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Easter Bunny [Event | Solo]

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Easter Bunny [Event | Solo] Empty Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:23 am


Odin had heard others talking about it. Kids, mothers and the occasional adult, all receiving strange eggs from a mysterious bunny rabbit. He'd never expected to receive one himself, but apparently today was a day for giving, and that included the Lich. It was, for all intents and purposes, just a regular looking rabbit, except from the obvious fact that it could, annoyingly, talk.

"Oh hello there, Master Lich. I know you're kind, and I know of you too, Odin Morningstar. Huge fan and all that. I've heard you don't usually get things like this, well allow me to help you out and give you a little something something from me to you."

The Lich raised his hand, just hoping it would shut the creature up for one moment. He had, in his hand, a small white egg. Upon that egg was a little design, one made into the shape of a skull, with black paint covering most of it other than the skeletal shape. It was cute, in a way, but Odin just wanted to creature to fuck off. He had plans for the day, and they didn't involve a small rabbit giving him gifts.

As Odin walked, enjoying the fearful looks everyone gave him, he thought about the mystical beings that had started to pop up around Fiore. Before, there were simply Nephilim, Daemons and the occasional Lich. Then Seraphim started appearing out of nowhere, causing a big fucking war with everyone against the angels. Hell, Odin was even thought of as a good guy for the briefest period, even getting an invite to the King's ball. And now, in the last like five months, there had been an old man who could be everywhere at once, an old lady who could read fortunes, and a rabbit who was giving away weird eggs. What a weird place this was.


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