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The Easter Bunny [Event]

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The Easter Bunny [Event] Empty on Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:22 am


The wind whistled in Mimir's ears as he ran down the streets of Oak. It seemed like the people who lived in the city had finally gotten tired of him stealing everything and were out for his head. A mischievous grind was on his face knowing that he loved the thrill. To be honest, it was the first time ever in Fiore that he was in a life or death situation. Kinda? He let out a laugh as he burst through the doors of a church. When he ran in the church, in the corner of his eye he saw a real color shadow? Or person? He couldn't really tell, or didn't care that much. On this lovely day the church was empty, so he ran pass the benches and up the stairs to the backrooms.

He had been in the church before and explored it in case an event like this were to ever happened. It seemed like it all worked out for him in the end right? Mimir jumped over a table and came face to face with a confession booth. Opening the door to it, he would hide in it. "Lord forgive me for I have sinned." muttered Mimir, but he had to refrain from a loud burst of laughter. His gods didn't care about sins. As long as you fought with the strength of a hundred warriors to the death. You would be guaranteed entry to Valhalla. And he wasn't gonna die in a jail cell.

As he hid, he heard the voices of the people entering the church. "You know you could just fight them all." said a voice next to him. Caught up in his thoughts, Mimir wasn't really realizing what he just heard and only said "Yeah, but what's the fun in that?" Realization would streak across his face. Turning to his right, he would see a pink figure with large black eyes like two dino eggs staring between the holes of the booth. He nearly flinched, but he held back his surprise. What the hell was he looking at? As if on cue, the figure on the other side would say "I'm the Easter Bunny. Suprise!"

There would be a flash of light from the booth. A small blue egg appeared in Mimir's lap and outside the people inched closer to the booth. It looked like something interesting was about to happen...


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