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The World Is Gonna Roll Me (Liberty)

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Spring was here, with much warmer weather along with it. Winter coats and warm clothes were the thing of the past, it was time for wear that was easier to breathe in. Happy to be able to bust out shorts, Zane walked around on the sunny Friday evening in Oak. Of course, evenings in Oak weren't quite like some of the other placed he'd been. A lot of the times it was more about people trying to scam you, or some kid stealing your wallet, or a thug trying to shake you down, or... actually, why was he in Oak in the first place?

Sighing, Zane sat a chess table in a local park downtown. Big oak trees made the park seem pretty nice considering Oak standards, no pun intended. It would still be light out for an hour longer. Taking out his notebook that he often used to note maps, recipes and other tips, he would mark this spot on the map as "nice".

Zane couldn't help but notice that the chess board was missing all of the pieces. He supposed that made sense, considering the location... leaning further back in the chair, he let out a sigh. He wished he could play chess, but it looked like nobody was around anyways. Bored, he got out of his chair, taking a little walk around in the park. Usually this was about the time where he'd think about how he wanted to meet someone, then the universe would somehow shift to give him a situation where he'd run into someone interesting. There was no way that actually a real thing though, right? Zane supposed it was probably all just coincidence.

Reaching the exit of the park, Zane noticed a small statue of an owl, broken in half. Peeking over behind the statue, it had seemed that the owl's upper right body had been smashed off by some hooligan, the missing piece laying on the ground. Frowning, Zane picked up the missing part of the owl, trying to figure out how to get it back on. It would take a bit of fiddling though, the angle wasn't as easy to figure out as one might thing. Zane was determined to try and do it, though. This was something nice in a town that desperately needed such a thing, and he wanted to try and protect it.

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Liberty Song
Honestly, Liberty missed winter. The cold weather allowed for her to wear all of her big coats and layers of clothes, the snow was always beautiful to witness, and she liked the feeling of the ice cold breeze lashing against her face. That being said, she despises spring. The heat reaches ludicrous levels, it rains for nearly 2/3 of the season, pollen is everywhere, bees decide to return, bugs are flying everywhere. The serene silence of winter is just ended by the chaos that is spring and because of that Liberty curses nature.

Anyways, she had a trip planned for later that day, but in the meantime she had nothing to do. While she could have left early, she is not one to rush things if she doesn't have to. From the window of her room, she was able to spot a park. At that moment, she realized it has been a while since she's actually been to a park because she wanted to go. Normally she's dragged along to the park, so maybe the experience is different when you don't have others to worry about.

She left her room in her casual wear; a tank top and jeans. Just outside the door of the inn she stopped and peered up at the sun, the giant ball of fire replying with a bright light in retaliation. It was only a few seconds before she continued her short journey, stopping just before she got inside the park. At the entrance she watched a man fiddle with the head of an owl statue and the statue's body. From her perspective, she assumed that he broke it and was trying--and failing-- to fix it.

Slowly, she crept up behind him and spoke, her thick accent altering what she mean to say. "You do know that breaking public property is illegal, no?" She cocked her head along with her question, looking like a tall, confused dog.

OOC Note: She has a thick Siberian/Russian accent.

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Shocked by the sudden sound of a voice behind, Zane jumped and turned around, holding the piece of the owl firmly in his hands. In front of him he found quite the attractive lady, though the thing that stuck out to him instantly wasn't her hair, or her eyes, or her chest, or even the accent. It was the woman's height. While the women in Fiore weren't exactly short, Zane had never once met a woman that was as tall as he was. In fact, from where Zane was standing, it seemed like he was shorter than her, even if only by about a centimeter. "Oh god, you scared me!" Catching his breath, he let out a sigh of relief, ready to explain himself.

Looking down at the piece of the statue in his hand, he held it out a bit more clearly as to better let the woman in front of him understand the situation. "I wasn't the one who broke this piece off, ya see. I found it laying on the ground when I got here, so I've been trying to put it back together. I'm not having much luck with it though..." Grumbling to himself near the end there, it was true that Zane had been having the worst of luck with trying to get it back on. "I can put it in place, but it doesn't stick, at least not with the way I'm putting it in. I really wish I could, I think this park would look a lot nicer if the owl at the front was fixed." To many, doing something like this would seem a bit pointless. Zane wasn't quite like that. Being a wanderer at heart, he had seen many beautiful places in Fiore. This park was truly beautiful, especially considering it was nestled in the heart of a city that certainly had a fair share of problems.

An idea popped into Zane's head, him standing aside and holding out the broken piece to the woman. "You wanna give it a try? I think maybe I'm just not very good at putting on statues, admittedly." Zane wasn't really good at much in general, but he at least made an effort most of the time. Besides, this was the perfect chance to meet someone new, right? "My name is Zane, by the way. You from outside of Fiore? I've heard what I think is your accent a few times in my travels, just from various people who come and go from this country."

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Liberty Song
Liberty stood there, watched, and listened as the stranger tried to plead to her. Once he was done, she closed her eyes, nodded, then spoke: "I would recommend not lying to me. Last person who lied did not end up too good." She gave him a stare and an good few seconds of silence before letting out a hearty laugh. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Quite the situation you've found yourself in, though I fail to see how one tiny owl at the edge of the park will improve the overall. But hey, maybe you know something I don't." A smile was now sprawled across her face, replacing the frown that was there prior. Her left hand moved to take the piece of the statue from the man who identified himself as Zane before moving around him and trying to put the piece back on, speaking while working.

"Oh, yes! My family come from Iceberg, though I have been in Fiore for many years now. In fact-" She drops the accent immediately, speaking like a native Fioran for a moment. "I can talk like this if I wanted to. It's just uh... very unusual to me? I think that's the right word." Zane and anyone else listening in would notice that her "normal" speaking voice was incredibly different from her accent. When she spoke like a Fioran, her voice was much softer and pleasing to the ear, while when she spoke with an accent it was much louder and invaded the senses, but was still very feminine. Meanwhile, while this was happening, she was fiddling around with the owl pieces, trying to get them to fit. She was able to place the top portion in such a way that if she let go, it would hold itself there. Slowly, she backed away and spoke, going back to her accent.

"Oh yay! Uh... oh! MY name is Liberty, nice to meet you!" Her arms would fly to the side, inviting him in. This was a force of habit she has yet to break; the common greeting in Iceberg.


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Was Zane about to end up being beaten up in the middle of Oak at 7 PM? Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time it happened, but it wasn't exactly ideal either. Luckily Zane was able to laugh at her joke, liking the energy the woman put off. She seemed pretty cool!

Standing back while the woman worked on the statue, Zane put his hand on his chin as he tried to get a look at how she was doing it. He was taken surprise when her Fiorian accent came on, his eyes widening. She sounded wayyyy different... but unnatural at the same time. "Oooh, your Fiore accent is impressive. I think I like your regular one better, though. I always thought Fiorian accents were really boring, but I suppose that's how anyone would think about their native accent, right?" Zane smiled as he saw Liberty manage to put the piece on without it falling off again, happy to have the owl restored to its former glory. "Thank you for doing that, by the way. I know it's a small part of the park, but I do feel a nice little part of town like this deserves respect, even in the smallest of details."

Seeing Liberty back off, Zane blinked as she introduced herself, opening her arms. While Liberty was a nice name, Zane couldn't help but be a bit shocked at how she was seemingly opening her arms for a hug. No way... did this beautiful, busty, foreign girl that Zane had just met taken such a liking to him that she was already going for stuff like this? Zane smiled as he opened his arms and moved in, feeling proud over this misunderstanding he had. At this point, he was now certain of it: he definitely still had great looks. Or maybe it was his thoughtful, lovable personality that was his main asset? Either way, he happily wrapped his arms around the slightly taller woman in front of him. "Nice to meet you too, Liberty." Pulling away from the hug, he wondered what he'd do next, looking to the girl in front of him. He was certainly interested in spending more time with her, and he wasn't doing a single thing this evening anyways.

"Hey, what were you planning to do this evening, Liberty? I honestly had nothing planned, and the whole reason I was in this park in the first place was sheer boredom. If you have any suggestions, I'll go along. You seem pretty cool to me, after all."

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Liberty Song
Zane's misunderstanding would be soon realized as once he took a step into the hug, her arms wrapped around him and she squeezed as hard as she could and then let him go. This was common in Iceberg because most of them were tall and strong, so it was both a hello and a mini strength contest. As she let him go, she ran her hand over her clothes for a second, straightening them out before readjusting her attention back to Zane. The question was... odd. The way he presented it was pretty normal, seamlessly just sliding it into the conversation, but Liberty was raised to not just follow people she just met. But she's a grown woman now, so she'd be able to take care of herself. Hopefully.

"Eh... at the moment, no. I do have few hours to kill before I'm due to leave. Why? What do you have in mind? I'm new here so I don't know much about what there is and is not to do. Between me and you, it's actually pretty boring here. However, if you are able to come up with something interesting to do then I will gladly join you. Nothing better to do."

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At first, the squeezing made it seem to Zane like Liberty really, really liked him. And he really liked it too, all things considering. As things got tighter though, the man's ability to breathe went further and further downwards, being clearly short of breath afterwards. Were all people from Iceberg that strong...? Zane made a mental note as to never get into some kind of wrestling match with Liberty, fearing she'd probably snap him in half with little effort, especially considering that Zane was on the slimmer side.

"Well, I'd agree with you on the boring part." Zane said, clearing his throat and trying not to mention how tight he was hugged. "Oak is definitely dull when someone's not snatching your belongings on the street. I was planning on leaving for another town tomorrow. There's a restaurant at the inn I stay at, wanna have a bit to eat or drink? I didn't really have much today, wasn't feeling all too hungry in the afternoon." Reaching into his pocket, Zane opened up his notebook that he had been using earlier. He quite enjoyed mapping, so he pretty much had this entire area of town all drawn out, even with little notes on places of interest, such as "good coffee here" or "shady alleyway".

"Look like it's just around the corner of the street to the west there, if I remember correctly. The Ramda inn, not sure if you've seen it or not." Placing his notebook back into his pocket, Zane turned to face west, seeing the corner in which the hotel would be located. "If you're interested, follow me. I guess being invited to an inn by some guy you met sounds like it could be for something else, but the rice they serve there really is quite great. You coming?" Zane gestured his hand for Liberty to follow him, heading in the direction of the inn. If the Liberty chose not to go with him, well, that was fine by Zane as well. The rice bowl would be there, with or without her.

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Liberty Song
Hm, his offer wasn't bad per say, it was just a bit alerting. The more that Liberty thought it over in her head, it sounded like this guy was asking her out on a date, but at the same point maybe she was just over thinking it. Unfortunately, she was not hungry as she ate just before she left the in to go to the park. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, she was going to have to turn him down.

"Oh, I'm sorry Zane, but I can't. Don't get me wrong I would have loved to spend some time with a stranger, but I just ate. Also, I just remembered, it's best if I get going now. My destination is pretty far and I'm going to have to wake up early." She donned a frown on her face. Honestly, Liberty felt kind of bad. The two just met each other and she was already leaving, but she had to stick to her plans if she was going to her destination on time. "Hey, next time I make it up to you okay? We can eat together, have big feat, all on me!" Now a smile was on her face. She, somehow, made it a good ending. Her levels of optimism seemed to be high today.

"Until next time, goodbye!" And with that Liberty went back the way she came, waving to Zane as she left.

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Zane was surprised by Liberty's sudden departure, but he wasn't exactly stunned either. This happened to him often enough for him to not mind it much anymore. Ignorance was bliss, after all. "Ah, see ya!" he said, waving to the tall girl as she walked off into the distance. Still, that was kinda interesting. It had been a while since he had met an Icebergian. She was the first female one he'd run into too. He had no idea that even the women were that tall... thank god that Zane was blessed with decently high height. Many of the men (and women) in Fiore would've been much shorter than Liberty.

Looking over to the Owl statue, Zane smiled. In the end, it got fixed. That was the big thing that was important to him in the end of things. Sure, the guy was a prankster. A jokester. A goofball, and a weirdo. But there were some things in life that he thought deserved respect, even if many would see them as so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Admiring the owl, Zane walked off with his hands in his pockets, a smile on his face. Hopefully he'd meet Liberty again sometime. If not, well, that was just how it went for him sometimes.


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