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The Easter Bunny

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The Easter Bunny Empty Mon 13 Apr - 10:38

Zane sat on a bench, thinking to himself. He had been pondering a theory lately. What if like, he wasn't real. What if nobody in Fiore, or Earthland, was real? What if they were all just characters in some kind of fictional universe? Shaking his head and sighing, Zane dismissed the idea for now. That would be way too crazy. After all, there was no way that there was some sort of higher being on a different plane of existence controlling his every move all the time. That would be way too weird, that would be way too wacky, and it would just be impossible. Still, perhaps he'd keep it in mind. Maybe it'd serve to remind himself of how stupid he was and give him a chuckle in the future. Thinking to write his thoughts on the stupid matter down in his notebook, Zane opened up to a blank page and brought out his pen.

He was soon interrupted by a bunny, however. Looking up and blinking, Zane wondered what in the world the bunny could want from him. "Why are you here?"

"It's easter."

"What even is easter? Is that some made up word?" Zane had never heard of said holiday before. It sounded weird, like some sort of occurrence meant to celebrate something that was once a holy event, only to be sullied in millennia to come by the evils of capitalism, meant only to serve as a way to sell certain products in a higher mass for a period of time, losing most of its once holy spirit.

"It doesn't matter, Zane. None of this is real. It's all a hallucination. We're just characters on a forum. I'm only handing you this egg so that you can roll in some event thread." The easter bunny placed the egg in Zane's hand and vanished. Putting down his notebook and rubbing his eyes, Zane opened his eyes and confirmed the easter bunny was gone. What in the world even happened just now? Was it a hallucination...? Well, Zane did remember he bought some pretty wacky stuff at a shop down the road. That musta just been it. He probably got the egg from some chicken wandering around, haha.


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