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Bottoms Up: {Quest: Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Bottoms Up: {Quest: Lucian} Empty on Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:07 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The day was rather warm and filled with a feeling of elation in the air. The market was unusually joyous for the day normally it was always some sort of reveling but today was different. Everyone seemed to be in a decent mood and everyone was ready to have a good time. No shouting matches, curses or insults, it seemed to be genuine people having a great time. Lucian was among the revelers taking his time to enjoy the day that was before him. Usually, things would require some sort of action but today was peaceful and where there were happy and peaceful people there were usually fun things to do.

Lucian strolled through the open streets towards the request board in the local tavern. The local mages that were normally clamoring around the board in bored droves were in an enlightened mood as well. The time for reveling falling on them too. Lucian strolled forward and scanned the board.

Somebody has to have some slight task to complete before the day is out. Something that is going to make me some easy cash... Ah, here we go. An old smithy. It probably only needs some help with some metal or something. Either way, this was about to be to some of the easest jewels I'm gonna get today.

Taking down the request Lucian turned and sauntered out from the tavern in direction of the local smithy. The streets were lined with people as he traversed through the streets, the local blacksmith had set up his shop on the corner of one of the outlying streets in the city, but granted whenever one needed a smithy there wasn't much competition if at all to be had.

It was a humble shop with an open wide policy type of design, you could easily see the blacksmith work on whatever project he desired for that day. Though today the forge ran cold. The burly man walked out from his shop, must have lived somewhere in the back. His frame was solid but the years of working of the forge were evident on his face and in his stance, but his strength, the grounded aura. His connection to the Earth and stone was evident. A true son of the craft.

"I see you're here about my request seeing as I've closed the forge down for the day. I will be back later on. Just keep some of this riff-raff from messing with my shop. I shall return later on. Thank you."

The old blacksmith smiled and continued towards the tavern in town, possibly to go have drinks with his friends, Lucian walked into the smithy, the various tools and unused ores sat scattered around the area. A smithy was unusually cold for someplace that can be so hot all the time. The anvil in the middle of the storefront had countless scars from the projects of the past. It easily has seen thousands of shields, blades and other equipment be smashed against it.

A slight jeering could be heard outside, from the storefront. "Hey, guys-I regret to inform you but the forge is closed-HEY!"

An obscene mark had been left on one of the forge signs left in the front of the store, a few others had been kicked down and some of the display pieces messed with. There was no sign of the perpetrators anywhere save for the dust kicked up in their quick haste. Lucian scowled and went to work returning the storefront back to its original form. The task was relatively light work, whoever did this was clearly just either bored or felt that they need to cause some sense of chaos to be satisfied either way. Their smell was all over this place and soon enough they would be back.

As night began to fall, the various marketers and business merchants began to close up their shops. Shutting their stores and shuffling along to wherever they called home. People continued the good mood from earlier and clearly, the nearby pubs were bound to get many patrons tonight.

If this man would hurry back maybe I could have some fun of my own. Or... *sniff* *sniff* Clearly the fun was about to come to me.

"I suggest you all come out now. No need to drag this on. We can get this over with a quick as yall want."

The group of eight men slinked out of the darkness like rodents, their breath reeking of liquor and ale. They clearly had to be drunk to try this or they were simply getting the courage for a good time.

"Well we ain't wanna be rude but if you insist."

The lead thug took off first, his knife swinging through the air with ruthless intent. Lucian ducked under the blade. Before having a chance to counter the attack, two men followed up, Their metal pipes flying through the empty air where Lucian once stood. Lucian's legs kicked out to take the base from both assailants, but before he could get to one of them fully, the rest had surged forward becoming a mass of limbs and metal.

As they neared, Lucian called out to the god of war and beast. A magic seal surrounded him, the men slowed in hesitation but it was too late. Genesis Force: Gaia Breaker! The floor cracked as Lucian's foot slammed against the earth. Ripples of energy exploding everywhere to damage the ground, the men were uprooted some of them stumbling, others falling straight to the ground in a heap. One of the men stood to his feet before the rest could recover, his breath coming in labor breaths. As the man struggled to his feet, Lucian activated another magic seal, the power coming from the depth of his soul, opening his mouth a beam of power shot from his mouth to strike the solo standing thug in the chest, taking him to the back of the alley striking him into the wall and leaving a gaping hole in the brick.

The thugs watched with fearful as their leader was left incapacitated by the power of the mage. The men took off running but not before Lucian could begin to pick them off one by one rounding each one up in a set of rope.

Mr. Rander walked up toward the smithy, the authorities taking the gang members into custody. His eyes were glazed over but there was a certain level of respect in them as he was briefed over the situation at hand.

Taking out a bag of jewels from his coat, The blacksmith handed it to him and nodded his approval. Lucian returned the nod and smirked. Taking his earnings, Lucian disappeared into the night with his money in tow.

Spells Used:
Name: Genesis Force: Gaia Breaker
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Genesis Force Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 1 Meter radius
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: Lucian empowers his arm with the genesis force and smashes the ground sending the energy surging into the surrounding surface. The energy erupts from the ground releasing a wave of energy into the surrounding radius to knock those back that are caught in the radius.

Name: Genesis Force: Roaring meteor Cannon
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: possessing genesis force magic
Type: offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Gathering magical energy into his mouth, Lucian releases a beam of genesis force from his mouth that is 1 meter wide. This beam if it strikes causes minor bruises along with a concussive force that knocks the target back a meter.

Mana: 646/700

Mana cost plus 10%. 20% increase werewolf-10% decrease from INT stat.


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