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What Lies Beneath {Quest:Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

What Lies Beneath {Quest:Lucian} Empty on Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:26 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian walked towards the Oakland church, the rumors of the spirits return did not sit well with him. He had tried to be peaceful with them and return them to the afterlife as necessary with due respect and diligence but according to the wails that these people were hearing it was clear that maybe that approach didn't have the permanent effect that was necessary to quelch the flames of anguish and regret that these apparitions clearly held on to with such ravenous and lustful desire. This time, Lucian intended to do something different and if fate willed it hopefully not too many would end up hurt in the process to come.

Strolling through the doors of the cathedral, Lucian knew how to get to the catacombs that waited underneath. The large burial crypt that the people of the phantom lord guild had placed their own dead and those the ancient ones that at one point in time had wreaked havoc on the city or those that are tormented souls that have never found the peace in death that they so desperately needed or desired. Either way, today they may get their wish.

I can't believe Phantom Lord was just so foolish not to provide some sort of contingency plan in the case of their eradication, how could they expect people to just deal with this problem? What if there were no mages around Oak and just the people themselves, then who would be in charge to help them. Would they just be left to deal with the possible repercussions of another's actions? Or is this merely fate's decree for the people Oak. For believing in a dark guild and housing them for so long maybe this was the due justice that was inflicted upon the city.

Either way, this task needs to be completed and completed soon. There is no way one can expect to just keep dealing with this madness. Or...

The cold catacombs twisted and turn, the wails of the damned and trapped echoed much like before, each one worse than the last. There was no telling how many more of the trapped phantoms had awoken since the last time I was here but clearly their numbers have exploded. How many souls were trapped down here, or is it merely that they had brought others along with them? Or is it that there has just been more dead to come.

Lucian wove his way through the crypt of rock and stone, the way to the inner workings of the underground hellish prison was etched into his brain. As Lucian passed by, some of the meeker spirits ran or hid behind various objects. Peeping through possibly their own remains as they watched with curiosity as the mage made his way through. The cave's air was colder than the last time, which meant the concentration of the supernatural was greater this time. Though not so much from the strength of the inhabitants more so the number of them. They were gathered tightly in this area. Passing through and around one another. Some were just sitting there, others flying back and forth as if in a hurry and others just sat there and wailed. It was a pitiful sight to see and it was unfortunate but maybe there would be a way to spurn the people above into some genuine action.

The spirits paid him no mind as they continued their erratic rambling, actions, wailing, and whatever other tasks they could set themselves to do with the idea of a mind they felt they possessed. Walking towards a nearby coffin, Lucian pushed along the lid to stare at the contents inside. Only the skeleton remained of a long-dead person left to rot in these crypts, the iron chains that had served as the captives cuffs were attached crudely to the individual's body with steel points imbedded into the very bone of their frame. Whoever this was, was someone who was not to be trusted feared that even in death they would cause havoc.

Ironic indeed. The spirits seemed to all collectively stop and stare at him as he peered into the box. Looking back Lucian could see he had their attention and with it, he had the power to change their ways to suit his needs. Taking one last look at the skeleton inside, Lucian kicked the coffin with his might, spilling the entire setup to the floor. One of the spirits wailed out in despair, clutching at his head as he slowly became ravenous and chaotic. His wails were now hollowed screams of rage.

Without even acknowledging the now restless spirit, he moved on to the next coffin, this time he was swarmed by the spirits as they tried to claw their way to him. Some seemed to have form and those without something solid to them only passed through harmlessly as he set about setting up the coffin. The next individual much like the last was nothing but bones and metal. Taking his time, Lucian once again kicked the coffin to the floor, another spirit followed suit with the last.

Taking his time, Lucian set about his unholy work. But this was the will of fate and these spirits were criminals of some sort. Spirits who had tormented the living at one point or another. Taking his time, he desecrated each coffin as he had done before till soon the cacophony of chaos rang louder than ever before. Soon Lucian no longer needed to disturb any more coffins, the spirits had become a single mass of hatred and vile chaos. They swarmed around like angry hornets, some still tried to attack him but they did nothing of any harm. Others were now just mindless beast of rage and pain. Unable to stop him from destroying their burial mounds. Lucian watched with satisfaction as the spirits seemed to send out waves of dark energy.

As Lucian left the catacombs, the priest ran to him in fright, his congregation swarming out of the church as the had just begun to prepare for evening service.

"What is going on? What have you done?!"

Lucian pushed the frail man from his face, his sickening form was disgusting to look at.

"What should've been done ages ago. Now, maybe you or the Phantasms will actual do something with the dead that are down there. Because I'm sure no one will come to your church with the screams of the dead ringing through their service."

Lucian pushed through the doors and out into the streets, his job complete.


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