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Nari Shazar

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#1Nari Shazar 

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Nari Shazar


Name: Nari Shazar

Age: 18 | January 1st, X771

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Black, Along the right forearm

Face: Kayn - League of Legends


Height: 6'1''

Weight: 72 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Gold

Overall: Nari has a lean muscular body with broad shoulders. His white skin has slightly tanned over the years in the outdoors. His eyes are a shade of dark gold inherited by his mother and his hair is a darker ginger similar to his fathers that always made the two of them stand out amongst their acquaintances. His hair is mid length for typical men and combed back but can fall down and become loose occasionally covering one of his eyes during a fight which greatly annoys him. His skin is quite clean and leaves a look of a simple labourer when first meeting him. Nari walks with the look of confidence but also caution as if he is analysing his surroundings.

Extra: He has a tattoo of a sword covering a sun on the left side of his neck meant to show his pride in being a spellsword.


Personality: Nari is quite confident in his skill during a fight and when talking however doesn't brag as he knows there is always someone better. When fighting any sort of lycanthropes he becomes agitated and quick to attack and approaches all less common races such as liches and daemons whilst not outright hating them. He is quite kind towards others but is serious when it comes to a fight and can become absorbed in the fight which often makes him seem like two different people when comparing his casual attitude and his attitude during quests. He is reluctant to talk about his past and prefers talking about the present and so he doesn't ask others about their past either. Nari enjoy his current life and works hard to be strong but also to enjoy life in order to live the life he believes his parents would have wanted. Nari finds it hard to open up to those around him but does enjoy drinking with his teammates after completing quests. He hopes to one day be able to own a legendary weapons as he believes it will bring him closer to his goal of unstoppable strength. He is eager to go on new quests and enjoys travelling from place to place as he enjoys the opportunity to view new sites and towns. Nari loves animals especially tigers and wolves, he hopes that one day he will has a storm tiger as a pet to travel along side him.


  • Swords: His first thing to do when arriving in new towns is the visit the weapon shops and also likes talking about them with his friends and teammates.
  • Mikado sticks: Often has at least one packet on him and is excited whenever he finds a flavour he hasn't tried.
  • Drinking with friends: Often invites his teammates to go out drinking with him after missions are complete.
  • Training: He dreams of having unstoppable power and skill and so he trains rigorously with that dream always in mind.


  • Lycanthropes: Nari hates lycanthropes due to their involvement with his parents death and is quick to anger around them and reckless when fighting them.
  • Weaklings: He sees his former self when looking at those who are too weak to protect themselves, whilst not outright hating them it annoys him to hear them complain about others suppressing and bullying them.


  • Power: He strives to have ultimate power that would allow him to be truly free from anyone wishing to harm him or anyone around him and also finds the pursuit of power fun and would continue to peruse power even if he achieved his dream.
  • Adventure: He wishes to see the world and so he takes on different quests whilst moving between towns and strives to enjoy his travels and life as much as possible.


  • Helplessness: The thought of an enemy that is so strong that nothing he tries will even move it is always in the back of his mind and help him strive to continue towards greater strength as he does not see that fear as a weakness but a driving force to push him further.
  • Losing his loved ones: Due to the loss of his parents when he was young Nari has a fear of losing those close to him again. He has trouble opening up to those around him and mostly keeps those in his team at arms length.


Magic Name: Lightning Emperor

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Allows the user to channel lightning throughout their body and project it into offensive spells. It is most versatile in boosting his defence and speed but also has offensive applications.


History: Nari was once a poor village boy living a relatively happy life with little but enough to survive and two loving parents as well as their acquaintances who would visit occasionally. Nari was bullied quite often for his different coloured hair and eyes despite his parents telling him how special it made him.

The leader of their village disliked Nari's family for a reason he never learned and one day managed to create enough fake evidence to accuse his mother of murder and attempt to execute her, due to his father standing by his mother the two of them where executed together. Later Nari saw their bodies being dragged off by the village leaders men and slowly followed behind, he watched as the village leaders men handed the bodies of his parents to two lycanthropes that began eating them.

Whilst they allowed him to stay in his house, this lit a fire under himas he swore to return one day to find the lycanthropes that ate his parents and mercilessly torture them in order to get retribution for his parents souls.Whilst he couldn't kill the lycanthropes Nari thought that if he killed the village leader then the lycanthropes would leave the village and find somewhere else to feed and so using his child status to get close to the village leader he stabbed him to death with a knife. Following this he left the village and vowing revenge on those that caused him so much pain and to live freely in the way he believes his parents would have wanted.

Following leaving his village Nari began seeking out a teacher to show lead him down the path of a warrior. After he arrived in Marigold he found an old spellsword awaiting a successor to take over now that he is retired. Nari spend 7 years with his teacher until he was 17 until the old man decided to sell his house in Marigold and leave to live along in the forest until he dies.

After spending a whole year in the forest near oak, constantly training each day and surviving off the animals and fruits in the forest with nothing but a basic sword and his magic. After spending an entire year there he caught a glimpse of a monster that was far out of his league and so he decided that now was the time to begin taking quests and preparing so that he can one day return and kill it.

Reference: Google

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Hi, I will grade your App! Please make all the changes that I am suggesting and when you are done, you can post in here saying that you are done.

  • Personality: You are missing out quite a bit of content here. We ask for a minimum of 200 words to describe your personality, so we get a good idea of who your character is. Right now you are at 89 words, so please add some more! You can check your wordcount here: https://wordcounter.net/

  • Fears: Please add 1 more thing your character is afraid of.

  • History: Same thing as with personality, 190/300 words. Please expand your history a bit!

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This character application has been approved.

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