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Easter Bunny [Event|Solo]

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Easter Bunny [Event|Solo] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:24 pm

Hoppity hoppity hop / (,,Ő x Ő,,)\


Hoppity hoppity / (,,Ő x Ő,,)\


Hoppity…hop? / ( ´•̥ו̥` )\


Ho..ppity… / ( QㅅQ)\

“What are you?” Raquel narrowed her eyes at the small little bunny acting cute before her. After a long day completing missions, she had been in the middle of learning a new language –Joyan that Venus got her interested in- when half way through, something just literally popped out of nowhere onto the freshly placed white paper on her table and started hoppity hopping in front of her. A small white fluffy bunny. Tilting its head left and right, “I’m the Easter bunny!” it said with big gestures using furry little paws.

Easter? Raquel had never heard of such a thing. What was it supposed to do? Her curiosity had her poking the little thing all over its face and stomach with the end of a pen. Could she eat it? She licked her lips looking at the innocent bunny face that quickly got paler the longer she stared at it. Did it read her mind or something?

“No! I’m not tasty! Even if you are a vampire!” It scrambled away to a corner, bringing its long ears down in a state of panic. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have done this!’ the bunny kicked itself in its head. ‘I knew I should have picked one of the saner ones. I should have just went and picked that weirdo from fairy tail! Ohhh how lucky my brother is’ It cursed the moment it thought dealing with vampires would be better than dealing with that orange kid called Vane or Zane or something. No use regretting it now.

“I only came to give something to you, please don’t eat me!” It quickly took out what looked like a colorful egg out of nowhere and threw it right at Raquel who immediately caught and examined it. Was this some kind of monster egg? Will it hatch into something she can eat? She wished it did. She was really hungry. The rabbit looked good too but it was crying rivers and waterfalls right now. Maybe it read her mind again?

“I…I’m done with my job here! BYE MA’AM!”

And poof it was gone...

\|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

Tch…I’m still hungry.

Easter Bunny [Event|Solo] Y4RU1BP

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