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Orchidia river [Mysterious Merchant]

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The wind blew towards her as she followed the riverbed. Her eyes of lilac glistened with the water's stream as it curved like her own. She didn't make an expression nor did she make a sound besides a few leaves and sticks crunching underneath her toes. The flowing hair of hers was the water itself but colored in purple. She came all the way from Magnolia as she heard that the merchant was here. The very one she met some time ago that had some mysterious items that had no interest in her. Will these be different? Will these matter to her or be the last ones that were here before?

"I'm here to meet you, where ever you are. At the Orchidia river that flows like hair alongside the breeze and body that curves." She spoke in her breathy Italian-like accent as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. The water goddess waited for this mysterious merchant. How were the people she left behind, Judith and her family. All she could think was power as of right now and living forever. 'Living forever will make me happy, right?' Kuri thought. 'Only if you want it to I suppose, but we will never find out till you get there.' Ari replied. Her eyes watched the shining water as it was clearer than most, but the area was darkening as it was about to be in queue. Slowly, she leaned against a tree by the river stream and watched with her wandering beautiful eyes. Finally, her arms crossed against her chest and hummed a sweet yet haunting tune while waiting.

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Mysterious Merchant

"Interesting, another customer has found me," the Mysterious Merchant said as someone approached the riverbed. It wasn't easy to find him. "See anything that you would like to purchase?" With a hint of excitement, the Mysterious Merchant inquired about your intentions as he gracefully moved his hand from left to right. There were no wares there before, but as the Mysterious Merchant moved his hand through the air they became visible. Floating in the air between the two of you, a whole range of items could suddenly be seen. They were safely stored in a pocket-space and were merely being temporarily projected to showcase his catalogue. Where did this Mysterious Merchant acquire these items from? Each and every single item presented in this shop was highly unique. "If something catches your eye, the description will appear naturally next to the item," the Mysterious Merchant exclaimed playfully.


  • Heracles' Nemean Mantle (2,500,000J) – Long ago, Heracles slayed the Nemean Lion as one of his twelve labours in Seven. It could not be killed with mortals' weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack. Its claws were sharper than mortals' swords and could cut through any armor. Upon wearing the mantle made out of the Nemean Lion's fur, the user feels a great increase in their physical prowess.


  • Icarus' Damocles (2,500,000J) – A magical sword once wielded by the previous King's Sword, Icarus. The sword became infamous for slaying the Cesare, the Master of Phantom Lord, Lance, the Master of Blue Pegasus, and Aguero, the Master of Lamia Scale. Damocles only gained fame after Icarus sacrificed his life to save the Kingdom of Fiore when the first Abyssal Rifts opened. The sword's power lies in the fact that it has not a specific element, but rather changes instantly upon impact with anything else. The sword's element always changes into the element which is dominant against whatever it clashes with.


  • Ferion's Hawken Eye (2,500,000J) – A single eye from a wood elven hero which has been stored perfectly inside a magical jar. The eye can be placed into someone's socket in order to obtain certain feats.
  • Berial's Demon Bringer (2,500,000J) – Demon Bringers are a reptillian-esque claw which extends up to the elbow or shoulder. It is the manifestation of a Demon's soul or power. Its appearance is constantly visible, because the Demon Bringer takes over the arm of the user. This arm can do feats of supernatural strength and durability. Furthermore, spells cast through the Demon Bringer arm cost double in mana but are also double in power. Should the user get accustomed to the Demon Bringer, they will be able use another feat.


  • Mana Sprite’s Essence (1,200,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s mana upon drinking it completely (500 MP).
  • Aether Sprite's Essence (1,200,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s overall experience upon drinking it completely (50,000 XP).
  • Bastion's Mighty Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s strength upon drinking it completely (25 Strength).
  • Aguila's Nimble Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s speed upon drinking it completely (25 Speed).
  • Dracul's Eternal Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s constitution upon drinking it completely (25 Constitution).
  • Mithra's Soulless Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s endurance upon drinking it completely (25 Endurance).
  • Qilad's Brilliant Essence (1,000,000J) – A highly rare potion which increases someone’s intelligence upon drinking it completely (25 Intelligence).


  • Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key (2,000,000J) – The owner of Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key can traverse anywhere they have been before as long there is a door. When this key is inserted into any door with a keyhole, the door becomes a portal to any other door in the world that the user can clearly visualize. The user of the key must have seen a door in the location they wish to travel and they must have already visited what is behind that door.


  • Mysterious Egg (-) – A mysterious egg. It is uncertain what will hatch out of the egg, but it could be something interesting. This item is currently unavailable.


  • Mysterious Merchant’s Salutations (1,000,000J) – The next time the mysterious merchant appears somewhere, the user can instantly enter the topic without leaving their existing topics.
  • Mysterious Merchant’s Mercantilism (1,000,000J) – The next time the user visits the mysterious merchant, they will be allowed to do two purchases instead of one.  


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Kurisa looked at the riverbed which had a sweet sound as it moved alongside the curvacious sidelines of the earth. She wondered when the merchant will appear and wondered if there was going to be anything she could use herself. A mage, someone who likes to stay away and only use magic, were there items that'd interest those things? She saw a man, the shadow and being of which the hoodied mysterious merchant appeared to be. Deep within she was excited as she wondered what he will have. As soon as he came up he questioned what she may want.

Revealing such items she wasn't as pleased. There were things that would be amazing for those who fought melee, had weapons and even stuff that will make a huge boost out of you, but those were not things she wanted.  Her eyes then spotted the slip in which described: 'To teleport back to me once I reappear' or so it seemed. She wondered maybe perhaps he will appear again and with new things, but when will that be? Perhaps, it didn't matter as she had time to wait, wait for something good for herself and something to at least use. "I'll have a Salutation please." she replied in her breathy accent in which sounded very soothing. Once he agreed, she gave him a million jewels in which was described and took it with her when she left. She felt that someday he will return once again and maybe he will have something she was looking for, or a few.

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Mysterious Merchant

"Excellent choice," the Mysterious Merchant cheered. She had selected his Salutations scroll. This customer was fast and immediately knew what she wanted. It happened from time to time. Such customers were appreciated the most, because he did not like unnecessary interactions. "Challas," the Mysterious Merchant said loudly as he disappeared into thin air.

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