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Oak to Magnolia (Foot Travel)

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Oak to Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:32 am

Zane's eyes opened from the bed at his inn. So, today was the day that he set off, huh? While Zane usually wandered with no set destination in mind, he had one for now. Fairy Tail, in Magnolia. He had been putting off going back and checking on things for far too long, so he had decided to finally make the trip back to the city to see what was going down. Brushing his teeth, taking a shower, all that good stuff, Zane soon found himself packed and ready to hit the road, leaving Oak behind. He was kinda glad he did... he never was a big fan of Oak in the end. Something about that city rubbed him the wrong way, though that seemed to be a very common opinion across Fiore. Thankfully he wouldn't have to think about it any more.

Zane made his way through the outskirts of Baska. He had a thought to check in on his family, but he decided not to in the end of it all. If he did, he'd only get further away from his current goal of going to Fairy Tail's hall. He had to stick to one goal at a time here. Still, even from afar, Baska still looked nice. While many from Fiore found it boring, Zane always liked the place. He supposed that mostly had to do with him growing up there, though... he'd make a small note in his notebook to come back eventually, when the business with Fairy Tail was all said and done.

Continuing on, Zane made his way through Astera next. Ah yeah, he spent some time here. This is where he met Kaiser, after all. He couldn't help but wonder what she was up to nowadays. If he ever encountered her by chance, he'd make sure to run up right to her. He had always felt bad that the two had stopped talking. He thought it was mainly his fault, though perhaps Kaiser just didn't wanna talk to him anymore. Though, Zane supposed that would kinda be his fault in the end too...

Crocus was the same as ever. He hadn't been here much, but the few times where Zane had were short. He was never much of a fan of this place. While the architecture was cool, the rest of it was kinda lackluster. Still, he supposed it was the capital city of the country he grew up in, after all. They did have a nice cafe there too.. the banana bread they served was excellent. Perhaps Zane would go and get a bite next time he had a reason to be in Crocus. For now though, it was a simple step on the road to Magnolia.

Before Magnolia came Era. This place had a ton of memories. There were a lot of people he met in Era, all of which he never really saw again. He couldn't help but wonder what happened to a lot of them, but knowing his luck he'd have a chance encounter with at least a few of them eventually. For now, all he could do was press on. Magnolia was close.

Zane rented an inn room when he got to Magnolia. He was tired, so he didn't wanna have to go through the trouble of visiting the guild today. He would rest up for now, and go when he was ready. He'd let himself prepare if need be, but he knew one thing for certain. Zane wasn't going to let himself leave Magnolia until he stepped in that guild hall and learned what was up. He just wondered how everyone was... or if there were even people there at all.



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