to be done even if casual.

A List of tea."He will give us most like double that if I recall correctly of how he works."Judina loved tea, But Waylon took it to an extreme. Well this seemed to be an interesting a conversation, Judina felt the opposite."We are fine as we are now, We will not be changing anything about how the guild work currently."Judina seemingly replied to him about what Shimura thought."We alter anything now is risky to the how to public feels about us."At least it was how Judina felt about it.

She almost wanted to not be shocked about it."No, I have not."a plain almost expected answer  from her, She seemed kind of use to not seeing them."I can fix that later."Just later can always been set to an unknown time.

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 1:14 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz smirked and looked at Judina, "It's a good thing I can leave for a few hundred years then. Some of the perks of being a Nephilim. I may even get to see your grandkids." He added and thought about the mystery behind her mother's youthful appearance again. Something he had never been able to solve. But maybe one day. She had definitely taken a step in a different direction than the day they spoke and she was ready to give ideas like that a try.

"So you've decided not to date then?" he wasn't going to ask but as always his curiosity was too hard to keep down.

She was still stubborn and wouldn't even entertain the idea of taking a break at least not yet. Kaz drummed his fingers on the table. "Well, normally I would insist. But the guild is in a state right now where we need you around. At least until we get this island situation under control. Lots of beasts have been showing up there recently."

Kaz nodded in agreement and took a sip of his tea. "You don't have to tell me," he said with a smile. "I agree. We are in a good place right now. The people support us and there have been no aggressive actions from a large group or another guild."

"Just some crime to keep in check. But it's convincing Shimura that will take the work. but yes. The guild has an image right now and its too soon to change it. And I like where we are."

She went on to say that she hadn't spoken to her family. Not a huge surprise as they rarely spoke to each other anyway. But it made him wonder all the more as to what she had been up to this whole time.

"You push back things too far they will never get done. But You know if you ever need to get something off your chest I am here."
he made the offer and she could do what she wanted with it. he just wanted her to know that she could find support withing the guild.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sat May 02, 2020 2:03 am

There was a part of her that almost made her because serving a planet eater and if she tried to date and that got out it would risk any lovers she could take in even her family."Not exactly, I doubt myself too much to even try."They have talked about this before, That was her answer the first time it has not changed and for not it was a good cover."Even then, None seem to have taken my interest yet."Which was another true thing added in. She was a hard woman to deal with and even if she might not be too picky but if no one interested her that was another problem a well.

Proving Judina's point that if he was going to make her or not."Then I guess I am not taking a vacation then."She would assume that would be the end point of this part."What is the situation with the island?"it was now time for details and information for Judina to piece together some kind of plan."And who do we have on hand?"This was kind of stuff Judina was more able to figure out easily.

for now Judina even seemed to ignore what problems Shimura may give them, The people here were more important to her."What are also the places more at risk?"Full work mode it seemed for her.

However yet again it would even break for a moment."The only thing bugging me is something I wanted to ask my mother if she was lying about me or not about."It work her work mindset for a moment picking up the slightly unsure sound in her voice."That conversation with her chilled me to the bone long before anything happen."an odd statment from Judina but it showed she buried a lot of things.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sun May 03, 2020 6:49 am

Kazimir Seiryu
It was a shame she doubted herself in that way. Beyond the cold hard-working exterior. he knew Judi would be a great catch for anyone coming her way. Then again with her next sentence, maybe it was the fact that she was really picky. Something he could understand in their line of work.

"Something tells me you haven't looked around a lot either," he said knowing she was probably knee-deep in work and travel. it was hard to even find time sometimes to even see people who could be an option. Things seemed to all come back to the mysterious work she was doing and had been doing the past year.

Kaz just gave a small sigh. "Not yet anyway but don't worry. I'll write up a formal document for you to have a forced leave of absence if I need to. Once things calm down anyway." He said it with a bit of glib but he was serious too. He full well intended for her to get a break after things were settled. Everything just seemed to be in a vulnerable and changing state right now.

No surprise she dove into what was going on with the island. "Well. there have been lots of monster attacks. Sirens, a kraken, sharks, mutated merfolk. They are coming out of the woodwork."

Kaz wished he had a folder with him of all the things but he remembered well enough, "On hand, you have access to all the acolytes and knights in your division. Shimura has also been active against the threats. So you can also coordinate with him. You'll have access to the ships of course."

The warships were something they...kept from their days in the knights. Some moved around paperwork before he left. Although he wouldn't tell Judi he requisitioned them using his position in a less than proper way. But he wasn't above fudging some paperwork.

"Right now the coast and the cliffs are most at risk. Got bandits there too."

"What conversation? Do you think your mother would lie to you,"
he asked with concern about the situation. He had grown close to all of Judi's family and this seemed like a heavy situation.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 12:27 am

A moment of pause Judina seemed to be trying to think up of some kind cover for that flaw as well, Alas she had nothing for it."You are correct there as well."She did not take it horribly either she just knew, That she really was not looking either. Maybe to her down fall but she was trying not to reflection on it either for the moment.

She would just kind of chuckle."I'll believe it when i see the papers."It was the easily guessed remark as she started thinking over things in her mind."Until then it will be off my mind."To dismiss it so quickly was just her going back to work or worrying about work as her normal.

Seemed like there was a fair bit of build up considering the amount."No exact number of how many we have to deal with I assume?"Already she was considering many factors."At least if we have a count of if there is more then one kraken we might be able to manage, But Krakens take a lot of time and people."and the largest risk as well.

The point of the bandits and the cliffs being a risk."I can send my entire section to clear the bandits out."That might be overkill but it was the largest threat to the city of Astrea"Or I will clear them myself entirely alone."That was just was equally as risky but she sounded like she was determine to configure some kind of blunt plan, for now she was not asking about the ships even if it seemed to be noted that the ships were a good idea.

When it came to that part about her mother, Judina actually seemed unsure if she wanted to talk about him about what was said right away."I am unsure if I wish to fully speak of it right away."It most likely spoke volumes of what it could be if Judina was unsure about talking about it right away.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Mon May 04, 2020 9:57 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
For once, Judi seemed to concede a point. It almost surprised Kaz but also told him that he shouldn't pursue it any further. She would move at it on her own time and was probably working through a lot with all the changes in the world.

He gave a small laugh as Judi chuckled off the remark. "Trying to give me more paperwork Already huh? Very well then, I'll have them drafted up and ready to go," he remarked and was considering actually drafting them up just in case. "So Judi if you did have a vacation, what would you do with it?" Now that he thought about it, for a woman that worked as much as she did, he was curious what she would do, or if she would just use it to visit family.

He shook his head, "I'm afraid not. not exact number. They just keep popping up here and there." it was True. The incidents had been very sporadic but he would get her all the important files on the situation. "The Kraken's been taken care off, but you may have to worry if there is another one. So far the creatures have been just as random as the encounters." So far the creatures he listed all been dealt with before, but that didn't stop others of their kind from showing up.

Kaz's eyes widened with a bit of surprise at her gusto in taking the whole faction. And then again when she said she could just go alone, and he waved his hand to push that thought aside from the danger of it alone. "maybe we could start with a scouting part," he replied hoping that would sit well with her. The full force may be overkill but he wouldn't stop her but he'd rather she'd take someone with her and not go alone. "And then if you think the full force is needed it's all up to you how you want to handle it. But I would prefer you not go alone." She was a hammer ready to fall, that's for sure.

Kaz nodded at her evasion to the question of her mother, "I understand. I won't ask anything further. Dealing with emotions and family can be like trying to hold wind in your hand," he replied but then embarrassingly put his hand on the back of his head, "Oh...when you're not a wind mage that is."


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Tue May 05, 2020 4:08 am

Walking right into it seemed."Your the only one giving yourself more paper work, Not I."a given reaction to it.For now the paperwork was not there so she was working. The question was interesting."Either spend a small amount of time resting in room for once, Or try to find at least one of my family members, Not much else."She did not want much either, But that could be work on her mind for the moment to know what exactly all of her idea for a vacation.

So far it was all just starting to piece together and Judina did not mind that, She had things she could start doing."If they are just random encounters, Then we will have to start setting up posts and watchers for the monsters, Trained to fight each kind."Yes that Judina that got problems solved was starting to come out in simple ways, This was a basic idea.

"The body of the Kraken, Is attracting the sharks looking for food, If we guide away the body shark will be a less risk."A simple thing to point out that might help, It might solves two of the many problems they had currently.

The all or nothing part needed balance, as always it did have some one to reflect ideas."Maybe that could work better, But we do not know if the bandits are expecting scouts from out end as well."The more Judina seemed to be in work mode, The more almost emotionless and stiff she seemed to get now."A mixed team of scouts and stealth fighters to protect would more be ideal."but her brain was working at least.

She would listen to reason.l"I will at least not go alone, If i do I will bring a few people with me."So that reason came to her mind, But it also came with a sigh, With an unsure look on her face.

Now she felt maybe it was better if some one did hear it."It is hard to believe my mother, When she told me she use to experiment on people for understand the matter of the human body, To achieve eternal life...It seemed strange for her to admit."With how it made the work bound almost emotionally stiff Judina stop and feel unsure, It proved that there was a reason she was almost uncomfortable."I thought it was a joke,Even if she was crying with that admission..."With that Judina seemed to almost stop her work like mind set. It seemed to actually cause Judina distress to mention and she was trying to not let it effect her.

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Thu May 07, 2020 1:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"There aren't many better ways to spend the time. Good choice." It was paperwork that he'd be happy to take on. Something as simple as a vacation request would be a delight compared to some of the other work that he had to do. Her idea of a vacation was a simple one, and he expected a nice quiet time resting would be right up her alley. Something to take her mind off things, it sounded like a good way to spend the time to Kaz as well. Perhaps he'd take one up too.

"I'll get you the information for it. Sounds like a good plan of action. Take care of it how you see fit. The resources are at your disposal." One could easily assume that working was just as much a vacation for the woman as resting on the beach would be to others.

Kaz nodded along at the statement about the Kraken, "I'll send a ship out to gather the body and pull it away."

"Yeah pair them with some fighters. In the future, I think its best if we cross-train the scouts so that they can fight for themselves and travel in smaller numbers."
It was something that always bothered Kaz. He was trained as a scout for his clan and they all had to be able to fight. The separation here made him annoyed and saw it as a waste of resources when they could be trained to do the same. One of the things he intended on changing.

Judina's sigh at bringing people, caused Kaz to shake his head with a grin at how she never hid any of her feelings. "Thanks. Can't have you all risking your lives like that."

Kaz was in the middle of taking a sip of his tea when Judina's next statement about her mother made him pause. He just held the cup to his lips. "Experimented? Judith?" He had to ask again in disbelief at what he just heard. There was no way innocent Judith could have done something like that. But it did make sense. Her unnatural life span and reluctance to share that secret. For the first time, he saw real distress in his fellow guild member.

He set the teacup down and put his hand on her shoulder, "That must have been tough to hear if it's true. I'm sorry. How did you handle it?"


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Fri May 08, 2020 7:23 am

With much of Judina's moments of quiet, Working here got her mind of the vast emptiness of space and hearing nothing, not even the wind."They might be trained to hard for what is prepared to come for them..."Judina mentioned but it was the reality of these plans that had to be kept, You could not casually plan and train people to become. That or Judina herself was far to hard on everyone else in training as she is herself.

After the body is removed another question would be posed."What will we do with it? I don't assume we can just leave it some where in the open, something is bound to come for it or some one will try and take it."Which seemed like a minor thought but maybe needed to keep in mind.

"The scouts are also more likely to be be attack first too, It is why that is a good idea as well as have some one with them."So Kazimir would have his way in there, But it was not like his suggestion did not have a reason for it.

"I am surely far capable of dealing with bandit's myself, But safety is important."That and maybe it would just save her a fair amount of trouble, If Judina had went there alone, No telling how she would get out of it, But most likely there would but a lot of dead bandits.

The already for the most part emotionless woman just tried to hide how uncomfortable she felt about the subject."I would prefer not to talk about it, I still feel it was a lie."Judina seemed to be in denial about it, she could not cover up her feeling of it but would just kind of leave it is."A cruel joke."The problem with that statement is Judith was not a joker and Judina knew it just did not think about it right away.

#20Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
She made a good point they very well couldn't just relocate the body somewhere else and dump the problem in someone else's lap. He thought for a moment to try and figure out the best way to deal with the dead sea creature. He snapped his fingers, "Got it. We can just have Shimura melt the thing down. He is always looking for something to burn anyway." That should hopefully take care of any problems they would have with the body of the beast. Maybe it was time to create a disposal unit if they would have to tackle any more situations like that one.

"It is good to have someone with them. As long as its a small number. It would defeat the purpose of stealth if we sent too many. I'll see to the training of the scouts. When I'm done they should be fine to go. All soldiers need combat training to deal with a situation and I'd prefer if scouts could handle themselves as good as the others." Kaz saw scouts as a more specialized sect as opposed to a separate one. His goal was that all soldiers would be trained the same and have the same combat capabilities and scout would be a step up from that with those soldiers having undergone training to become scouts. Essentially taking already trained soldiers and making them scouts instead of separating the training in the beginning.

"Of course. I know you can take care of them, But you never know what could happen. They may end up with a few surprises or have found a way to hire a merc," having more people would hopefully mean a more peaceful surrender too. he could hope and he very well couldn't send one of the division leaders out alone. A bit hypocritically as he was prone to do that very same thing on more than one occasion. But luckily Judi was around so rarely she probably wouldn't know unless she had the urge to read over old reports that she missed.

She stepped away from the topic of her mother, choosing to believe that it was a lie. He wasn't about to press the issue as family matters were a touchy subject. "How do you feel about Advent World?" he changed the subject almost forgetting she was gone for that bit of time.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Sat May 09, 2020 8:23 pm

It seemed most logical, Judina being a her normal way would just mention."And he will not burn or damage anything else around it I hope."Judina might have her mind on talking to to him eventually, What things Judina had heard of this name. She did not like the sound of his action and mind set."When he does finish melting it down, I will wish to inspect the area he does it in, Just to be sure not much damage has happen aside from melting away a sea monster body."Was this Judina being too picky about it? Or hard on everything as she was always could be many cases.

Judina's plan was not to have much with them anyway."I was planing at least half the number of stealth followers as the scouts....I am not down playing their work, I setting back ups to them just to make sure."She did not sound bothered nor worried about it. If anything formatting this made the details more helpful for this scouting team to be very helpful in fixing the loose ends."So one stealth back up per two scouts."So not many which was her idea.

Maybe it was better that way too Judina would have just gone in and used some of her power from Zaggarodh to rid them all at once, But that was risky if she used that power. If that broke out in view of some one, Judina would have far more explaining then anyone else after all, She was still known as a Metal Maker, her shift in magic is not known to anyone in her guild, Not yet anyway and she would not want to reveal it for the sake of them having less problems to deal with.

But that change of subject Judina seemed to just slightly mention one thing."I would like to say that are a fine guild, But I have yet to meet and speak with any of their members, So I my judgment might be not helpful in that manner."The good thing about her bluntness was also followed up with good amount of honesty and self awareness.

#22Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz shrugged at her comment about Shimura burning anything extra down. "I hope not. I assume you'll want to supervise that?" he asked and figured that Judi would want to be as hands-on as possible in that situation. That way maybe she could control him a little better. The wind mage could only hope that Shimura wouldn't take anything with him. But the man was explosive to make an understatement. He would prefer for her to be there during the whole thing and could stop him if things went too far.

The scout situation seemed to have resolved itself well enough and Kaz had no further remarks to make about it. So he chose to move forward and asked, "Do you have any other questions about the situation or needs?" if there was anything else she needed or wanted they could handle it now and he could put in the request for it. As much as he hated dealing with all the tedious details of his job, he still did it.

Kaz's other concern was that she had not used her magic in the training hall or on a mission for a long time. Now saw her use any of the facilities and it made him wonder what the state of her abilities were. He knew her as a person that loved to train and improve and something felt off about not seeing her in there perfecting it.

Kaz nodded along with Judi. It would be hard to gauge a guild by just meeting them, so instead, he asked the more important question. "As you know Baska has no guild. As for the direction of our guild, would you rather solidify Astera and focus our efforts here, or solidify Astera and try to expand?" He asked it rather calmly for a question that impacted the entire future of the guild.


Ever Quiet Apperence(Open) Empty on Wed May 13, 2020 1:20 am

She would have some less restricting way of replying to that."I will, unless you truly believe is he fine to deal with it with out me there to watch, Then I can do my inspection later."Judina was trying to be nice in any stage of her work mind would let her, Which Kazimir could suggest something else at this point that might be equally helpful or seen fitting.

That comment was a sign that Judina wanted to see if Kazimir would have either faith or belief enough in Shimura to just get this done and she did not need to watch anyone.

Signs that Judina was off her normal self, was the fact that even if had accepted, had a cup of tea. Judina had never touched it, just left it in place. Knowing full well this was another sigh something might be different or amiss, in all of the vast odd pieces that things that where odd for Judina.

But Judina seemed to be acting normal. Either Judina was really in a place in her life she just need to stop for a while, Or something had vastly shifted in her life with these small hints and Judina was trying her best to balance whatever it was and work and had not gotten everything in place yet.

Whatever it was, Most likely getting it out of Judina would be quite a task if depending how it is mention or spoken about it for now Judina seemed to be working. Maybe it is Judina just trying to stick to one place and wanting to keep things in line in one area."Unless, You view expanding needed for the people there, Everything should be in place here first."Judina had simple mind set, But Judina wanted to keep things in Astrea in place only because she could keep track of it."No guild does open it up them to risk, Unless they are in a dangerous situation, I do not view expansion as needed."For now that is how she felt, Given how Judina was. Kazimir could most likely change Judina's mind on whatever he felt fit.

#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz nodded back. He didn't expect Judina to just be okay with inspecting after but it was nice to know she trusted her fellow guildmate. As long as that matter was dealt with, it was all okay with him. "Alright then. it's settled. I'll let Shimura know soon and see when he can get to it. And you and he can work out the details." it was something off his list of things to do but he would help out with it as often as he could.

It wasn't until now that he noticed she never touched the tea. Even if she didn't want it, Judi was the type to drink it out of a sense of social obligation. Even their first meeting at the bonfire, she was there because it was a knightly thing to do. "Your tea will get cold," he said calmly and subtly bringing the oddity to her attention.

Perhaps she did need that vacation after all. The could probably handle all these matters without her being there and she could pick things back up when she returned. It would be too late to reoffer it now though. not without a more definitive reason. He'd have to think on this matter a bot more but knew she needed one soon.

She was right, that everything needed to be in place her first. But what would they do after that? Stay here or reach farther. He took a sip of his tea and stood up. "And once everything is in place here?" He asked to verify what she felt was the future direction of the guild.

"Will you walk with me into town. I wanna show you something by the docks,"
he asked, and if she said yes, he would quickly finish his tea and walk toward the door. Judina always liked to keep things simple and to the point. "So your vote is for us to keep our attention on Astera. That works for me. I'm trying to get a feel from all the members with how they want to move forward. And with our neighbors." For Kaz he could go either way. If the guild wanted to move then he would and if they were content then so was he. In the end, as long as they served the people he was fine.


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Judina seemed to stop entirely mentally. thinking to herself that she had a cup of tea to start with, Realizing she had no out of this situation."Oh...right."Judina would try to attempt and act normal when in reality she was kind of panicking internally. She would just pick up her cup of tea and take a sip from it."Planning is taking up my mind it seems."it was a horrible way of planning her way out of a awkward social situation, With a more withdrawn behavior it was making things worst for her.

"When, everything is in place we can have another conversation about other cities. I just don't view it as important as the current one we're in."Judina  was hoping she did not sound too narrow minded like that, then again she seemed to have much going on and she was losing track of it entirely, Only merely to try and keep it in place like she gelt like she was.

It was an odd moment but Judina kind of just said."I guess I could spare the time to go for a walk."Kazimir had that going at least, She was fine with that.

Which would lead right back to work, Which isn't shocking to Kazimir."We started here, I am far more determine to keep it in our hands."Internally it was not really showing but it is because Judina could keep it in her mind they had this city and she would not lose track of it easily, Doing what she was doing because she had to outside of the guild. Serving the planet eater she lose track of some many things."But that is just what I suggest, I am merely one of many here."Judina seemed to know she could easily think she could out done in terms of votes. Nonetheless she would step away from thinking, with her cup of tea ready for whatever walk they were going to take.

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