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Name: Enforcer

Age: 27 Years
August 14th, X762

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual - Doesn't have time for such things.

Ethnicity, Father: Boscan

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Crimson - Right Forearm

Face: Doom-slayer - Doom


Height: 6'2

Weight: 230 lb

Hair: Black (Color depleted from Anger)

Eyes: Red (With Rage)

Overall: Enforcer is portrayed as muscular, normally seen wearing heavy armor and a helmet that conceals most of his facial features, but some may still be made out if you are up close. However, this is not recommended. Short black hair, and average but angled eyebrows are the main attribute that people notice, as well as his face that is never growling, but not smiling either. He is heavily built, and quite muscular due to rigorous training. Plainly put, one could not easily mistake him for your average soldier. He goes where he needs to with purpose and it can even be with just mere posture. One would assume he trains hard and often, bus has the body of a great warrior. Many battle scars can be seen if you had exposed skin to lay your eyes on, but that rarely happens is normally he is always in armour as he enjoys always being prepared.

Extra: No additional features, other then many battle scars cross his body, but most are hidden under armor.


Personality: Enforcer used to be a simple farmer, and treated people and his land well. However, proceeding the Angelic and demonic attacks on his home of Oak City where he and his family laid, he lost everything. He was stripped of his past, so he lost his name. Not only was the city and his land laid to waste, the things that he cared about no longer existed. While he is normally very collected in any everyday situation, he rarely speaks if at all. You would be hard pressed to try and taunt or antagonize him successfully, or even get a response at all. Unless you are pertinent to the task at hand, or are doing something he deems evil or underhanded, you are not important at the current time. Not meaning this in a derogatory sense, but there are more important things on his mind to be done. One thing that has persisted from back when he was a farmer, and normal citizen, is that he will never lie to you or deceive you. If you are a friend, you are a friend. If you are an enemy, you are an enemy. However, once he engages in combat, there is very little people can do to contain him or stop him unless the enemies before him are all down.


  • Slaying: Using his immense training and fortitude, he has a knack and enjoyment for hunting down those who he deems villains or evil. Once he's set on a certain task, is very difficult to sway him in his judgment. This changes drastically based on the respect that he holds for the individual, but for common people, no regard will be shown.

  • Weapons: Not only has he shown the ability and natural talents to learn a multitude of weapons, he has the intelligence and great interest of learning about them and modifying them an interesting and unique ways to suit his needs. Any weapon he is coming that is unique, he enjoys deeply learning on how to use them most efficiently, and shows the utmost respect for those who do as well. If your weapon fails you, there is a reason for it. That reason is most often you.


  • Seraphim / Nephilim: The Seraphim were the ones who struck down not only his life, but those who he cared about and everything that they held dear. Nothing was left of them, and nothing was left in him other than anger, rage, and contempt for those that would disintegrate indiscriminately, and cause such harm to Untold masses.

  • Demons / Daemons: On an equal playing field to the others, Enforcer has an unimaginable rage towards the demons and deamons who not only do their own trickery and destruction, but brought about the indiscriminate and absolute destruction of the seraphim. If they had not prodded and speared, perhaps his family and many others would still be around today.


  • Cleansing: While he has more of a temperament and ability to entertain the possibility of innocence in Nephilim and Deamons, that does not go for the seraphim or demons. Those who caused and those near the "people" who dared to incinerate his family and loved ones will feel his wrath, for he does not stop, and it is unending. He has been wounded and defeated many times, but each time he comes back and learns from the errors of the past. To this date, no one has been able to kill or mortally wounded him, even the strongest of seraphim or demons that he has faced.


  • Failure: Failure is not an option for him. Not just for the fact of the people he fights for, but also for the memories he holds. This fear that he has isn't as much a detriment, as it is a strength for him however. He finds whatever way he can to turn possible defeat into victory in order to prevent failure at all costs, even some that might seem suicidal to most.

  • Loss of innocence:
    While it may never seem like this to someone that doesn't know him well, protection of others is always his goal. Though he definitely does not do it by normal means of someone saying that would normally imply. For him, failing to protect means that more people have to go through the pain and suffering that he did from his loss. This pushes them even further as a driving factor, amplifying his rage.


Magic Name: N/A (Warrior)


History: As was described before, Enforcer used to be a farmer outside of Oak City. He had a small but success farm with his wife and child, as well as many animals around the property. He was known well throughout the community, as he was a stoic but honourable man, who would always help other people, unfortunately sometimes to his detriment but never his family. He knew how to grow plants, grains, and animals, and he was good at it. He had a knack of becoming a prodigy in anything he tried, but farming and family were his passions. If there was something to be done, you can probably find him there in most cases, as he took the care of other things very seriously and personally, feeling deep regrets when even the smallest animal or food died. It may have seemed silly to most, but to him everything he grew was part of himself.

After the attack on Oak City, he found himself barely alive, as he was heading back into town when the attack happened. He went out into the forest in order to find new seeds for the plants in the gardens, and growers. Suddenly connecting beams of light formed over the city, upon coalescing, fell down upon the town. A great blast and explosion rock through the town, blowing everyone that survived viciously outward. The last thing he saw was seraphim flying above the city, one smirking through his teeth. Upon Awakening, as with most of the survivors, he wandered half stunned through the town trying to make his way home. However, as he got to where his home should be, a very deep crater had begun. Most of him and his neighbours were completely lost as their homes and families were in the diameter of the destructive beam that was fired down.

From then on he trained, every single day, as much as he could. He will have the vengeance for his own family and all the others. No one can stop him, they can slow him, but it is only a matter of time and an eventuality.

Reference: N.A


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Hello there, I'll be grading this.

  • Colour of your guild tattoo please.
  • Feel free to state a sexuality (asexual if that's what he is for example).
  • You forgot to put the reference at the end of the App. If you weren't referred by anyone simple put "N.A"
  • Please change Magic Name to "Magic: N.A" so its clear what you mean.
  • Please go ahead and describe what your character looks underneath the armor as well in the Appearance Section (hair, eyes, facial features etc).

Bump when done!

Enforcer ABvhZJW

Enforcer Empty Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:49 am

Bumping for changes done

Music: Visage

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This character application has been approved.

Enforcer ABvhZJW

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