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Mermaid Picture [Quest]

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#1Jan Ren 

Mermaid Picture [Quest] Empty Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:08 am

Jan Ren
"--It's true!!" He protested; "I really saw one!!" The scene would be absurd to anyone who wasn't familiar with the excitable fisherman (though let's be honest, in a world where werewolves, vampires and demon children were running around, would anyone be surprised if one more mythical creature was thrown into the mix?). He often went on about his findings, but this was different. This time it wasn't about a specific catch, but about certain sea-dwellers. Naturally, it would be difficult to capture the hearts of the non-believers. Fortunately, "--Can you tell me more about that?" a curious Sinese man passed by, fully intent on proving his sights.

"--That Mermaid."

And so the two headed out to sea on Jacob's boat, the foreigner holding a polaroid camera on hand and at the ready. Now, Jan Ren's intentions were not quite so pure. Helping prove the fisherman's point was nice and all, as was discovering a new race in Fiore, supposedly one of the rarest. But that wasn't it. His intentions for helping were much more, selfish. Mermaids are known to be absolute beauties, enough to stun a man dead. A man person of his class would never pass the opportunity to come in contact with such a creature; and if, by chance, they could talk and get to know each other? Then per the scriptures, 'and God said that it was good.'

"It was around here somewhere, I'm sure of it!" Jacob's certainty was oddly placed, for the Water Mage. Being a novice at best and clueless at worst, he had no experience with locations at sea, and with no markings to spot he had to wonder if it really was the right spot. However, he also chose to fully trust the merchant, as doubting him wouldn't get them anywhere closer to the (assumed) beautiful creature. "Right. Then we'll just have to keep a look out for our Lady then." Already, Jan got in position, looking through the camera lense to scan the area. Sensitive even to the smallest of changes on the water's surface.

But over hours, literally hours.
Nothing but the occasional fish flopping over the sea, or a seagull swooping in.

"She's not coming..." Dejected, completepy let down and hungry; Jan eventually gave up on the spectacle. While Jacob was still adamant about seeing the mermaid, it was eventually in the Sinese' reasoning that the fisherman turned the boat around and started rowing back to shore. He still paid the Pegasi for the trouble, though both seemed disappointed with the outcome. As they returned, Jan longingly looked back, as if missing the vision he saw in his mind.

But just as they returned, just as they completely gave up...


Silky, wet blue hair. A (supposedly) bare top half, covered with a pair of seashells. A slender but solid figure, and a long, green lower half; covered in shining scales, glistening in the sunset's light. A pair of fins by the tip of the tail, the mischievous woman smirked as she seemingly teased the two men, with her presence alone.

Awestruck, Jan failed to capture the stunning imagery; eyes widened and mouth open, nearly dropping the camera into the sea. Jacob seemed to catch a solid glimpse of that gorgeous scene as well, reacting in the exact same way as the boat came to a halt. The two men exchanged a long look at each other after the mermaid has plunged back into sea.


And with a burning passion, determination blazing hotter than the sun itself(!), the two let out a mighty roar of manliness. Never before has Jacob's boat reached a destination that fast.

The Search Continues!!

WC: 619/500

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