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Babysitting [Quest | Raymus]

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#1Jan Ren 

Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:25 am

Jan Ren
--”Very well, I leave it to you two.” With that single sentence, Reign abandoned the two Pegasi at the post, practically having to scrape the young girl from his leg. She clung to him throughout his explanation of the request, as this specific time was… Different. Instead of turning to Alisa and having her assign the two members, the nobleman instead approached the two personally. The procedure was skipped for the most part, but was all the same as payment was promised once this was all over.

That said… “...Okay Regina, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” ...It didn’t change the fact that the two were in this together now. Flashing a well-practiced smile at the young 7-year old, the Sinese took a short bow before squatting down to meet her at eye level, taking the full brunt of her dissatisfaction with her uncle leaving head-on.

“Are you good people…?” She asked, obviously hesitant to come in contact with the two older men. Obviously enough, that is. Left alone with two guild mages she wasn’t familiar with, Jan could only speculate that she wasn’t comfortable. Regardless…

“Of course! We’ll do anything you ask of us.” He assured her, face lighting up. It couldn’t be that hard now, could it? She was just 7-years old. Despite the girl’s pout seeming to loosen up a bit, she remained doubtful. “Then…” She started, “Prove it. Go collect every seashell on the beach!” She demanded.

...Wait, what? EVERY seashell??

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#2Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
“Okay why in the fuck was I asked to do this?” Raymus asked himself as the noble waved goodbye to him and the other two children that would remain in his care. Technically speaking one of them was his guild mate but considering how lowly Raymus saw him, well let’s say dumping these two at a daycare sounded like the best option. The Werewolf’s disgruntled and general frightening look didn’t bode well with the child who seemed to cling to her father while he was around. Now that he was gone he could easily see how nervous she was to be left in the care of two strangers. No doubt she had the same question on her mind as Raymus. Like did he look like a friendly guy who looked after kids?! The last few missions he did weren’t even related to public affairs! He just beat up ghosts and had Jan talk to some young punks! Well regardless of that, Raymus wasn’t one to turn down a challenge and unsurprisingly this girl would be the biggest one he would have faced in Hargeon thus far.

Once again Jan was the diplomat in this mission and tried to speak with the girl. Tried being the key word. He started with a simple greeting which seemed reasonable. At least Jan was acting polite. Raymus on the other hand just sort of stood there awkwardly not really knowing what to do or say. Better leave this to Jan. Although that was probably a bad idea since the next thing that came out of his mouth was essentially them giving Regina the keys to a candy store. Even he knew not to tell a child they could have whatever they wanted! Especially not some snot nosed noble! And god was the request she made one that was typical of someone from the higher end of society.

“I fucking hate you.” He said to Jan as the two were now in the middle of collecting the seashells. Without any decent magic to help him he was stuck doing everything by hand. “Use a spell or something. Make things easier!” He barked with a stern facial expression at the Sinese, wondering how much trouble he’d get in if he just killed him here and now. Of course his opinion would change if his guild mate made getting the shells easier but if not Ray had another plan in mind. With the large armful of seashells he’d walk up to the girl who was sipping on a smoothie at the pier. Looking over her sunglasses she asked “Are those really all the seashells?” She then glanced over to see if the beach was clean, but Ray had a response. “The empty ones yeah. The others are homes for Hermit crabs. Ya know like free real estate. We don’t wana take all their homes right?” The girl pondered for a moment before pouting and shaking her head. “Fine! But you two took so long now I’m hot! Give me some shade!” She commanded, turning her head. Although once she did Regina let out a very loud high pitched scream. “OOOOOH I know! Let’s go to the forest! That has shade and pretty flowers!” Jumping to her feet she outstretched her arms to Raymus. “I wana piggey back there.” With another glare given back towards Jan he obliged and started to carry Regina on his back to the forest, getting smacked on the head with every step to make him “Move faster.” Fuck it after this I’m killing him.
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Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] VKsDy2Z
#3Jan Ren 

Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:27 am

Jan Ren
"That's not very nice." And here he thought they were actually getting along! Stuck collecting as many seashells as the eye could see with that dog wasn't supposed to be a troublesome task, but low and behold, it somehow turned to be. "What about you?" Jan asked back, irritated with his partner's pushy remark. "If you're impatient, you use a spell!" This did come up before. Though the Sinese did envision a spell he could use for this. Maybe an extension of his hand or something?

He did wonder, though. He knew the other was a Werewolf, but it hardly defined who he really was. He didn't even know what magic he was practicing, despite egging him to use it as a retort.

Regina wished for a piggyback and on cue, picked the blue haired. Jan was laid off the hook this time it seems, though with his recent offer made he figured that should he disapprove of the method, Ray could simply say no. It made him think as he chuckled on a conclusion he reached. Sure, this noble kid was a complete brat, and probably difficult to deal with; but the Werewolf still complied. What's more, it was on her initiation and with how close she was to her uncle, it was rather assuring. Maybe she grew fond of him, or maybe she just wanted attention. Either way… It was possible that Ray, liked kids.

"I want the best flowers!!" She soon demanded as Jan got a solid slap back to reality, in the form of the girl's loudly squeaky voice. "Get me the most beautiful flowers!!" Of course she'd want the most beautiful flowers… Though as she followed it up with a couple of worrying coughs, Jan's mindset shifted a bit more towards willingness, rather just compliance. This girl was sick. Despite her energy and demanding self, she was ill. Hence why she couldn't go outside for a while. Jan may have misinterpreted Ray's intentions after all.

"Nice going there." Jan complimented out of the blue, some time into the two picking flowers in the nearby area. "I thought for sure you'd bail when you had the first chance, but. I'm surprised you actually went through with it." As he had an experience of the like with the resident dog already, this was coming from an honest spot if anything.

"Okay, done here." He had some confidence in his artistic ability; flower arrangement being merely a part of it. A colorful assortment of flowers in his hands, the Sinese turned to hand them over. "--Okay Regina, how d--..." --Just to find out she disappeared.

Now, in the middle of the forest like this, a sick little girl all alone… Really was the worst case scenario. "Why!!?" Why would she sneak away from them like that!? For crying out loud!

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#4Raymus Kouris 

Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:27 am

Raymus Kouris
Ray like Kids? Well probably. In truth Ray never had to deal with children for much of his life and even thinking back to his own childhood he knew it wasn’t normal and something he didn’t want to subject others to. It was probably why he still was apart of this little outing despite his inital skepticism and Jan’s dumb offer to the girl. Although he was having reservations as the girl started to yank on his ponytail to steer the werewolf in the direction she wanted to go, making comments about how feminine pretty long hair like his and Jan’s were. Speaking of comments, for now Ray stayed silent about his relative inability to use magic to Jan. He didn’t need to know after all, it was his problem but it still annoyed him that his guild mate just wouldn’t use it anyway! Like cmon he had water magic and they were at the beach!

The forest was the newest place the girl wanted to go for some shade and for some pretty flowers. But for some reason she didn’t want to come with them. Deciding to oblige her, in no small part so his hair wouldn’t be pulled out of his scalp. Well flower collecting next and after getting a few nice ones with Jan, the two returned to the spot they set Regina down, only to find she had disappeared. Shit. The situation felt worse than it was mainly because Jan was freaking out. So with a swift slap to the back of his head Ray would hopefully shut him up so he could speak “Relax dipshit, I’m a werewolf, I can sniff her out.” Which was partially true. He could still get the girl’s scent but he’d literally need to put his nose to the grindstone. So putting his nose close to the ground, he’d start to sniff the path the girl made for herself.

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Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] VKsDy2Z
#5Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren
The sudden smack to the head felt nothing short of rude to Jan, despite it definitely sating his panic (though, replaced it with frustration). He barely said anything, he barely had the time to express anything! How did Raymus know and what gave him the right to shut him up like that!? And worse-- even if he could sniff her out. How could he not feel frustrated with her?? Was he really as monstrous as he made others believe he was? Though he himself was upset with his partner quite much, tolerance taking a major drop when the other acted, it was true that as a dog, he could try and sniff her out. However… "Well sniff her out faster!!" The Sinese snapped, genuinely angry. "Do you even have any idea what can happen to a sick little girl like that here!? Anything could threaten her!" Jan barked, letting out some pent up aggression more than just scolding the other.

Honestly. If he could sniff her out, wouldn't it have made sense for him to be able to tell when she ran away?

--Stop. Breathe. In, then out. Letting out his anger on the wolf wouldn't bring him anywhere. It was enough on its own that Raymus happened to be uncaring, so at the very least, this was up to Jan. He took a quick moment to relax, readjusting himself as he followed the other Pegasus. "You keep sniffing." He said, before breaking off their trail and to the side; "But I can't just wait for you to finish. I'll be looking for Regina where you can't." Though he broke off to other directions, the water mage made sure to not stray too far away from the dog; keeping him in view at all times, as he quickly dashed from one end to the other, yelling out to find the girl.

And sure enough. It took several hours, but eventually… "Regina!!" ...He found her. Crying softly, weakened and sporting a bruised knee. Of course she'd get hurt… Rushing to pick her up, Jan reluctantly sacrificed some of his shirt's fabric to make out an improvised bandage, around her injury. At least it was just a flesh wound, but to a sickly noble like her it must have been shocking, at least mentally.

Ultimately, the young noblewoman didn't let go until they finally reached her room in the castle. She remained silent, making a surprised effort not to cry and to not chew the wizards' heads off with complaints. Once the maids realized what has happened, they broke into an outrage -- only to be stopped by the little girl herself.

"No! They're the nicest people I know! They gave me everything I wanted and you won't touch them!!" ...Even when standing up for the pair, she was a spoiled brat. But in this case, it worked out right in their favor! ...Surprisingly.

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#6Raymus Kouris 

Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] Empty Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:28 am

Raymus Kouris
“Hey I’m doing the best I can, and you having a shit fit isn’t helping!” He barked back at Jan who decided it was best to go off on his own. But of course he had to give the werewolf a lecture about how dangerous it was for a little girl to be out on her own, especially one who was so sick. “Wait she’s sick?” But before he could confirm it Jan had gone. The client probably mentioned something about her being sick but Raymus at the time was too pissed about being in the situation to really be listening. Well now he just felt bad!

Still, the girl couldn’t have gone far. She was still within his smelling distance which was a good thing. It was probably how she snuck away so easily, since pinpoint accuracy with one’s sense of smell was something even a werewolf had issue with. Well thankfully Raymus didn’t have to sniff too long as Jan found the girl and for some reason tore some of his shirt to bandage the girl, even though there was no blood or any broken bones. A wee bit of an overreaction in Ray’s mind but then again he was the one who was nonchalauntly looking for a sick and injured child. Well despite the trainwreck of an evening the girl had fun and the two were paid. Now then, time to kill Jan! 236+910=1146 exit

Babysitting [Quest | Raymus] VKsDy2Z

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